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XLR8... I went to XLR8 at The Fridge in May 2002. It had the same party vibe as Sundissential, yet a much more eclectic and cosmopolitan atmosphere, (that's London for you - it's sometimes hard to find a local in some of the clubs). The music was hard and energising, the crowd was very friendly, there were some spectacular club entertainers and even stalls selling the usual clubby glowy knick-knacks. Curiously it didn't enegenrder the same degree of loyalty as Sundissential's old clubbers used to have for their club. One guiy I met said he came there 'cos he liked The Fridge, (i.e. the venue - nothing to do with the club). They closed their doors in November 2002. Below are some flyers and quotes from their website.

@ The Fridge,
Brixton, London

(Special events)

Capacity: 1500

The Fridge & The XLR8 Team Nutters plus the best in lighting, production and music combined create some of the most insane moments in clubbing there have ever been; we've held space hopper races up Brixton Hill, dropped 400 free passes from the sky, given away thousands of bananas, set up free Nutter Image Consultancies, locked the producer of 'The Beginning', Dean Peters, in a cage centre stage, transformed the Fridge into The Yellow Submarine and had farmers perform Cotton Eye Joe while fireworks & rockets shot across the sky. We've had hard house ballerinas, policeman carrying 3m long spliffs, thrown a Roosta moonie on stage… it's all part of the visual maelstrom we create during XLR8 @ The Fridge. You can only imagine what this one will be like…

3 more amazing Saturday nights coming your way in 2002 - 13th July, 14th September, 9th November.
@ George IV,
Brixton Hill


They moved to the George IV (from Club 414) as of Sunday, May 5th. 2002.
Here's what XLR8 promoter Queen Nutter, aka Penny, says about the club's hard music:

"Rather than have tunnel vision and try to determine "what the future direction of hard house" should be like so many people seem to be trying to do, we've worked hard on creating line ups that can express a versatility of styles and influences, so that we can satisfy the tastes of all yee Nutter family."

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