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Tony de Vit

"Of all my nights of clubbing, the most memorable was the night ... spent dancing to music spun by Tony De Vit at Trade in London, missing my plane back to Paris and not even caring" (Jennifer Warner)
Tony de Vit the man, died on July 2nd. 1998, but Tony de Vit the legend lives on.

There are tribute sites, where people are leaving their comments about this DJ and music producer even today, now, nearly five years after his death.

I never met Tony de Vit yet, through others, I have been continually affected by the echoes of his death. There has been a lot written about Tony de Vit by people in a far better position to say what he and his music meant to them than me. However, if ever there was evidence of why people respect DJs and what a DJ can do to and for them, then it is to be found in the pages written about this man. Here's just one example:

Extract from a message posted by Jennifer Warner of MiningCo
"Of all my nights of clubbing, the most memorable was the night (or rather Sunday morning) spent dancing to music spun by Tony De Vit at Trade in London, missing my plane back to Paris and not even caring. I had never heard music like that before: a mix of pounding rhythms that warped my ideas of what house music sounded like (this was before I had heard anyone say "hard house") that had echos of techno and euro/hiNRG and yet was distinctly different. I got up on a speaker and got lost."

For the full message click here: Jennifer Warner of MiningCo

Just some of the sites that reflect the respect, influence and emotion evoked by this DJ
For a sense of Tony de Vit's musical output, here's Discogs.com's discography.
Tributes to and info about Tony de Vit on a nice-looking clubbing-related website, including reprint of interview, top ten tracks and much more.
Just two of the numerous examples of Tony de Vit's influence, then and now - though in 2006 that page was gone.
Influence on DJs
(Lost link)
Another example of Tony de Vit's influence on today's hard dance producers: BK - a page also lost by 2006
Influence on BK
(Lost link)
Simon Parkes collaborated with Tony de Vit. From his site there are links to other tribute sites.
Global Underground produced two Tony de Vit compilation double CDs, featuring the DJ playing live in Tel Aviv and Tokyo.
(Note: early in 2003 GU was reported being "restructured". As a result old releases including TdV: Tokyo were not being sold until certain legalities were settled).
A list of messages regarding Tony de Vit posted to a tribute site.

Sundissential, one of Tony de Vit's residencies, has a photographic memorial - well "had", by 2006 the page had gone.

Sundissential's Memorial
(Lost link)
Tony de Vit was HIV positive, and his death was attributed to over-work, pneumonia and bone marrow failure. Here's Positive Nation's view.
Another tribute site, from hard dance music producer Mark Kavanagh, with a nice pic of the younger Tony de Vit and a number of links to other tribute sites - but another lost page, gone by 2006.
Mark Kavanagh's Tribute Site
(Lost link)

Clearly missing from this list is Trade's memorial to Tony de Vit. Trade was the club above all others with which his name was most associated and I had thought that there was an extensive section on the Trade website devoted to Tony de Vit, and indeed thought I had seen it at least once. However, when searching for the link to post here, I could not find it. Here is the link to the new trade website. If you find a Trade tribute either there or somewhere else, (perhaps on their old site or cached somewhere), would you please let me know? Thanks, Jonathan
My friend James Bentley visited Tony de Vit's grave shortly before the fifth anniversary of his death, and afterwards wrote the following on the 2Klub guestbook:
Visited the grave of the late great Tony de Vit at the weekend. He is buried in the cemetery in Kidderminster. There is an office that is open 9-10am Mon-Fri though I was lucky enough to find groundstaff working who were able to tell me exactly where the grave is located.

The headstone reads:
The top left hand corner of the headstone has a publicity shot of Tony. At the foot of the headstone stands a blue wind chime and there is candle in a silver lantern. There is a flower container with artificial flowers in it and and a separate pot of artificial flowers. It is very peaceful and serene, I spent several minutes there.

If you are taking any flowers try and be more prepared than I was and take something to put them in rather than disturb the artificial arrays. I managed to find an empty loose jam jar lying around to put my flowers in and I put them at the back, behind a pot (hiding the jam jar from view). There is a water tap nearby at the side of the main path.

I never met the man as I got into dance music sometime after he had departed but his spirit still lives on and touches many. He has left quite a legacy.

M'lord, next time you are up this way I'll take you and that goes for Yasemina and any of the London crowd - thankyou for telling me he was buried in Kidderminster in the first place.

TdV, here lies the man:

The cemetery is located in the center of Kidderminster town, easy to find on multimap. Park Lane is the nearest main road I think, though I parked on Talbot Road and walked along a path with the park and tennis courts on the right and the cemetery on the left (masked by a tall hedge). This path leads to the main gates.

If you enter the cemetery through the main gates, where the office is, (first four photos below) the path forks off to the left; stay on the right and continue up to and take a right turn, (fifth photo).

You should see in front a very flat stretch of ground with gravestones. Within this long flat stretch of graves is where Tony is buried, fifth row on the right hand side towards the back. Walk down onto the main path at the right end of this long plateau of graves. Walk past 4 double rows and then walk along the small path of the next row. About 2 thirds down this row on the right hand side is where Tony's grave is. You shouldn't miss it if you look out for a headstone that has a photo embedded within it on the top left hand corner - a shot of Tony at the decks.
James took me to visit Tony's grave in August 2003... We discovered that we could drive into the cemetary, close to where he is buried.
The inscription reads "Ton deVit Lord of the Dance".

For a review of the TdV Memorial at which Tidy Trax launched their 2003 compilation album of TdV tracks and remixes "Are You All Ready" click here.
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