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Tidy Trax Events
held @ various venues
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A record label promoting hard house events.

Tidy Trax has been a powerful force in the hard dance sector of the U.K. music industry. Run by The Tidy Boys, Andy and Amadeus, they are DJs, producers, and now event promoters, with a strong rosta of DJs on their team. They organise occasional weekenders, which have been raved about (forgive the pun), by clubbers both gay and straight throughout the country. These have usually been held at Pontins, Prestatyn.

TdV Memorial and Launch of "Are You All Ready".
In June 2003 they previewed a new mixed double CD compilation album of music and re-mixes by the late Tony de Vit. The party was held at The Nightingale, Birmingham from 4pm to 1am, Sunday, with a line-up which read like the Who's Who of hard dance DJdom. All the DJs played for free,

Ian M
Paul Janes
Baby Doc & SJ (live pa)
Lisa Lashes & Anne Savage b2b
Tidy Boys
Andy Farley
Pants and Corset

and the proceeds went to the TDV Trust. I was told that the trust supports the following charities:

FRESHWINDS - a charity that helps people with life threatening illnesses. It is based in Birmingham.

AFASIC - a charity very important to the De Vit family, it helps and supports children with language and communication difficulties.

gives help and advice to those who need it on drugs and safer sex.

This event was held at a time when a confluence of streams of information indicate a significant shift in the dance music scene, (perhaps I should qualify that by saying the "white urban hard dance music scene", but more on that elsewhere on the site in due course).

For one, cyber wear, the uniform of trance and hard house clubbers is finally on the way out. A mate who's seventeen and has just got into the whole dance club and cyber gear thing called me to say that he is dismayed that his friends are selling their cyber gear... he's only just invested in his. Lo and behold, I go to the TdV Memorial/TidyCD launch and hardly any of the people there are in cyber. This despite the fact that most are straight Sundissentialers. Sell your shares in Cyber Dog now!

For another, I went to Beyond, a popular London gay after-hours club the previous night. They played funky and deep house and hard dance music in each of three rooms. There were about 2,000 men there. The almost empty room was the hard dance room. I explained to a mate of mine who runs another nearby club offering hard house to the gay scene and who was with me, that now he had the explanation as to why his club was empty. They just don't want hard dance music. Next night I go to the TdV memorial, and they don't get in as many people as they had expected. As a result they didn't open the third room, and cancelled some of the DJs and performers. In fact it is worth noting that this TdV memorial is now remarkable. As far as I know it's the only one being held in this country this year, (there's one being held in Ireland, organised by Mark Kavanagh I believe). Last year and the other years since his death there has been a plethora of events held each year to mark the death of the "father of hard house". But now it seems the hard house bubble has burst, those who knew him, or of him, have dropped out of the scene, and far fewer promoters think it's worthwhile holding such events.

In fact after eight hours of the Tidy event as I listened to the Tidy compilation album "Are You All Ready" (a double CD of TdV Tunes and remixes, folks, available from today in all good record shops and from the Tidy website priced £14.99), I thought what I'd thought when I'd heard the TdV live in Tel Aviv album, (Global Underground) - he may be dead but none of the others still around can yet hold a candle to him in terms of his creativity. In fact many of today's hard dance producers have reduced the hard dance music which he developed, to a simple and rather boring formula, repeated and recycled endlessly and regurgitated in club after club hour after hour after hour. In fact TdV was not the father of hard house... at least not the hard house we know today, and I wondered whether the low rumbling sound I could hear, was the sound he was making turning in his grave as we listened to what people had done with hard dance music after he died.

The Tony de Vit Memorial held at The Nightingale, June 29th. 2003.
Rob & Rick
Lisa, Anne & Ross Rob & Rick
Lisa, Anne & mates Cheese!.... ?
Dan & friend. Be good mate! Chris G does Carmen Miranda
Steph & Steve
All right, enough of the ranting and ... er.. raving, let's get down to the lovely part of the event. This was a noteworthy event for me as I got to meet up with JP & Jukesy, Steve and Steph, Chris G. Andy-from-Pulse-who-talks-so-fast-I-can't-understand-what-he's-saying, Andy-who's-straight-but-likes-going-to-gay-clubs, Alan, Russell, Rick and Rob, Ramon from Trade, and Jeremy, my old club partner, who now runs Sin:ergy and Phil the manager of the 'gale, (thanks for the water!). It was grand to see you all, and well... truth be told the music wasn't half bad either.

What makes for a good club event is when everything comes together - the music, the people, the atmosphere, and the venue, and you just have a great time. Well, if you weren't there you missed a good one. Despite everything I've said, this was one hell of a good party. Even if they closed a room, even if cyber is dying out, even if no one's as good as TdV, we still all had a bloody good time. And if you did miss it this may have been the last event of its kind though I dearly hope not.

Maybe its up to you and me to keep the flame burning brightly,and maybe it's time for the clubbers to organise a TdV memorial of our own. Contact me if u r up 4 it:Jonathan.

Finally, a message on GHB, the possession or sale of which has been made illegal in the U.K. from tonight, (30th, June 2003). One of the people pictured above recently returned from hospital having been close to death after taking GHB. One of the serious dangers with this drug is that you pass out and bang your head on the floor or elsewhere when you do so. That's what happened to this guy. He's lovely and I was appalled to hear what he had done. Please try to stick around so we can meet up for future Memorials for Tony de Vit, rather than for you.
(Link to Tidy's pics of the event: just click here)
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