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@ The End

Superb, but...
LOUD and no chill-out space
The End is tucked away down an alley off New Oxford Street (on West Central Street) in the West End, and was the venue DTPM used before it moved to Fabric.

It's a large basement club, with an excellent sound system, good lighting and tight security. The main thing it lacks, especially given its clientele, is a good chill-out room.

Riot! is a monthly event put on by Nukleuz supremo DJ/producer Ed Real, catering to a mixed Sunday afternoon and evening crowd, and so covers both those up for more clubbing after a night's sleep, and those coming from the Saturday night after-hours clubs like Trade. The result is that the crowd evolves as the event progresses.

There are two rooms, one playing throbbing hard-house, the other playing funky house. It's organised by the Nukleuz team so you can expect a top quality line-up regularly. On one visit BK and
EJ Doubell among others were playing in the main room and Alan Thomson was in the Funky room, (sorry, but I was too tired to recall who else was on that night, but the music was superb!). I had a great time, the people were friendly and fun, with lots of locals, and both the musc and atmosphere were excellent.

My only complaint was with the lack of chill-out space. I found myself chatting in the foyer area between the two rooms, as there was nowhere else I could have a conversation. (There is seating in the club, but it's around the danceflooors, so you really can't talk there, only bellow). This was a bit disconcerting when the harder room had a quieter moment and I could hear the asynchronous beats of the two rooms at the same time and a bit tiring as there was no seating in this area.

Overall, these are minor gripes. Riot! is a great club, and excellent value at £6 for entrance.

Riot's Second Birthday was on 16th. March 2003
and featured Paul Glazby and Karim playing back to back.

Here's the blah blah riot say about themselves, (nice night so why not put it up here I says):

"riot! is smashing any preconceived ideas that Sunday afternoons are for winding down! London’s number one afterhour party crew bring you filthy house for dirty stopouts! Whether you’re funking it up in bar riot! or burning up the dance floor in the hard house room surrounded by the almighty sound system, you’ll rock into the night, with quality line ups which have included BK, Danny Gilligan, EJ Doubell, Paul Glazby, Ed Real, the almighty Ignition Crew, DJ Gee from Ibiza, Gavin Herlihy and more! The tequila is flowing and the good times keep going!!

The End is one of London’s premier clubbing venues. Modern & clean with a highly reputable sound system and great lighting. Security is firm but fair and you’re advised to get there early as it fills up quick and you could be refused entry if you’re too late. There are comfy booths in bar riot!, where you can sit with friends and take in the funk and chat if the dance floor has beaten you in the hard house room… and of course, that’s where the bar is!

You can expect to see a combination of the regular friendly faces and up for it new, all coming together to share the love and create a really exhilarating atmosphere that gets better and better every time.

Riot! is the stuff of a Saturday-night promoter's nightmare; an after hours club whose punters say, "I usually don't go out the weekend before, I like to save myself for Riot!" Mixmag Mar 2003See you on the dance floor! When: Monthly Sunday 3pm-late + special events (see flyer)

Where: The End, West Central Street, London WC1A 1JJ

Cost: £6 before 5pm on paying GL, £8 on door (special events may differ) For paying guest list email: riotguestlist@hotmail.com

For more info & photos visit:


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