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@ Egg
200 York Way
King's Cross

Launched Sunday 8th, June 2003 at 2pm

Here's what Paul Langston said about it in a preview:

"Sunday 8th in London is going to be bouncy! Ricochet is a fresh and exciting clubbing event at London´s hottest new venue Egg, in Kings Cross, featuring the talents of BK, Rachel Auburn, Dave Cross and Don Grant. Ricochet brings a friendly, vibrant party atmosphere to a Sunday afternoon. Our music policy focuses on tough but uplifting tunes, combining contemporary and classic.

In short - "bouncy, chunky tunes for happy clubbers!"

@ Egg
200 York Way
Kings Cross
London Sunday 8th June
2pm - late
£6 B4 4pm, £8 after


The event will feature 2 lasers, a fantastic state-of-the-art sound system and an outdoor terrace.

Queue jump tickets available from www.ticketweb.co.uk"

(Source: clubbers.tv - informative website for clubbers)

Just back from the launch night and everything above was true. The event was held in the downstairs dancefloor at Egg, (more on Egg elsewhere on the site when I've got some sleep!), and attracted about two hundred guys, (and a smattering of gals). On those numbers the event could hardly have been a financial success, but the promoters were probably anticipating making a loss on the first one. However, in every other way this was a huge success.

I got there about 3:30 but it wasn't 'til 4pm when the first anthemic tune was played that the danncefloor suddenly filled. From then on it was onwards and upwards. Though the music was unoriginal, by design - BK and others had been told to play an old set... yes The Dawn, yes Music is Moving, yes Revolution, yes etc. etc. etc. but the crowd LOVED it, and that's what made this a memorable launch party. The atmosphere just got better and better and better. The room was exactly the right size for the number of people, creating an intimate, friendly and proper club-like atmosphere and everyone I spoke to said that, yes, they'd be back for the next one on 13th. July. More people will mean more rooms opened up. That's a nice aspect of Egg; the venue is flexible and can expand to accommodate larger numbers. Had there been one large room to fill this would not have worked, the numbers just would have made a larger room seem empty. As it was everything gelled perfectly.

The success of the event can be judged by the fact that the place was only starting to empty when I left at around 9:30pm. Well done Ricochet. Onwards and upwards!

Update... August 2003
Despite a good start numbers have yet to pick up above the 200-250 mark, and as a result, the event is still using only one room at Egg. In mid-August the line-up included Dave Cross, Don Grant, Rachel Auburn and BK. I got there as Don Grant was firngup the dancefloor, and his sounds were just superb, deep and masculine hard tunes which just grew in intensity. Rachel Auburn's set was acclaimed as a tour de force, many people there saying that it was the best they'd ever heard her play!

I was a tad disappointed by BK, as his set seemed very similar to the one he played at the previous two events, but the dancefloor was packed throughout it, and almost everyone stayed to the end, which was extended by an extra half hour. In his defense, he is playing exactly what he is asked to play, so perhaps it's the promoters who should be wary of boredom setting in at some stage. Up to now it looks like I'm in a minority of one on this.

However, there are competitive problems on the horizon for Ricochet as Riot has announced that it will be running more frequently starting in September and it will be held on the same day as the September Ricochet.
That event on September 14th. will feature Rachel Auburn and Tara Reynolds, along with Don Grant and Dave Cross, from 3pm. Prices for this event are still £6 B4 5pm but now only on the new paying guestlist. People need to email r guestlist@ricochetuk.net for it. Otherwise it's £8 on the door all afternoon / evening, which is still amazing value considering the DJ lineups they have.

With many people back from their hols., numbers should increase and the club will start to breakeven. The potential problem is that Riot usually attracts a fair number of gay guys who might otherwise go to Ricochet and in the end the decision as to which Sunday afternoon club to go to may come down to location, and as such may be a test of Egg's potential popularity with the gay market more than anything else.

Overall this remains a quality event, and personally has helped reshape my clubbing habits, as I now often prefer to go down to London for a bit of Sunday afternoon clubbing when Ricochet is on, than go out on a Saturday night.
Some pics form the launch night
DJ Dave Cross
Logo projection
Ric (be still my beating heart) & Rachel
DJ Rachel Auburn
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