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@ The Nightingale
Lower Essex Street,

Capacity: 500.
Weekly. Sunday evenings from 9pm - 3am.

Could this be the birth of a new Trade?

"Release" was the name of an experimental night run by Andy Farley and BK in London a couple of years back, allowing both DJs who are widely recognised as masters of hard dance to play other styles. Release in Birmingham is a continuation of that idea, with Andy Farley and the multi-talented Sarah G. and guest appearances from the likes of Ian M, - something someone recently described as "DJs you know, playing music you don't."

Release started up in Birmingham on 30th. November initally at an intimate venue, Bar 91. Bar 91 was for me something of a revelation. Nondescript from the outside, and in a quiet part of central Birmingham, especially on a Sunday evening, this stylish bar is a little jewel. Though small, it was large enough for one of the hottest DJs in the country to try out something different.

This pre-launch night, which was muted in terms of pre-publicity was held in the same weekend as a huge spectacular put on by 'crasher at the NEC, Birmingham, which had effectively laid waste clubland nationwide, so it's hardly surprising that the launch was by invitation only and for a discerning audience. The contrast between the two events could not have been more marked. On the one hand there was a multi-thousand person spectacle, at which Andy had appeared the night before costing £40 a head, and here we all were in this lovely little basement bar, all snug and cozy, as though this was Andy Farley's house party after the event, just having a few mates over to play some tunes, and with presents of double CDs he and Sarah G had mixed. Sarah G, Andy Farley and Ian M - all for a fiver! I felt like I'd stumbled into one of those commercials for Japanese knives:

"Not only do you get the full set of 150 Sara chopping, dicing and slicing knives, AND the triple set of Farley chopping boards, BUT WE'LL ALSO THROW IN THE IAN M BBQ TOO! AND ALL FOR A FIVER!!!"

Crash that Mr. Raine.

The music was a somewhat irregular build up from Tech House to hard, stomping beats, and beyond, and I wondered whether the hardness it fairly quickly reached was really what people would be up for on a Sunday evening. I'd expected something a wee bit more laid back to round the weekend off with. However the quality was there throughout. Though the music policy may need some further tweaking this has the potential to become Birmingham's version of Trade.

All in all a highly recommended club event, bringing something fresh and new and of the highest quality to Birmingham.

Hats off to Mr. Farley, Sarah G. and friends!
Richard and Friends
Release... d
Andy & Jason
Owen & Richard
Update: December '03 - The Nightingale

Release moved from Bar 91 after a two week try out, and has now established itself in proper club facilities in the upstairs room at The Nightingale. The music policy has been tweaked and now provides a superbly building excitement throughout the night from funky tech, tribal, tough house and techno - the kind of wonderful hard dance sounds that are particularly popular in London, and widely appreciated by the intelligent clubber.

This is music of the highest quality played by masters of their craft, and a wonderful way of rounding off the weekend. The club bills itself as "Birmingham's new underground house party" and it has that kind of feel about it. All the people there were friendly, happy clubbers who even if this was their first exposure to these sounds were enthusiastic converts.

The party re-starts on February 8th. 2004.

Andy Farley & Sarah G.
Ian watches with amusement as Andy attempts to electrocute himself.
Andy Farley & Ian M
Farley Masterclass
Pics from Release: 07.12.03
Day release?
Ascot it ain't.
This is a picture of a woman who loves her work.
Sweet nothings?
DJ Chris G does karaoke.
Sexy Beats or Sexy Beast?
Release Pics from first night at The Nightingale: Sunday 14th. December 2003
James and Sarah
Ah Luke - you superstar!
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