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Sample 2Klub newsletter,
September 2003
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  • Ibiza
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  • God's Kitchen, Code-Air
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Ben Keen

Hard dance producer and DJ Ben Keen (BK) was involved in a serious car accident on Saturday night on his way to play at the Trade Tony de Vit Tribute event being held at Turnmills, London. BK is reported to have been travelling to the gig with his girlfriend when his car was struck by another driver travelling the wrong way down the motorway! Both BK and his girlfriend were taken to hospital, having lost consciousness, but are reported subsequently to be fully recovered. I am told that no one else was injured in the crash.

2Klub sends its best wishes for a full and speeedy recovery to both.


Had a fun week in Ibiza recently, staying in a villa in the middle of the island, with nine other people. Was just there to relax but did go to the last Carl Cox event at Space, which was phenomenal, and got to hear Fabric's Terry Francis playing at Underground which was the highlight of the week for me. Couple of snippets:

1. Promoters I chatted with said attendances this year were down 40% on previous years.

2. Ibiza club PinUp failed to open for their billed Sander Kleinenberg event. People in the PinUp offices told me that they were having trouble with the authorities and there were problems due to opposition to the club from "various sources". All very politcal and mysteriouso, but when asked whether they thought the club would be operating next year they were not at all sure.

Club Info & Reviews

Things are finally taking off for this club with attendances now consistently running around 500 and more. For those who have been following the story here, Twist is at Fire, the renovated old Viaduct in Vauxhall. After targetting the gay scene for a few months and finding little response the promoters decided to target the straight/dance/clubbing scene, and worked up a healthy head of word-of-mouth through various clubbing forums, but virtually zero advertising, (just flyering). Oh, and in August they developed their music policy by using big name DJ's who'd been playing earlier the same evening elsewhere, thereby creating a nice after-party vibe for those who'd been to The Fridge or Brixton Academy and wanted to carry on partying. Apparently the critical event was the one recently where Karim played a set in tribute to RR Fierce. Since then the place has been rocking, playing a solid line up of residents and some major named guests, along with the legendary Mrs. Wood, who with Rod Towns is making the second dance room her own.

Nealry a year's worth of very hard work and lots o' money seem finally to be paying off. Well done guys!


Five of these monthly events have now been held at Egg, in King's Cross and attendances have not grown. The beginning of summer's hardly the best time to launch a new club, so I'm hoping that October will see things pick up for the the lovely guys behind this venture. The music policy remains consistent: namely, "Bouncy, chunky tunes for happy clubbers" which amounts to tightly specified anthemic sets of fairly familiar hard house tunes - fine if you like a retro Sunday afternoon, but something which might be a tad repetitve for people to experience EVERY month. OK every now and again though, and the club has consistently played quality DJs in a quality venue. However, though BK was playing there at the outset, he's now been replaced by Danny Gilligan, and the main competition, the very popular Riot! has gone from monthly to twice a month. This last has led Ricochet to change it's established date to avoid clashing with Riot!


Trade put on their Tony de Vit Tribute last Sunday, (12th. September being TdV's birthday). The place was plenty busy but not as ram-packed as I've seen some Trade events in the past, and the club tended to clear out earlier than I'd expected. Main room lineup consisted of Gonzalo, Pete Wardman, BK, with EJ Doubell playing the final tribute set. Was OK and fun as I saw loads of people I'd not seen for a while and BK's accident and subsequent absence must have put a spanner in the musical works to some extent. Even so and maybe I'm getting jaded in my old age, but the whole thing just lacked any kind of special sparkle. A few pics of TdV on the walls, some TdV tunes at the end and that was it, rounded off with The Dawn (of course) for the encore. Nice to see Ray de Vit, Tony's dad there, and to see Laurence Malice on the dancefloor having a good time.

God's Kitchen, Code-Air

Birmingham's club battles are also on-going as this Saturday sees the grand re-opening of the club established not that long ago by the God's Kitchen promoters. Formerly known as CODE this has undergone a major refurbishment and has now been re-named Air. The previous design of the venue resulted in one large room, surrounded by a first floor balcony, which held banquet seating, along with a smaller room playing funky tunes. I'd always thought that the original design had a lot of dead space and really hadn't got much in the way of atmosphere. Mates have had a peek inside and tell me that the new design involves a second floor created over the open balcony area, and that the small funky room has been enlarged. What's critical here though is the way these spaces are now going to be used. Fridays will now see Air hosting a Trance room and a hard dance room, the second playing all the well-known big names on the commercial hard dance circuit. The next few weeks have line-ups including John OO Fleming, Andy Farley, K90, Scot Project, Tall Paul, Paul van Dyk, Karim, Phil Reynolds, Paul Maddox, Fergie, Ian M and Tara Reynolds to name but a few. As such this represents the most significant comeptitive threat Sundissential has faced in Birmingham in it's history. Add to this that though the ticket prices are £20 for the opening night, (sold out by the way) GK nights after the opening are, I'm told, priced at around £8, i.e. basically half what it might cost to go to Sundissential at The Sanctuary the following night. This sounds like war, and it aint gonna be pretty. In the meantime the UK's second city is likely to have a fine range of dance talent DJing in the coming season.

Passion & Storm @ The Emporium, Coalville
I've revisited these two clubs, at The Emporium, Coalville (near Leicester) recently, attending Storm early this month just before I went on my hols. The thing that struck me about them was that they both have the same vibe that Sundissential used to have have when it was at Pulse in Birmingham. Very friendly folks, having a very good time to excellent music. If you haven't been I recommend them. Passion plays trance, while Storm features harder dance music.

Ian M

It's very rare that I single out a specific DJ for comment, but my recent experience of IanM has left me unable to help myself. Sportsmen and women sometimes go through a bad patch and are said to be "off their game". At other times they're "on form". Well all I can say about Ian M is that these days he's playing at the TOP of his game right now. I have never, ever heard him play better than he's been playing over the last few months, and he has blown me away every time I've heard him. If you have the chance to hear him - GO!

These are turbulent times for some clubs both in London and in Birmingham, with new styles and sounds being tried out and it's not clear when all these transitions and developments are going to settle down to some sort of successful formula. For clubs and their promoters stamina is important - being able to ride though the hard times of turbulence to the better more successful times. Eventually the right formula is found, and for many it's just a matter of being able to last long enough to find it.

----------------------------------------------FORTHCOMING EVENTS

Wednesday September 24th is the re-launch of BASE at Mission. Leeds' biggest mid-week thrashdown is back!!! The opening party is also the 4th Birthday so it's definately one not to be missed!


September 26th sees our sexy sister Funkissential really coming into it's own with the re-launch at Leeds brand new super club Mission! The buzz around this night is incredible so we hope to see you all there! Early arrival is recommended!

September 27th 2003!! WHO WANTS TO BE A DJ
Over the past 2 years the Sundissential member suits has seen many a talent come and go, its now time for that talent to be recognised!!! 12 DJ’s have been selected to do battle on the wheels of steal, in the main room at the Sanctuary, Birmingham for the ultimate prize in hard dance, the chance to play in the main room at Sundissential and possibly become a resident of the future!!! There life lines, ask the audience, ask the web, and text in!!! During the event the audience will get a chance to vote, then after the event there will be a text and web vote. The results of the 3 votes will determine the winner to be announced 2 weeks after the event.

Those taking part in the competition are as follows:

Lee Hadley, Steele, Mark H., Project K., B2B Tony Rowland & Wright Gary Hardy Andy Nelson Sundissential = Nice Guy Danny Gurn.net = Tim K 4clubbers.net = Andy Whitby Offitsface.com = JP & Jukesy Clubtheworld.com = Carl Nicholson

We will be holding special album launch weekender to celebrate the release of SUNDISSENTIAL 3 the storming new album on Saturday October 4th @ The Sanctuary, Birmingham: Part 1, Feat: The Tidy Boys, Nick Rafferty, Anne Savage & Rachael Auburn/ Part 2: Sunday October 5th @ Club Evolution, Leeds, With DJs Tidy Boys, Anne Savage, Ilogik, Nick Rafferty, Mark Gray, Jez & Charlie, Mark Austin, Caroline Banx & Strange Dave!

Twist. Every Sunday morning from 5:30am at Fire, Vauxhall, London.

The new resident DJ line up for Twist is, in the main room, Danny Gilligan, Peter Ward, *TING*, Karim, and in THE FIREPIT, the funky tekno sounds of Mrs Wood and Rod Towns. We will also have big name guest DJ's but these WILL NOT be advertised in advance. This might be BK, Farley, Glazby, Savage, Lashes etc. etc.

AfterHours. Launch Party. morning of Sunday 28th. September. at Egg, London. From 4am.

This new weekly after-hours, every Sunday morning, promises to transform the face of club land. Each month Egg is hosted by a different spectacular party, each offering its own distinct sound and flavour. Upstairs in the Loft you will find the notorious Fat Tony and his guests spinning soulful house, club classics and funky disco every week. Downstairs on the main floor Pete Wardman and residents spin a tuffer sound guaranteed to set the dance floor blazing and providing the perfect contrast to the 4 distinct sounds that feature at each party; US House, Tribal, Latin House & Techno. Parties to watch out for are:

27th Sept – ICE – The Afterhours Launch Party (4.30am-1pm)

Laurence Malice & Wayne G present this new US style monthly after hours. Featuring US DJ Legend Tony Moran

4th October – SPACE – THE AFTER PARTY (4.30am-1pm)

A one off party with Space residents hosting the terrace floor

11th Oct – FACTOR 25 – The Reunion (5am-1pm)

The ACTION team conjures up a legendary spirit… the famously nomadic and magical F25 rises from its beauty sleep! Featuring their original funky DJs and ground-breaking visuals.

18th Oct – KINKY LATINO (5am-1pm)

‘Londons only gay latin afterhours'

International DJ’s spin Spanish, Italian and Latin House

DJs include: Ariel, Raymundo Rodriguez, Max Latino, Gonzalo, and Miguel Pellitero

25th Oct CLOSED - (‘TRADE 13th Birthday @ Turnmills)


----------------------------------------------------------God's Kitchen and Grand Opening of Air (formerly Code), Heath Mill Lane, Digbeth, Birmingham. 27th. September.

---------------------------------------------------------- TOAST MANCHESTER:

Toast Manchester @ The Attic, Oxford Road, Manchester. Fortnightly Saturday's. 1-8pm. £2 B4 4pm £3 after. Stamp on entry allows you to come and go as you please!

27th September: Alex Kidd (Toast, Goodgreef) Morgan (Toast, Instinct, Addiction, Shaft) DJ Comp Heat 2: Tony Gould Miss XS Ben Cooper Chris Hutchinson Mr Grundy. Room 2: David James (Baby Passion) Paul G (Toast, Creamfields Poland)

11th October. Tidy Weekender Bender...who's coming home?
Andy Whitby (Toast, Addiction, Damnation, www.clubtheworld.com) Dave Lee (Toast, Static) DJ Comp Heat 3: El Greko Paul Reeves Phil Benson Rascal Nige. Room 2: Dave Stewart (Goodgreef) Andy Hames (North Gathering)

26th October DJ Competition Final Winners of previous heats.
Room 2: Hilfingers (Toast) featuring MC Mr Ree (DV8) Bhavik (Toast) Mark Crosby (Toast)

8th November 2003: Morgan (Toast, Addiction, Shaft, Instinct) Nik Denton (Toolbox Recordings) Col The Medik (Shaft, Afterssential, Toast) Mark H (Shaft, Toast, Inukshuk, Dropzone) Lord K (Sin:ergy) Flash (Sin:ergy). Room 2: Paul Flintoff (Dirty Disco Beats) KRS (Sin:ergy) Zander (Goodgreef)

29th November 2003: Toast Vs Incision Vs Addiction Shan (Goodgreef) ASA (Addiction, Vibealite) Morgan (Toast, Shaft, Addiction, Instinct) Gilly (Instinct, Damnation) Andy Whitby (Toast, Addiction, www.clubtheworld.com) Deano (Incision). 'Jam' Room 2: Dave Stewart (Goodgreef) Hilfingers (Toast) featuring MC Mr Ree (DV8, Toast)

More Info: 07814645904/07745541021 nocheeseonthistoast@hotmail.com www.skiddle.com/toast for message board and listings.

TOAST PRESTON: Lineups for Toast Preston, Monthly Fridays @ Club Elements, Aqueduct Street, Preston. £6/£5 NUS. 9pm-3am.

Coming home to Preston and transforming Club Elements into a den of toasted
silliness, shenanigans and dirty dirty hard dance music.

October 10th 2003: Residents 'I'm not at the Tidy Weekender' commiserations Party!! Morgan (Toast, Instinct, Addiction) Mark H (Shaft, Toast, Dropzone, Fluffy) Col the Medik (Shaft, Afterssential, Toast) Dave Lee (Toast, Static)

November 14th 2003: Toolbox Records Tour. CD,

Clothing, Vinyl and Ltd Edition Record bags to be given away on the night
Little Miss Natalie (Fist, Insomniacz, Exodus) Ben Stevens (Toast, Vicious Circle) (TBC) Nik Denton (Toolbox, Power Tools, 12" Thumpers) Morgan (Toast, Addiction, Instinct) +Winner of Toast DJ competition 2003

December 12th 2003: 'Who believes in Santa?' Themed Christmas party. DJ GRH (Base, Goodgreef, Cypher) JP & Jukesy (Afterssential) Morgan (Toast, Addiction, Instinct) Pete Carvell (Toast)





Ricochet. Egg, London. Sunday, October 5th. 3pm 'til late, with Dave Cross, Rachel Auburn, Danny Gilligan and Don Grant. £6/£8.
----------------------------------------------------------Upfront Magazine and Cyberdog present CYBERDANCE. Friday 10 October

Just when you thought things were coolin¹ off, we¹re back and turning up the heat! As you can see the unstoppable juggernaut that is Paul Glazby returns. He had such a wicked time in June and we loved his set so much, we agreed on the spot he¹d return. Alongside Paul we¹ve also got Upfront¹s music editor and globetrottin¹ superjock Sol Ray and a welcome return visit from the phenomenon that is known as *Ting*. All that plus incredible visuals from the 2012fx VJ that just have to be seen to be believed and if you saw him do his thing in April you know we¹re not exaggerating plus resident Psyche and Big Pete under his harder Elzekiel guise! Thanx again to all our party crew (that means you!), we¹ve been havin¹ a ball and we¹re ready for some more!

Room 1 Paul Glazby (Vicious Circle/Tidy Trax) Sol Ray (E-Traxx/Solar) *Ting* (Cyberdog/Elation) Psyche (Sin:ergy/Dirty) Ezekiel aka Big Pete(Pulse/Revival) Plus 2012fx Vj (Dance Valley)

Room 2 Alkaline (Acidic Sound System) catjane 56 (Ripsnorter/TMet) Kai 1 (Upfront/Section 63) Jason Tuttiett (Funky White Horses/Scream) Sneaky (Digi:tec/Goteki)

Other attractions include Cyberdog Dancers and Performers on stage, Flouro Heaven UV Decor, Spectacular Cyber lightshow, Massive 10k killa soundsystem, Drinks Promotions, UV body Painting, Cyberdog Explosion stall and UV Markets, giveaways and a goodie bag for all.

Blast off: 10pm Re- Entry 4am Currency: £7 advance + BF - £8/£10 door Location: The Thekla, The Grove, Bristol, BS1 (Bristol¹s only twin decked party ship) Dress Code: It¹s the Dogs, so dress for fun !!... Security: Door Safe but very friendly (and we mean that!)

There¹s gonna be a limited number of advanced tickets available from - Cyberdog - 84 Park St, Bristol - 0117 9300999 Replay ­ 27 Broad St, Bath - 01225 404060 Spin Central ­ 43 Meadow St, W-S-M - 01934 625999 Or from Upfront direct 0117 977 2345 upfront@netgates.co.uk

----------------------------------------------------------Trade Events.

Birthday Party. Sunday morning October 26th. Turnmills, London, from 4:30am.

22ND Nov – GOLD (4th Sat of month) @ Egg, London

‘Keeping you hard all night long’

A taste of the harder edged sounds that propelled Trade into club legend.

DJs include:, EJ Doubell, BK, Andy Farley, Malcolm Duffy & Pete Wardman,

29th Nov – KINKY TRADE @ Egg, London returns with its last party of the year.

‘Very Sexy, Very Kinky’

Take a trip into the world of Kinky glamour

DJs include Gonzalo, Justin Ballard & Wayne G spinning Baleric beats and funky tribal at this now legendary event.

----------------------------------------------------------Recreation opens its doors on Friday 31st October at Sub101 (Below Cruz, 101 Princess Street, Manchester) for the start of our monthly underground house party. (11pm until 4am*)

Recreation looks set to reward quite a few clubbers wish lists with its own unique identity and a sound track that is Educational, Entertaining and Enlightening. The first one is on us, on the house, so make sure you visit our web site to join up for free membership (www.clubrecreation.co.uk) as you will need one of these to get in free. You can also see our flyers for info on how to become a member. Our DJ line up over the coming months includes Gonzalo (Salvation), Steve Thomas (DTPM), Stuart Robinson (Federation), Toby Raven (Fibre, Federation) and local hot property Nik Denton, so you can already see that membership is going to come in good use…


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