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Sample Newsletter:
October 2003 (4)

U. K. readers should note that British Summer Time ends this weekend and therefore that clocks will go back by one hour early on Sunday morning, 26th. Note that promoters whose events span this time period or start on Sunay morning usually ignore the time change and still stick to B.S.T.


Not exactly hard dance or gay scene news this but I thought many Brum readers might be interested. Miss MoneyPenny's returns to Bonds, Birmingham on Saturday, 25th. October, after Bonds was bought by the club and refurbished. One clubber reports that "it looks really nice, all metal and futuristic," and I'm hoping he'll report back after the opening.


Sundissential's new venue in Birminham: Cobarna
Here's the announcement as it appeared on the Sundissential web board on Tuesday 21st October.

"Sundissential Re-Loaded
Sundissential Reveals its New Homes!!!

United Members Of Sundissential!

As there has not been much word from Sundissential HQ over the last few months you could be lead to believe we were not doing anything, this however could not be further from the truth as this summer we have spent 3- 4 months searching the city to find venues that would do Sundissential justice.
Now that everything is 100% confirmed it is now time to reveal all!

Sundissential HQ
Is re-launching back on the legendary Hurst Street weekly Saturdays at our new Club - Cobarna! (Opposite Zanzibar- previously Pulse! - where it all began…)
In the heart of the city centre Cobarna is a brand new modern (and clean) venue with:
- Full air conditioning throughout.
- 3 sets of (clean) non-flooding state of the art toilets!!
- Plush leather sofas & seating throughout the venue.
- Full, well stocked bars.
- A mixture of comfortable carpeted & wooden flooring. (Also clean and non-slipping)
- Various television & projection visual screens plus an amazing sound and lighting rig set up.

Cobarna is on 2 levels;

- The downstairs arena will be a mixture of chunky house through to bouncy club classics.
- The upstairs room has a main dance arena with an intimate balcony, this room will be totally dedicated to hard dance, where we will be pushing the superstars of tomorrow alongside Sundissential favorites. Adjoining this room is a plush seated VIP area.

Sundissential HQ @ Cobarna will be members only (members may sign in 2 guests). Each week there will be full costumed entertainments & other shenanigans going on to keep our members entertained. Not forgetting Twiggy back on the door to give you all a warm welcome >> ?!!
Sundissential HQ will be very selective on the door to protect our members each week and create the ultimate friendly family party atmosphere!

Sundissential - The Big Ones!!
Sundissential will also be holding regular spectacular events throughout the year @ The Works & the Dome in Birmingham.
The first being our Birthday Extravaganza @ The Works, Broad Street Birmingham on Sunday November 16th! This will be our biggest Birthday event to date and is one definitely one not to miss!
The Second will be our New Years Day Spectacular @ The Dome, Horsefair st, Birmingham. Feat: The white winter Ball!
Full shows are lined up for all these events that will blow ya socks off!!!

Sundissential North continues as the jewel in our crown- the next installment of Northern lunacy is Sunday November 2nd Sundissential Vs Frantic & 4clubbers @ Evolution Leeds:
- with the biggest line-up till 2004 and all the usual SS madness don’t miss out on this one- featuring: EDDIE HALLIWELL, ROB TISSERA, ANDY FARLEY, BK, TOM HARDING, JEZ & CHARLIE, ILOGIK, MARK GRAY, CHARLOTTE BIRCH, CAROLINE BANX, GUFFY

Funkissential Birmingham

As if all this wasn’t enough we are excited to be launching Funkissential Birmingham weekly Fridays @ Kudos 10pm - 5am starting this Friday 24th October, interest for Friday night has been off the scale so please arrive early- for more info or to get yourself guaranteed entry- call 0121 224 7420

The launch has a 4am drinks license and will go on till 6am, featuring Dave Oldershaw, Wez Marx, Clinton Shaw & Matt Sinclair.

Funkissential North

Meanwhile @ Mission, in Leeds, Funkissential celebrates its first birthday on Halloween, DJ’s on the night include, Rob Tissera, Dave & Huey, The Trophy Twins, and more!!!

So there you have it!
Confirmed move Dates will be released later this week!

Part 2 of our announcement will be released tomorrow!!! *

Sundissential has fully re-loaded!! We hope you all like what we have lined up for you as it is YOUR CLUB!!
See you there!

All the Best
Sundissential HQ

* (We're still waiting for the Part 2 announcement, which we presume could be something to do with Afterssential)


When is a club not a club?

"Is Twist a club?" This was the question which crossed my mind recently after visiting it to hear the new line-up of residents.* The club's strategy is to appeal to the after-hours market, and this has translated into attracting clubbers from whatever hard dance event is on in London that night. The problem then is that as these events do not necessarily attract the same people, you really don't know who you're get going there from one week to another. Whereas weekly clubs generally attract a fairly consistent crowd of supporters, the Twist management tell me that their regulars only represent about 20% or less of those in the club. Now I don't have figures for other clubs, but I would venture that the proportion made up by regulars is usually much higher.

This matters in my opinion, because for most people "clubbing" is as much a social activity as anything else. While some people aim just to "get off their heads", and, in essense, experience sensory overload, (music, lighting, drugs, entertainers, other people to look at etc. etc.), for many the important thing about going to a club is the social interaction they experience. For this the mix of other people in the club is important, and for those who go out frequently, the probability of meeting people met before is important. To me then, a promoter or a venue owner has succeeded in creating a true club, only when they're able to offer people that kind of social interaction. Anything else is simply a spectacle, an "event", or a dive, not a club.

*( I may have gone on an off-night for them or for me, so will hold off on any further comment on the music for the time being.)


Techno DJ Dave Clarke has some interesting things to say (imho) about DJing and other things. Asked "Do you still love dance music?", his reply:

"Dance music and techno are two separate things. The skills involved in being a decent techno dj are vastly superior to that of any trance dj or anyone making trance or dance music. The skills are far more intense. That whole superstar dj thing was a lie. Most English djs weren't global, they were just playing to English people abroad and now that scene is suffering. But the techno scene is very healthy. I'd deny anything to do with dance music if, say, my mum asked me what music I make."

(MixMag. Nov. 2003. P. 58)

Having heard him play I can understand why he'd say his music has nothing to do with dance music. It was more like a performance you listened to rather than danced to. But what he says above I think is quite interesting.

After talking with some promoters of techno events, his observation that the techno scene is very healthy at the moment may be taken with a pinch of salt . However, if perceived as true, it may explain why promoters within other genres are looking to move their events/clubs more towards one form of techno or another. Techno, has never been commercialised, like other forms of music, so I'm told, and is seen by many as therefore more "pure", "unadulterated", and "close to its roots" than other genres by those within the techno scene, something reflected in his comments. However, I wonder how much longer that might remain true, given the huge hunger out there on the part of promoters and the music industry generally to find or create the next big thing?


Sundissential's new venue in Birmingham.

Soon after the announcement of a new venue and date for their Birthday Party, (from The Sanctuary on 8th. November to The Works, on 16th), more announcements have followed, the most significant of which is the club's imminent move to a new venue, Cobarna, in the China town section of the city. Cobarna, (formerly McClusky's, formerly Exiles) is a 1,000 capacity venue, located directly opposite Zanzibar, (which was formerly Pulse, Sundissential's home until January 2000).

Springwood Leisure PLC own the venue, (as well as Zanzibar), along with many others, and it is a corporation about which quite a bit has been written. Who owns what generally doesn't interest clubbers, but it might in so far as there has been comment on the financial strength of Springwood Leisure in the business press. On the other hand there has for the entire leisure industry sector.

This sounds like a good decison from many aspects, and the SS management appear to have finally woken up and listened to and addressed many clubbers' grumbles. Many of these stemmed from The Sanctuary, which seemed to do little if anything about them. The new venue, though smaller, is much more modern and stylish, and SS have promised to bring back many of the features of their old formula (entertainers, Twiggy on the door, fun and silliness). Some uncertainties remain about the music policy, and I sense that they will be using one of their two rooms to experiment with different styles to see what works best.

The club though is going further than this, by promising a series of "Big Events" in Birmignham, using either The Works, (a near 3,000 capacity venue), or The Dome, (a similar size). The Dome has already been booked for New Years' Day, and one might anticipate other events organised at The Works, possibly on Sundays. Personally I regard this as a rather risky move, though perhaps something which the SS team are forced to try in the face of an increasing number of larger scale events such as the Tidy events at Magna 7, 'crasher's events at the NEC, and the Tidy Wekenders. The effect of the Tidy events particularly, have been felt in clubs up and down the country where when the Tidy Weekender 4 was on recently, attendances were well down. Tidy has announced intentions to expand, and is reported to be finalising arrangements for more events, to be held in the South, and elsewhere. Everytime a major clubbing event is held, it competes with local clubs, and the coming annual calendar is now increasingly filling with a variety of these, including: Global Gathering, Creamfields, Homelands, Tidy Weekenders (2 or 3?), Magna 7 event, 'crasher NEC event. There are only 52 weekends in a year, and of those, many are quiet during the summer holidays. The summer festivals have therefore tended not to have a major impact on regular clubs, which anyway have lower attendances suring the summer. However, Tidy's events seem to be more likely to be held during the regular clubbing season (October to June), and should therefore be especially worrying for promoters of hard dance clubs.

In the light of all this Sundissential's announced Big Events make some sense. However, other promoters who have used both The Works and The Dome have often had difficulties filling them, and the danger of course is that even with a healthy turn out, a large venue can still seem empty and lacking in "atmosphere". Polysexual, held at The Dome not long ago and backed by the promoters of God's Kitchen, is a notable exception.

One can think of clubs in terms of the way they absorb available resources. There are only so many venues, of certain capacities. There's only so and so many people likely to come to events. The club that gets in first, and occupies the best venues, with the right events and attracts the available clubbers may prevent the others from getting a foothold in that locale. Sundissential's decisions may have been influenced by such thinking, then again it may have been a sense of sheer terror and the impetus for self-preservation! The growth of Tidy, the development of Polysexual, and the announcement by an outside promotions team of their intention to enter the Birmingham market soon, are all good reasons for Sundissential to wake up and get their act together. The critical issue right now for Sundissential is whether their events are going to be successful enough to prevent anyone else getting into Brum at a better venue.

In some ways this might also be seen as a rehabilitation of Sundissential after a spate of deaths at their events three years ago, and the subsequent difficulties they had in finding venues. Death is not good for the clubbing business, and Sundissential has not been the only club to suffer the aftermath of such.

Whatever the outcome, this is good news for clubbers in Birmingham and the Midlands, and it's starting to look like 2004 is going to be a very competitive clubbig year in that city, after what can only be described as a period of consolidation and stagnation.

Manto. Canal Street. Manchester. Re-launching after a two year absence. http://www.mantobar.com

23/10/2003 Sneak Preview (Invite Only)

24/10/2003 The gay revolution hits town

01/11/2003 the all-new Breakfast Club launches

19/11/2003 Bring It On launches in the Lounge

29/11/2003 Breakfast Club all-nighter

24/12/2003 Christmas Eve

25/12/2003 Christmas Day

26/12/2003 Boxing Day Christmas Special all-nighter

27/12/2003 Breakfast Club Christmas Special

31/12/2003 Watch this space: we're plannin' something' super special!!!!

46 Canal Street, Manchester, M1 3WD 0161 236 2667 Email: enquiries@mantobar.com


Every Sunday morning from 5:00am (new, earlier opening time!) at Fire, Vauxhall, London. The new resident DJ line up for Twist is, in the main room, Danny Gilligan, Peter Ward, *TING*, Karim, and in THE FIREPIT, the funky tekno sounds of Mrs Wood and Rod Towns. We will also have big name guest DJs but these WILL NOT be advertised in advance. This might be BK, Farley, Glazby, Savage, Lashes etc. etc. Then again, it might not.


At The Emporium, 67 Belvoir Road Coalville Leics LE67 3PD

Friday 24th October: STORM

Lab 4 (live), Tidy Boys, Anne Savage, Lee Haslem, Mark EG, Nick Lunn B2B Richie G, Daley

9-6am - £15 POTD (£13 members) Guestlist: 0871 220 0097

Sat 25th. October: Passion - Red Room Sessions

Arena 1: PETE TONG, Steve Lawler, Eric Prydz (Uk Exclusive), MYNC Project
Arena 2: JFK, Marc West, Brisky, Genix, Will Holland, St John, Dan Platten, Garbo.

£17.50 – Pay On The Door. Guestlist: 0871 220 0097

Passion: 1st Nov - CRASHER @ Passion 8pm-8am £17.50. Armin Van Burren, Marco V, Scott Bond, Rank 1, JFK, Matt Hardwick, Marc West. Scot Project, Signum, Spider, Richard Tulip, Tom Harding, Andy Bagguley.


AfterHours at Egg, London. From 4am.

This new weekly after-hours, every Sunday morning, promises to transform the face of club land. Each month Egg is hosted by a different spectacular party, each offering its own distinct sound and flavour. Upstairs in the Loft you will find the notorious Fat Tony and his guests spinning soulful house, club classics and funky disco every week. Downstairs on the main floor Pete Wardman and residents spin a tuffer sound guaranteed to set the dance floor blazing and providing the perfect contrast to the 4 distinct sounds that feature at each party; US House, Tribal, Latin House & Techno. Parties to watch out for are:


25th Oct CLOSED - (‘TRADE 13th Birthday @ Turnmills)

1st Nov – ICE (1st Sat of month) ‘The coolest night in the hottest venue’

DJs Wayne G and special stateside guest DJs spin US vocal house anthems at this circuit style party.

8th Nov – FACTOR 25 (2nd Sat of month) Egg Joins forces with the ACTION team to bring back one of London’s best loved clubs. Featuring their original line up & groundbreaking visuals. This week includes Steve Thomas & Justin Ballard behind the decks.

15th Nov – KINKY LATINO (3rd Sat of month) ‘A celebration of all things Latin’

An international affair as DJ’s spin Spanish, Italian and Latin House. Expect London’s sexiest men imported from all over the world at this hot and horny afterhours party. DJs include: Ariel, Raymundo Rodriguez, Max Latino, Gonzalo, David Jimenez and Miguel Pellitero

22ND Nov – GOLD (4th Sat of month) ‘Keeping you hard all night long’

Tuff Tribal & Tech house in the basement. DJs include: Rob Sykes, Malcolm Duffy & Pete Wardman

29th Nov – KINKY TRADE ‘Very Sexy, Very Kinky’

Take a trip into the world of kinky glamour. This internationally acclaimed club has hosted parties in Ibiza, LA, New York and returns to London for their big finale in 2003. The one to watch out for!

Resident DJs: Dick Flick, D’ Johnny, Fat Tony, Gonzalo, Guy Williams, Jeffrey Hinton, Jon Dennis, Junior J, Justin Ballard, Malcolm Duffy, Max Latino, Oli, Pete Wardman, Rob Sykes, Rosco, Steve Thomas, Sugar Bear, Tom McMillan, Tyrone, Wayne G, Ziad + special guests.




SUNDISSENTIAL, The Sanctuary, Birmingham. 9:30-4am £10/£12

25/10 The Sundissential Mad Hatters Ball!! Non Essential Item: HAT!!! BK Charlotte Birch Hixxy + MC Storm Strange Dave

01/11 Ilogik B2B Ian M Tara Reynolds Paul Janes Andy Whitby.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNDISSENTIAL! Sundissential Birthday Extravaganza!! @The Works Birmingham!!!

INFO: 0121 224 7420

Sundissential will be celebrating in style this year throwing their biggest Birthday Bash to date!!! Sunday November 16th @ The Works will be the most Spectacular event is history!

The Works, Birmingham has already been awarded as one of the best venues in the country with 3 main arenas that will play host to: Sundissential, Raver Baby, & Funkissential! And with a line up that will blow ya socks off this will be one hell of a party! With its stunning interior, state of the art sound system & intelligent lighting it will be the perfect playground for 3000 Ssentialers!!!
This will be the first time in over 3 years that Sundissential has held one of its infamous “Sunday clubbing” events in Birmingham that they were originally known for and by all accounts this one will make that wait definitely worth while!!

As part of the celebrations on the day there is a full show lined up for you including pyrotechnics shows, birthday balloon drops, full madness and entertainments & loads more all going on throughout the night! This will be the tackle up of all tackle ups!! There aint no party like a Sundissential Party!!!!!................

DJ’s On the Day Are:
Sundissential: Eddie Halliwell B2B Rob Tissera Lisa Lashes Tidy Boys Paul Glazby Paul Kershaw Nick Rafferty Strange Dave Mark Austin Andy Nelson
Funkissential: James Blond The Trophy Twins Rebekkah Wez Marx
Raverbaby/Bonkers: Hixxy SY Strange Dave (Hardcore Debut) Asa MC Storm MC Wizzkid


Tickets available now! on line @ www.sundissential.com @ The Sundissential Office on 0121 224 7420 On sale @ shops & through ticketmaster by the 24.10.03!



Suction is held at its usual address, Exclusive, Cannon Street, Birmingham City Centre (Near New Street Station), for more info please visit www.suction-promotions.com or email micky@suction-promotions.com


Funkissential is set to take Birmingham by storm by launching into a new weekly Friday Night residency @ Kudos!! Starting on Friday 24th October, Funkissential will be a night for all those funky house lovers out there, attitude free, fun, stylish and of course totally funky!!

With the launch night open til 6am and drinks license up until 4am (subject to license) it is sure to be a huge success!!! From then on Funkissential will be on every week @ Kudos from 10pm – 5am, - so come and join the party!!
Kudos, located opposite the Dome nightclub features a state of the art sound system and lighting rig, split into three rooms, 1. Upstairs a VIP champagne bar, 2. Main dance arena and bar area. 3. Downstairs seated chill out. It is a small intimate venue which has been extremely well decorated, with luxurious leather sofas located throughout.

During the past year Funkissential has really developed, now it has become a highly acclaimed event which is attracting sexy up for it people from all over the country, it is an exciting new stand alone night - well deserved by all accounts! Running monthly in Leeds, originally starting off at the lush Mint club it quickly grew and created quite a stir around club land, soon outgrowing the Mint club, now held @ Mission, Leeds new super club, the launch party attracted over 1200 people!!! And what a night it was, this was one hell of a funk fueled party; going on into the early hours the atmosphere was unbelievable!!

It has also just been given Mixmag Club of the month (Dec Issue) off the back of this spectacular night!! Not one to be left behind it sister night in Leeds the Birmingham launch party see’s Dave Oldershaw, Clinton Shawe, Wez Marx & Matt Sinclair all take the to the decks to show us what they are made of!! Rebekah, rising DJ superstar takes to the decks the week after along side Colin H and Ev Morton. And of course the one and only Funkissential superstars Rob Tissera & the usual suspects will be making appearances also.

Funkissential aims to have the unique atmosphere in the funky world that has seen its big sister Sundissential dominate in the world of hard house!!! There is also going to be some great drinks offers to help you get into the mood with Smirnoff ice just £2.00 a bottle, Tequila at just £1.50 a shot and Moet Champagne at an amazing £25 a bottle.
The ideal weekend warm up!!! It Can Only Be Funkissential!!!......................

Funkissential @ Kudos, 28 Horsefair Rd, City Centre, Birmingham £4 Members & NUS/ £6 Others Hours 10 pm – 6 am (opening night only) 10pm – 5 am therafter. Website: www.funkissential.com Info: 0121 224 7420 Can I wear trainers? Yes, trainers with style welcome

24/10: Wez Marx, Clinton Shawe, Matt Sinclair, Dave Oldershaw
31/10: Rebekka, Colin H, Ev Morton
07/11: Matt Sinclair, Wez Marx, Clinton Shaw
14/11: Simon Baker, Colin H, Ev Morton


SATURDAY 25th OCTOBER 2003 GOODGREEF 3RD BIRTHDAY ALLNIGHTER One Night Only @ NATION, Wolstenholme Sq, Liverpool


Room 2 – The Courtyard Opens from Midnight YOJI BIOMEHANIKA LAB 4 LIVE ALEX KIDD



Toast Manchester @ The Attic, Oxford Road, Manchester. Fortnightly Saturday's. 1-8pm. £2 B4 4pm £3 after. Stamp on entry allows you to come and go as you please!

26th October DJ Competition Final Winners of previous heats. Room 2: Hilfingers (Toast) featuring MC Mr Ree (DV8) Bhavik (Toast) Mark Crosby (Toast)

8th November Morgan (Toast, Addiction, Shaft, Instinct) Nik Denton (Toolbox Recordings) Col The Medik (Shaft, Afterssential, Toast) Mark H (Shaft, Toast, Inukshuk, Dropzone) Lord K (Sin:ergy) Flash (Sin:ergy). Room 2: Paul Flintoff (Dirty Disco Beats) KRS (Sin:ergy) Zander (Goodgreef)

29th November Toast Vs Incision Vs Addiction Shan (Goodgreef) ASA (Addiction, Vibealite) Morgan (Toast, Shaft, Addiction, Instinct) Gilly (Instinct, Damnation) Andy Whitby (Toast, Addiction, www.clubtheworld.com) Deano (Incision). 'Jam' Room 2: Dave Stewart (Goodgreef) Hilfingers (Toast) featuring MC Mr Ree (DV8, Toast)

More Info: 07814645904/07745541021 nocheeseonthistoast@hotmail.com www.skiddle.com/toast for message board and listings.

TOAST PRESTON: Lineups for Toast Preston, Monthly Fridays @ Club Elements, Aqueduct Street, Preston. £6/£5 NUS. 9pm-3am.

Coming home to Preston and transforming Club Elements into a den of toasted silliness, shenanigans and dirty dirty hard dance music.

November 14th Toolbox Records Tour. CD, Clothing, Vinyl and Ltd Edition Record bags to be given away on the night
Little Miss Natalie (Fist, Insomniacz, Exodus) Ben Stevens (Toast, Vicious Circle) (TBC) Nik Denton (Toolbox, Power Tools, 12" Thumpers) Morgan (Toast, Addiction, Instinct) +Winner of Toast DJ competition 2003

December 12th 'Who believes in Santa?' Themed Christmas party. DJ GRH (Base, Goodgreef, Cypher) JP & Jukesy (Afterssential) Morgan (Toast, Addiction, Instinct) Pete Carvell (Toast)


Trade Events.

THE ANNIVERSARY A Night of Pure Malice Saturday 26th October 2003 ‘Fasten your seatbelts kids it’s gonna be a bumpy night’ (they actually mean the early morning of Sunday 26th. October, Jonathan)

Trade returns to its birthplace at Turnmills, London, for yet another spectacular birthday party. This year’s event, ‘The Anniversary’ is a homage to the classic Bette Davis film and also marks the one year anniversary since Trade ceased trading as a weekly club and Laurence Malice launched Egg which has taken clubbing to the next level. This year Trade has thrown some of the most talked about parties in club land and continues to push the boundaries and evolve with the times. This legendary club has gone from strength to strength, still in the wake of the hugely successful Tony De Vit Tribute, this event is sure to sell out fast!

Trade is the ultimate clubbing experience, the original all night bender. Started thirteen years ago by club mogul Laurence Malice, the club has evolved into something far bigger. Trade is a global brand, still exported throughout the world.

The club itself has enticed literally hundreds of thousands of people into its throbbing vortex of sound, light, performance, visuals and of course people. Pop stars mix with builders, city professionals with models, and doctors with actors. It is a place, which quite simply unites everyone!

Trade is famous for many things, but probably the most renowned element is of course the music policy - pumping, underground, cutting edge dance music, supplied by its Fierce Rulin' Residents. This term is a brand in itself and is known throughout the world. International DJs such as Tall Paul, Fergie and the late Tony de Vit all came from the Trade stable, a place where DJs cut their teeth!

Trade is proud to list the following DJ maestros as its Anniversary residents spinning over Turnmills 3 dancefloors: Malcolm Duffy, Gonzalo, Pete Wardman, BK, Andy Farley, EJ Doubell, Tom McMillan, Tyrone, Guy Williams, Peter Ward and Fat Tony.

Trade’s anniversary promises to be a night to remember.

Online q jump tickets available from www.tradeuk.net Also available from Trax, Clone Zone, Prowler Soho, Prowler Kings X, The Edge, The Box & Escape. £15 Members £20 Guests. 4am til Super late. Turnmills 63b Clerkenwell Rd London EC1

For further details or images contact Christian or Elisha at info@tradeuk.net or on 0207 6098364.

22nd Nov – GOLD (4th Sat of month) @ Egg, London
‘Keeping you hard all night long’ A taste of the harder edged sounds that propelled Trade into club legend. DJs include:, EJ Doubell, BK, Andy Farley, Malcolm Duffy & Pete Wardman,

29th Nov – KINKY TRADE @ Egg, London returns with its last party of the year.
‘Very Sexy, Very Kinky’ Take a trip into the world of Kinky glamour DJs include Gonzalo, Justin Ballard & Wayne G spinning Baleric beats and funky tribal at this now legendary event.


Recreation opens its doors on Friday 31st October at Sub101 (Below Cruz, 101 Princess Street, Manchester) for the start of our monthly underground house party. (11pm until 4am*)

Recreation looks set to reward quite a few clubbers wish lists with its own unique identity and a sound track that is Educational, Entertaining and Enlightening. The first one is on us, on the house, so make sure you visit our web site to join up for free membership (www.clubrecreation.co.uk) as you will need one of these to get in free. You can also see our flyers for info on how to become a member. Our DJ line up over the coming months includes Gonzalo (Salvation), Steve Thomas (DTPM), Stuart Robinson (Federation), Toby Raven (Fibre, Federation) and local hot property Nik Denton, so you can already see that membership is going to come in good use…


It's a brand new residency for the unstoppable Bugged Out! crew in the city of yellow submarines and Jimmy Corkhill. They open their account at Society with a very impressive line-up, featuring Green Velvet, FC Kahuna and Zoot Woman live alongside resident Rob Bright.


WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL WEEKLY @ SUB 101 (except the last Saturday of the month) FULL CLUB DECOR TRANSFORMATION AND CD GIVEAWAYS 101 Princess Street Manchester LAUNCH NIGHT: SATURDAY 1st NOVEMBER www.ClubTempest.co.uk


Ricochet are extremely pleased to announce that Frantic resident STEVE HILL will be making his first appearance at Ricochet on Sunday 2nd November playing alongside the bounciest woman in Hard Dance RACHEL AUBURN. We are also very excited to welcome back DANNY GILLIGAN and the excellent DON GRANT to complete a DJ line up that will ensure the bounce goes on from start to finish!

And that's not all - the first 300 through the door will each receive a free and exclusive RICOCHET CD, mixed by RACHEL AUBURN!

If you are looking for a zero attitude, no nonsense, friendly and up-for-it clubbing experience in one of London's most exciting new clubs, then look no further. RICOCHET'S music policy is - tough and uplifting with a generous helping of the best bouncy classics - perfect Sunday afternoon clubbing!

EGG is a beautiful venue with a stunning interior, amazing lights, outstanding sound system, covered outdoor area and friendly staff and security. In addition, it's very easy to get to. A free EGG shuttle travels between Kings Cross (bus stop G by the station) and the venue on a regular basis - 4 minute journey.

Ricochet. Sunday 2nd November. 3pm - LATE! STEVE HILL, RACHEL AUBURN, DANNY GILLIGAN & DON GRANT. "Bouncy, chunky tunes for happy clubbers".

Egg. 200 York Way. Kings Cross. London

Only £6 B4 5pm on paying guest list - email names to guestlist@ricochetuk.net. £8 on the door.



DEUCE Saturday 8th November (2nd Saturday of every month) In Association with: 'Battle of the DJs'
Hard 'n' Funky. Underground. House 'n' Techno

Hard As U Like - Room 1. Keepin It Funky - Room 2. VIP & Chill Out Area - Room3.

@ The Lakeside Country Club (Formerly the Escape) Lifford Lane, Kings Norton, Birmingham B30 3NT. Exclusive venue! Secure parking

DREAM TEAM 2 In association with AFTERLIFE Saturday 8th November 2003 Camden Palace London. 22.00 – 06.00

“Guffy cleverly passes out wide to BK. BK beats one defender….then another….BK gently chips into the path of Tissera! Its Tissera all the way….Tissera’s going to score..! GOAALL FFRRAANNTTIICCOO!!”

Yes on Saturday 8th November the DREAM TEAM returns to Camden Palace stadium! We’ve been busy during the off-season and after a few clever buys and crafty transfers we’re fielding the best team money can buy for another season in the Hard Dance Premiership.

The starting line up looks like this: BK / Rob Tissera / Guffy / The *Ting* / Donna Birt / Shan / Ed Real / The Prophet / Anon / Alex Parsons / Sneaky Pete / DJGRH


All the premiership DJs on the night will be wearing the kit of London’s most prolific football team: Arsenal!


Forget 11 aside teams! Our team has 1900 players! To keep you up to scratch with your ball control we’ll be giving away dozens of footballs on the night!

TEXT TO WIN: For the chance to win free entry for you +3 friends send the name of the current premiership champions to 07949 618035!

Tickets are now on sale for the event. The £10 paying guest list is now open.
Please send names to lists@franticuk.com as soon as possible!

Frantic & Sundissential present MENACE AT THE PALACE Saturday 15th November 2003 Camden Palace London 22.00 – 06.00

Its official, the most awaited heavyweight soundclash is upon us. Seconds out… In the Red corner, from the nation’s capital, the next generation hard dance masters: Frantic! In the Blue corner, from their Leeds Northern Fortress, the maddest, the baddest party on earth: Sundissential! Ladies and gentlemen…get ready to rumble!

The line up for all bouts will be released next week! Jaw dropping is an understatement!


To celebrate our last party with Sundissential in 2003 the first 100 people to send their names to menace@franticuk.com will win free tickets to the event!

Tickets for the event are now on sale! The £10 paying guest list is open. Please send names to lists@franticuk.com as soon as possible.

TEXT TO WIN: Text SUNDISSENTIAL to 07949 618035 to stand a chance of winning 3 free tickets to the clash of the titans!

SpeedQueen back at the Warehouse. As of 15th November 2003, SpeedQueen will be held every Saturday 10pm-4am at The Warehouse, 19 Somers Street, Leeds LS1. For the re-opening party we will be selling advance tickets priced £8 members £10 guests; tickets for 15th November are available now from Lucy at the SpeedQueen Office 162 Lower Briggate Leeds LS1 6LY.

We would like to thank Carol, Guy, Roger, and all the staff at Stinky's Peephouse for a fabulous nine months and wish them every success in the future.

The last SpeedQueen to be held at Stinky's Peephouse will be Saturday 25th October 2003.

Please note there will be NO SPEEDQUEEN held on 1st November or 8th November.

If you have any comments or questions, please call us on 0113 246 1033 or email us and let us know. Thank You for your continuing support, Suzy, Kas and the SPEEDQUEEN TEAM XXX


radical-escapes & HeatUK presents 24 Hours in Amsterdam! Sat-Sun 15th &16th November 2003 London to Amsterdam
mission title: 24 Hours in Amsterdam

concept: a Saturday afternoon party cruise across the ocean to an exclusive HeatUK party in Holland’s biggest club venue, followed by a canal cruise to a throbbing after-party at dawn, before a blissed out return to the UK on Sunday afternoon.

Dj’s: Paul Glazby, Nick Sentience, Spencer Freeland, Marc French, Des Mitchell, Steve Blake, Macey, Brad Thatcher & more tbc

date: Saturday 15th - Sunday 16th Nov 03

Bookings: 020 8780 5551

Info: www.radical-escapes.com / www.heatuk.info

Sat: 0850 - 1015 Board “The Heat Express” for the non-stop journey to Harwich International.

1030 - 1500 Stena HSS Discovery. The world’s largest and smoothest super fast ferry is also a floating club. We are programming the music for the crossing through an immaculate crystal clear sound system, surrounded by a huge Toshiba 24 cube video wall, intelligent lighting rig and bars selling drinks at pub prices...the only way to travel!

1530 – 1715 Amsterdam Express

1730 - 2300 Free time to explore.

2300- 0500 The Powerzone is quite simply the largest club not only in Amsterdam but also Holland! It has two areas; the ground floor possesses a dance area of 22,000 square meters and offers numerous stylish bars, a tropical aquarium, reservable raised seated VIP area...and even boasts a noodle restaurant! It has a terrace on the water front, where you can relax in the open air and watch the visuals reflecting across the canal from the outside cinema screen.

Situated on the second floor is The Comfort Zone - a serious self-contained area with powerful sound & lighting, which has it’s own bar & toilets and which overlooks the water. Heat UK host this area from 11pm-5am. Admission is limited to ‘24 Hours in Amsterdam’ wristband wearers who also have access to the rest of the club, which features International Dj’s playing house-based flava’s. Wristband also includes VIP fast track entrance & free use of cloakroom*

Sun: 0500- 0530 As dawn breaks over the city, our fleet of canal cruisers will take you from the door of The Powerhouse and along the canals and Amstel river to the next venue

0530-1100 O20 centrally located in Dam Square. A legendary Amsterdam party haunt . Formerly called, Time, it has hosted everyone from the legendary ‘I Love Hardhouse’ parties and was the first venue in which Tiesto was resident. On this occasion it will showcase our future heroes of the twin decks: three levels of dancing, chilling and recovery Heat-style. Free admission with wristband.

1100 - 1330 - last chance to chill in the coffee shops & bars.

1530 - 1830 Stena HSS Discovery
Purr some zzzz’s, catch a film (we’ll be showing something suitable for your frame of mind)... or just k-e-e-p going as we take control of things as darkness falls and we ride the ocean back to blighty - whilst taking advantage of the amazing half price cigarette deal ( less than £2 a packet of 20, personal allowance 3,200).

24 Hours in Amsterdam packages start from just £64 and include return sea passage Harwich - Hook of Holland, wristband giving access to all Heat parties in The Powerzone & O2O & exclusive canal cruise.

We have an allocation of cut price rail tickets available, which are valid from London Liverpool Street to Amsterdam and return. These cost just £31 and should be purchased at time of booking.

‘24 Hours in Amsterdam’ is set to be the largest international club cruise-break to leave the shores of blighty. Demand is heavy and interest is high. Reserve your place now to avoid disappointment & save money. The earlier you book: the less you pay.

CHEMISTRY. THE REVOLUTION. In proud association with Nukleuz, Vicious Circle, No Limits, Becomeone, Milk, Lets Funk & The Ignition Crew Saturday 22nd November 2003 Canvas London. 21.00 – 06.00

6 Clubs. 2 Record Labels. 1 Collective. 1 Event. 1 Night. Brought to you by the people behind Frantic, Chemistry & HardHouse Academy this event will be like nothing you have ever seen or heard!

On the 22nd November London’s newest Superclub, Canvas will play host to 3000 bass hungry clubbers and over 35 of the UK’s finest DJs. Spread across 4 themed arenas this will take Hard Dance clubbing to the next level!

Want more? How about the launch night for Vicious Circles new acclaimed album: Vicious. This will be marked by a WORLD EXCLUSIVE as the uncrowned King of Hard Dance, Andy Farley, takes on the Dark Destroyer himself, Paul Glazby, for a 3
hour back 2 back showdown!

Andy Farley b2b Paul Glazby / BK / Cally & Juice / Ed Real / K90 / Steve Hill / Phil Reynolds / Shan / Lucy Fur / DJ Uto / The Ignition Crew DJ’s & many many more.

Komrades, the revolution is upon us!

CHEMISTRY * CANVAS * SATURDAY 22 11 03 * 21.00 – 06.00

The £10 paying guest list for the event is now open. This is strictly limited to 300 people! We expect this to close in just 1 weeks time. Please send names to lists@franticuk.com as soon as possible!

The first 500 tickets for the event are only £10 +bf. To book these please call the following:

Ticketweb: 08700 600 100 Frantic: 07949 618035 Club Connexion: 0870 246 1840

TEXT TO WIN: Text REVOLUTION to 07949 618035 to be in with a chance of winning VIP tickets to the ground breaking event!


Crasher's NEC PLUGGED IN will feature three arenas hosted by Bugged Out!, Frantic (vs Nukleuz) and, of course... Gatecrasher. The line-ups:

Arena 1 – Gatecrasher: Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, Scott Bond, Gabriel & Dresden, and Matt Hardwick.

Arena 2 – Bugged Out!: Dave Clarke, Green Velvet, Plump DJs, Justin Robertson, Audio Bulleys, Phil Kiernan

Arena 3 - Frantic: Lisa Lashes, Eddie Halliwell, Andy Farley, Tidy Boys, BK, Anne Savage, Rob Tissera, Paul Glazby, Ed Real, Cally and Juice, Guffy and Shan.

At the NEC in Birmingham from 9:00pm until 6:00am, is on Saturday November 29. Tickets cost £36.50 (+ £4 booking fee)


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