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Sample Newsletter:
October 2003 (2)
Review: Launch of Club Air and God's Kitchen, at the club formerly known as Code, Birmingham
by Cheryl.

We have half a tank of petrol, we’re wearing dark shades and we are on a mission to Gods…….

We arrived at nine o’clock, as the club opened, only to be greeted by a full car park. After driving down a few back streets an adequate space was found in a well-lit area.

Two minutes later after walking to the club entrance we found the queue and blagged our way to the front to be let in straight away. Rumour goes that the waiting time was about thirty minutes. Not bad for a Launch night.

Door searches were quite thorough but efficiently executed and the dress code wasn’t as strict as anticipated.
The main question as we entered the club was "How has it changed?" If you had been to the club formally known as Code you would have seen that much was still the same. The first difference is that the DJ booth has changed ends of the club. It is now directly in front of you as you enter, sandwiched between two staircases either side of which lead to the second floor. This was to cause many a problem as the club filled to capacity and people lined up on each side of the stairs just to stand there and ogle at the DJ, causing the human traffic to grind to a halt.

Somebody seemed to have stolen all the light bulbs and the main dance floor was a writhing pit of sweating bodies in the darkness. Not a glow stick in sight. A far cry from the UV environment that Code once boasted. The only light source was the one green laser, which appeared at the appropriate intervals when the tunes dictated.

The sound system in the main room was a monster waiting to be unleashed. Stand still for too long and you would vibrate to the other end of the club.

Podiums were present and used to their full advantage.

Battling our way through the abyss of noise and lasers we found the porthole to the cloakroom. Efficiently run but expensive at one pound and fifty pence.

Venturing up the heaving staircase, (risking life and limb), we were greeted by the balcony and a room named Nitrogen. On a one in, one out basis we eventually entered to be greeted by a box room. The only way to compare this to the main dance area is to say it was like walking from an industrial unit into the storeroom. Once again a gyrating dance floor in full swing greeted us. With a lighter step we were able to manoeuvre our way to the bar.

Drinks prices were as expected. Three pounds fifty would buy you a vodka and coke but holding a glass steady would prove to be impossible as people desperately tried to find space to move. A bottle of water will set you back two pounds fifty but, to our pleasure, we found out they refill it for free at the bar. Cold water could also be obtained at no charge, when requested, at the bar.
The sound system in the Nitrogen room again left much to be desired. At various intervals in the night it seemed to dip and then return to full volume.

As LAB4 started their set it was all turn to the other end of the room. They played for a rip roaring, hard as you like, energising, nose bleeding hour by the end of which our ears were whistling with pleasure.

Opening nights are prone to teething problems and Nitrogen seemed to have most of them. At one point, during her set, Lisa Lashes announced that the problems she was having with the sound system were due to her tits getting in the way. Classy!

Having finally won a seat we were reluctant to leave Nitrogen and we waited for Paul Glazby. Ten minutes into his set he had the floor in frenzy. It has to be said this room had the best atmosphere of the night and it was sustained to the end with sets from Anne Savage and Hinsley.

Eventually we left Nitrogen and were once again greeted with a heaving a mass of people trying to make their way around. The funky room was to be found up a set of stairs to the one side of the bar located by spotting the now obligatory queue that had formed in desperation to find seating and the necessary use of the toilet facilities. With the bar closing at four am and the night ending at seven am it was a struggle to stay to the end.

As a launch night goes it was hailed a success but many things were unfinished in the venue and left much to the imagination. There was also a tense atmosphere between the different devotees of the two music genres (Trance and Hard House) and it is up to each individual to overcome this divide. As this happens we are sure the groundbreaking venture Godskitchen have undertaken will be a start of things to come and will pave the way for the future of Hard Dance music……


Review: Action, London
by Ken

Action was very busy...although with slightly less space in the chill-out lounge area due to the extra camouflage nets of the extended maze (a gimmick I don't expect to be repeated!). The music was "ok" rather than spectacular...Gonzalo was 3rd on of the 4 djs and I get frustrated with him as he behaves "professional" rather than taking part...although he was "exclusive to Action" he was still on at Crash After Hours, Egg After Hours and tonight at Salvation!


Sundissential & Funkissential

As a club promoter, what do you do when, having established your night and built its reputation for one style of music, music tastes begin to change? There seem to be a number of options:

1. If you're the dominant player in this style, (e.g. the best hard dance club in the area), then you've got a simple option, and that is to continue to be the best. If the market is shrinking you don't necessarily have to worry, as it's likely to affect the weaker players more than you. Maybe the poorer quality clubs will close and those people still into hard dance will move over to your club. Maybe.

2. A second option might be to start another club. You're a club promoter after all, and if you've got some spare dosh and the necessary contacts, you can invest in something new, and try to build that up while still managing your previous success.

3. Of course you may well not be in it "for the money" - it's all about having a good party, making people happy, having fun, playing the sounds you love, etc. so if fewer people come you can look for a smaller venue, go underground, and maybe in a few years things will turn around again and you can expand again when and if you want to.

The people behind the hard dance club Sundissential are going down the second route, though trying to have their cake and eat it too. For some time now they've supplemented the Birmingham club's main hard room with an additional room playing funky house, gradually establishing the brand name "Funkissential" at least in the minds of those clubbers who go to Sundissential. Now this year both in Leeds and Birmingham, Funkissential is being set up as a club in its own right, monthly on a Friday at Mission in Leeds, and now weekly on Fridays at Kudos in Birmingham. The slogan on the Funkissential website is"dedicated to all things sleek and sexy" and the word "sexy" is found on most of the site's pages. A browse through the photo gallery and one gets the impression of a straight target audience in their early twenties - lots of cute girls, lads with bottles, and not a spiked hair, item of UV clothing, or gurner in sight. All very mainstream, and quite a move away from "the maddest club in the world". Yet the association between the two is there in the name for the new club. Sundissential has often played around with it's own name for special events, e.g. Fergissential, Tidyssential, Lashissential, etc. (other names have also been used unofficially - with the current dispute between the club's founders taking on soap opera proportions people are referring to the club as Suds-issential), but this is the first time one has been used to establish a separate club. However one has to wonder at the sense in doing so. When Japanese car makers decided to get into the US car market they almost all adopted new names for their luxury car marques, Toyota called theirs Lexus, (not, you'll note, Lexota) and Honda chose Infinti, (not Hondiniti). They did this to get away from the associations their mainstream brands had, as well as to protect those brands in case the new ventures didn't work out. In other words they tried to separate people's perceptions of the two ventures. The promoters of Sundissential and Funkissential clearly have chosen to ignore this strategy, hoping perhaps that each brand will help the other, despite the fact that they seem to have quite different images and to some extent to appeal to rather different target audiences. The danger is that rather than helping, they will create confusion and dilute the perceptions people have of both.

At the moment, the strategy seems to be to avoid the two clubs competing directly by holding Funkissential on Fridays which suggests that the promoters believe that there's sufficient overlap between the target audiences for there to be a danger that one might eat into the attendances of the other. If the attendances at Sundissential events can be rebuilt this season things may stay pretty much the same, but if not, or if Funkissential can attract a rather different audience from Sudissential's, then we may eventually find Funkissential shifting to Saturdays, and perhaps even displacing Sundissential. Time will tell.

One other thing with brand names: McDonald's always had an advantage over Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken, at least name-wise, as their name didn't tie them to one particular form of food, or food style should tastes change. One might therefore imagine that part of the reason for the adoption of "KFC" by Kentucky Fried Chicken as their new corporate brand, was to get away from the association that the previous name had both with fried food and with chicken, especially if they wanted to serve something else. Something to ponder on when "Funky" becomes less popular perhaps?

Review: Obliterate at Radius, Birmingham

I went to the launch of this new night at Radius on Horsefair, Birmingham, last Saturday, run by the people behind Inukshuk, the multi-genre event held at the Sanctuary on occasional Fridays. Radius is a small club, a bit of a cross in feel between a pub with a dance floor and a club in some ways, with a very powerful sound system, perhaps too powerful for the size of the place. Obliterate is one of a series of rotating monthly Saturday events being held at Radius, all of which are organised by the same people, though each event has its' own identity and different style of music. On offer last Saturday was something which reflects the current thinking of the organiser, DJ Mack, - introducing Techno to a Hard House audience, and he led off from 8pm with a techno set which had a little bit of a latin/funky edge to it, though tough, energising tunes nonetheless.

Good though that was, the highlight of the night, and, I have to admit, quite unexpectedly so, was Sarah G. who played a superb uplifting set which beautifully melded wonderful techno tracks which she started with, into hard dance when she finished. Everything was fresh and interesting and something of a contrast with the fairly bog-standard stuff which was played later by the DJ who followed her.

I haven't heard her play for a long time, and when I had it was at Sundissential, when at one time she was the new bright young DJ they were promoting. Unfortunately though, then, she was also playing pretty standard hard house fare, and I had no idea of her ability and the diversity of her styles. Well, on Saturday she gave us an inkling of what she can do, and for me it was all exceptionally good. She has spent some time playing in the 'States and her profile in the UK is not as pronounced as it once was. This is a shame as based on what I heard on Saturday she is a very talented DJ.

Sadly Obliterate was pretty much obliterated by other events or the unawareness of clubbers, as there was virtually no one there, apart from friends of the DJs and promoters, about twenty people in total, and the venue decided to end the night early, at 12:30am rather than the scheduled 2am. As a result the other DJs' sets were cut short, though people had started leaving after Sarah finished anyway.

The times need sorting out - a 2am finish is awkward for most as there's no after parties starting before 4am in Birmingham and once that's done the event needs much more publicity. Personally, the club could also be a bit darker, but that's a minor detail comparatively. The basic concept is an interesting one, and as ever with these promoters, there's an attempt at trying something new, (Sundissential, take note).

Review: Sundissential, The Sanctuary, Birmingham.
From Enchantment to Disenchantment in one Easy Lesson.

Going back to Sundissential last Saturday was a bit like visiting an old friend in hospital, and happily finding that he was only in a general ward and not in intensive care! Mark Twain once observed: "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated", and Sundissential can say the same.

This was the album launch of Sundissential's new CD, and, though the place was not packed to the rafters, (the balcony area and top bar were closed, and some other club was using the Dance Factory), the place still had a good atmosphere, there were three rooms playing dance music, including the Temple Room playing funky house, and the main room, playing the same old boring hard house my granny can now hum along to, and generally there was a better turn out than I had expected given that next week is the Tidy Weekender, and the slagging off the club has suffered from on many fronts recently. This is a club which though it has seen better times, is definitely NOT on its knees, at least not yet, and I estimated that there were around 750 people there.

However, there's certainly something wrong here, and I'm gonna try to list what struck me last Saturday night:
The music was uninspiring and, dare I say this, boring - the same old hard house tunes, which surely must start to make the club feel a bit like a retro night soon. Sundissential was never renowned for being cutting edge, but at least their music policy within hard-ish dance evolved from trance to hard house. Today it seems stuck in a hard house time-warp, with the current flavour of the time, funky house, tacked onto the side in another room.
Most people didn't make an effort and many looked pooped out by 1:30am. There were also too many with cans and bottles on the dance floor, (not a lot, but even a few changes the look of the dancefloor). The clubbers lacked enthusiasm, and seemed to have lost their sparkle. People smiled, I'll grant you, but more it seemed because they felt they ought to be smiling and having a good time, than because they really were.

The venue looks grubby in places, (pools of water on the floor of the unisex toilets - this despite there being an attendant and mops and buckets nearby) not helped by minimal club decor, and what there was looked like decor I had seen at ss events years ago.

I saw nobody representing the club. Nobody was connecting with the clubbers, wandering around, chatting or finding how they were, and playing host.

The club seemed to have lost direction, and forgotten what it's about. It billed itself as "the maddest club in the world", and created a clubbing playground in which people - mainly teens - could have fun. The fun, and the involvement of the clubbers in it, was noticeable by its absence.

AFTER writing the above I found a thread on the Sundissential website (http://www.sundissential.com/interact/forum/index.php?board=10;action=display;threadid=580;view=all) in which clubbers have been making suggestions for improvements for the past four months. There were one hundred and six posts, most of which reflected the above, which had been read over one thousand seven hundred and eighty five times. Most of the clubbers' suggestions appear to have been ignored so far. Sundissential was the pre-eminent club for clubber involvement and identification, yet this lack of response by the club's promoters is a sure-fire, 100% guaranteed way to create clubber disenchantment and alienation.

Overall, the management of the club seem to be asleep at the wheel. These are not major problems, in the sense that it shouldn't be that difficult to rectify them, yet nobody at ss seems to be paying any attention. So, if any of them are reading this: WAKE UP! SS was and could again be a great club, and I really do hope that the rumours which have resurfaced again about it moving to Subway City are untrue. Instead of moving to a venue with a smaller main room, the promoters should be working hard to regenerate this club, starting by making visible their own enthusiasm for it and the people who go to it. The bottom line? Promoters, SHOW that you care and the clubbers will respond.

Every Sunday morning from 5:30am at Fire, Vauxhall, London. The new resident DJ line up for Twist is, in the main room, Danny Gilligan, Peter Ward, *TING*, Karim, and in THE FIREPIT, the funky tekno sounds of Mrs Wood and Rod Towns. We will also have big name guest DJs but these WILL NOT be advertised in advance. This might be BK, Farley, Glazby, Savage, Lashes etc. etc.


AfterHours at Egg, London. From 4am.
This new weekly after-hours, every Sunday morning, promises to transform the face of club land. Each month Egg is hosted by a different spectacular party, each offering its own distinct sound and flavour. Upstairs in the Loft you will find the notorious Fat Tony and his guests spinning soulful house, club classics and funky disco every week. Downstairs on the main floor Pete Wardman and residents spin a tuffer sound guaranteed to set the dance floor blazing and providing the perfect contrast to the 4 distinct sounds that feature at each party; US House, Tribal, Latin House & Techno. Parties to watch out for are:

11th Oct – FACTOR 25 – The Reunion (5am-1pm)
The ACTION team conjures up a legendary spirit… the famously nomadic and magical F25 rises from its beauty sleep! Featuring their original funky DJs and ground-breaking visuals. FACTOR 25 Afterhours @ Egg 11th October, London's infamous Sunday club returns with a spectacular reunion party. Featuring their original line up, artwork & ground breaking visuals, FACTOR 25 transforms Egg into 3 elaborately themed floors:

LOVE FACTOR Sexy soulful house dished up by: FAT TONY, TOM McMILLAN, STEVIE P CARNIVAL FACTOR Uplifting house classics set to make you rock from Maestros: GUY WILLIAMS & JUSTIN BALLARD Also watch out for an exclusive DJ set from GRAMMY award winning DJ and Madonna remixer: Paul Harris (DIRTY VEGAS) SEX FACTOR Giving it to you Deep & dirty in the basement: GONZALO, ROB SYKES, PETE WARDMAN Free Shuttle bus departs Embankment tube 4.30am & 5.30am Resident DJs: Fat Tony, Gonzalo, Guy Williams, Jeffrey Hinton, Justin Ballard, Luke Hope Oli, Pete Wardman, , Rob Sykes, Stevie P & Tom McMillan AFTERHOURS AT EGG EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT/SUNDAY MORNING 5am TIL 1PM £15 / £12 with Flyer ONLY £10 WITH ACTION/FACTOR 25 MEMBERSHIPS {ALL OLD f25 MEMBERSHIPS ARE VALID!} EGG 200 YORK WAY KINGS CROSS

18th Oct – KINKY LATINO (5am-1pm) ‘London's only gay latin afterhours' International DJ’s spin Spanish, Italian and Latin House
DJs include: Ariel, Raymundo Rodriguez, Max Latino, Gonzalo, and Miguel Pellitero

25th Oct CLOSED - (‘TRADE 13th Birthday @ Turnmills)



SUNDISSENTIAL, The Sanctuary, Birmingham. 9:30-4am £10/£12

11/10 Sundissential Vs Y2K/Tripoli Trax: Steve Hill Knuckleheadz Strange Dave Ed Karney
18/10 The Sundissential Superheroes! Mark Gray Lee Haslam Mark Austin Tolley 25/10 The Sundissential Mad Hatters Ball!! Non Essential Item: HAT!!! BK Charlotte Birch Hixxy + MC Storm Strange Dave1/11 Ilogik B2B Ian M Tara Reynolds Paul Janes Andy Whitby.


TOAST MANCHESTER:Toast Manchester @ The Attic, Oxford Road, Manchester. Fortnightly Saturday's. 1-8pm. £2 B4 4pm £3 after. Stamp on entry allows you to come and go as you please!11th October. Tidy Weekender Bender...who's coming home? Andy Whitby (Toast, Addiction, Damnation, www.clubtheworld.com) Dave Lee (Toast, Static) DJ Comp Heat 3: El Greko Paul Reeves Phil Benson Rascal Nige. Room 2: Dave Stewart (Goodgreef) Andy Hames (North Gathering)26th October DJ Competition Final Winners of previous heats. Room 2: Hilfingers (Toast) featuring MC Mr Ree (DV8) Bhavik (Toast) Mark Crosby (Toast) 8th November Morgan (Toast, Addiction, Shaft, Instinct) Nik Denton (Toolbox Recordings) Col The Medik (Shaft, Afterssential, Toast) Mark H (Shaft, Toast, Inukshuk, Dropzone) Lord K (Sin:ergy) Flash (Sin:ergy). Room 2: Paul Flintoff (Dirty Disco Beats) KRS (Sin:ergy) Zander (Goodgreef) 29th November Toast Vs Incision Vs Addiction Shan (Goodgreef) ASA (Addiction, Vibealite) Morgan (Toast, Shaft, Addiction, Instinct) Gilly (Instinct, Damnation) Andy Whitby (Toast, Addiction, www.clubtheworld.com) Deano (Incision). 'Jam' Room 2: Dave Stewart (Goodgreef) Hilfingers (Toast) featuring MC Mr Ree (DV8, Toast)More Info: 07814645904/07745541021 nocheeseonthistoast@hotmail.com www.skiddle.com/toast for message board and listings.TOAST

PRESTON: Lineups for Toast Preston, Monthly Fridays @ Club Elements, Aqueduct Street, Preston. £6/£5 NUS. 9pm-3am.Coming home to Preston and transforming Club Elements into a den of toasted silliness, shenanigans and dirty dirty hard dance music.October 10th Residents 'I'm not at the Tidy Weekender' commiserations Party!! Morgan (Toast, Instinct, Addiction) Mark H (Shaft, Toast, Dropzone, Fluffy) Col the Medik (Shaft, Afterssential, Toast) Dave Lee (Toast, Static)November 14th Toolbox Records Tour. CD, Clothing, Vinyl and Ltd Edition Record bags to be given away on the night
Little Miss Natalie (Fist, Insomniacz, Exodus) Ben Stevens (Toast, Vicious Circle) (TBC) Nik Denton (Toolbox, Power Tools, 12" Thumpers) Morgan (Toast, Addiction, Instinct) +Winner of Toast DJ competition 2003December 12th 'Who believes in Santa?' Themed Christmas party. DJ GRH (Base, Goodgreef, Cypher) JP & Jukesy (Afterssential) Morgan (Toast, Addiction, Instinct) Pete Carvell (Toast)


Upfront Magazine and Cyberdog present CYBERDANCE. Friday 10 October Just when you thought things were coolin¹ off, we¹re back and turning up the heat! As you can see the unstoppable juggernaut that is Paul Glazby returns. He had such a wicked time in June and we loved his set so much, we agreed on the spot he¹d return. Alongside Paul we¹ve also got Upfront¹s music editor and globetrottin¹ superjock Sol Ray and a welcome return visit from the phenomenon that is known as *Ting*.

All that plus incredible visuals from the 2012fx VJ that just have to be seen to be believed and if you saw him do his thing in April you know we¹re not exaggerating plus resident Psyche and Big Pete under his harder Elzekiel guise! Thanx again to all our party crew (that means you!), we¹ve been havin¹ a ball and we¹re ready for some more!Room 1 Paul Glazby (Vicious Circle/Tidy Trax) Sol Ray (E-Traxx/Solar) *Ting* (Cyberdog/Elation) Psyche (Sin:ergy/Dirty) Ezekiel aka Big Pete(Pulse/Revival) Plus 2012fx Vj (Dance Valley)Room 2 Alkaline (Acidic Sound System) catjane 56 (Ripsnorter/TMet) Kai 1 (Upfront/Section 63) Jason Tuttiett (Funky White Horses/Scream) Sneaky (Digi:tec/Goteki)Other attractions include Cyberdog Dancers and Performers on stage, Flouro Heaven UV Decor, Spectacular Cyber lightshow, Massive 10k killa soundsystem, Drinks Promotions, UV body Painting, Cyberdog Explosion stall and UV Markets, giveaways and a goodie bag for all.Blast off: 10pm Re- Entry 4am Currency: £7 advance + BF - £8/£10 door Location: The Thekla, The Grove, Bristol, BS1 (Bristol¹s only twin decked party ship) Dress Code: It¹s the Dogs, so dress for fun !!... Security: Door Safe but very friendly (and we mean that!)There¹s gonna be a limited number of advanced tickets available from - Cyberdog - 84 Park St, Bristol - 0117 9300999 Replay ­ 27 Broad St, Bath - 01225 404060 Spin Central ­ 43 Meadow St, W-S-M - 01934 625999 Or from Upfront direct 0117 977 2345 upfront@netgates.co.uk


Riot! Made Me Hardcore.
Have no fear - Riot!s mid-month mashup is here! Ian M touches down to deliver a unique set entitled 'Past, Present & Future!' The original hardhouse DJ will be taking us on an extended journey through the history of the scene and giving us a tantalising glimpse of the future as only he knows how! He'll be joined by a sun-tanned BK back from his tour of Oz with GodsKitchen, a bleached Ed Real who hasn't seen daylight all year, The *Ting!* who's blonde anyways and the scrummy Danny Gilligan! On the flip, Guy Williams from DTPM will be getting tribal alongside the Ignition's in the Bar. Oh Yes! See you on the dancefloor!HARD HOUSE HEAVEN >>> IAN M (PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE! EXCLUSIVE HOWCASE SET!) >> BK >> ED REAL >> THE *TING* >>DANNY GILLIGAN BAR RIOT! >>> IGNITION CREW >> GUY WILLIAMS (DTPM)


Yup, they've reached school age. Friday sees celebratory turns from Coldcut, Erol Alkan, John Peel, The Beta Band (DJing) and Andy C, amongst others, while Saturday features Andrew Weatherall, LFO (live), Maurice Fulton and more.


SUCTION Friday 17th October is Micky's Birthday Bash and gracing the decks will be Strange Dave (Sundissential / Short Circuit Records) Dangle (Sundissential) Zippy (Afterssential / Passion Records) Michael James (Suction / Passion Records) and Matt Dyson! Admission for this event is just £4's!Suction is held at its usual address, Exclusive, Cannon Street, Birmingham City Centre (Near New Street Station), for more info please visit www.suction-promotions.com or email micky@suction-promotions.com


Saturday The 18th of October is the first in a series of FREE promotional parties that we will present over the next 4 or so months. For our launch we are more then happy to invade the infamous Purple Turtle in Camden, London. This venue has a 2am license and already has a huge rep for a wild time. Once invaded by the Nu Energy Collective this lot will not know what’s hit em ;) Freeformation will tour several London venues as a free promotional series to expose and reveal our new music that’s ever evolving on our labels at www.nuenergy.co.uk Together with Atomic Energy our sound and movement is ever growing and we want you to experience the fresh vibe and talent that we have to offer. If you made it to our 300% Nu Energy Launch party or have heard any of our live shows at Logic, Atomic Energy or Pendragon you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Hard Dance at it’s finest and freshest played only as our DJ’s know how ;) As if having a free party isn’t enough….. We will also be giving away free vinyl on the night and selling CD’s from our Nu Energy Collective. Seeing as it’s the launch for Freeformation we have put together a crazy array of back to back sets – some of which have never been seen before! Let our DJ’s take you through all aspects of the Hard Dance offered by The Nu Energy Collective – Hard House / Trance / Breakbeat / Freeform and Hardcore. Freeformation is by e-flier / web promotion only. Help us have a crazy time by passing on the info – all you need do then is bring the noise ;) To be informed about new nights and releases please subscribe to the mailing list at www.nuenergy.co.uk You know what to do………


Funkissential is set to take Birmingham by storm by launching into a new weekly Friday Night residency @ Kudos!! Starting on Friday 24th October, Funkissential will be a night for all those funky house lovers out there, attitude free, fun, stylish and of course totally funky!! With the launch night open til 6am and drinks license up until 4am (subject to license) it is sure to be a huge success!!! From then on Funkissential will be on every week @ Kudos from 10pm – 5am, - so come and join the party!!
Kudos, located opposite the Dome nightclub features a state of the art sound system and lighting rig, split into three rooms, 1. Upstairs a VIP champagne bar, 2. Main dance arena and bar area. 3. Downstairs seated chill out. It is a small intimate venue which has been extremely well decorated, with luxurious leather sofas located throughout. During the past year Funkissential has really developed, now it has become a highly acclaimed event which is attracting sexy up for it people from all over the country, it is an exciting new stand alone night - well deserved by all accounts! Running monthly in Leeds, originally starting off at the lush Mint club it quickly grew and created quite a stir around club land, soon outgrowing the Mint club, now held @ Mission, Leeds new super club, the launch party attracted over 1200 people!!! And what a night it was, this was one hell of a funk fueled party; going on into the early hours the atmosphere was unbelievable!!It has also just been given Mixmag Club of the month (Dec Issue) off the back of this spectacular night!! Not one to be left behind it sister night in Leeds the Birmingham launch party see’s Dave Oldershaw, Clinton Shawe, Wez Marx & Matt Sinclair all take the to the decks to show us what they are made of!! Rebekah, rising DJ superstar takes to the decks the week after along side Colin H and Ev Morton. And of course the one and only Funkissential superstars Rob Tissera & the usual suspects will be making appearances also.Funkissential aims to have the unique atmosphere in the funky world that has seen its big sister Sundissential dominate in the world of hard house!!! There is also going to be some great drinks offers to help you get into the mood with Smirnoff ice just £2.00 a bottle, Tequila at just £1.50 a shot and Moet Champagne at an amazing £25 a bottle.
The ideal weekend warm up!!! It Can Only Be Funkissential!!!......................Funkissential @ Kudos, 28 Horsefair Rd, City Centre, Birmingham £4 Members & NUS/ £6 Others Hours 10 pm – 6 am (opening night only) 10pm – 5 am therafter. Website: www.funkissential.com Info: 0121 224 7420 Can I wear trainers? Yes, trainers with style welcome

24/10: Wez Marx, Clinton Shawe, Matt Sinclair, Dave Oldershaw
31/10: Rebekka, Colin H, Ev Morton
7/11: Matt Sinclair, Wez Marx, Clinton Shaw
14/11: Simon Baker, Colin H, Ev Morton


Trade Events. THE ANNIVERSARY A Night of Pure Malice Saturday 26th October 2003 ‘Fasten your seatbelts kids it’s gonna be a bumpy night’ (they actually mean the early morning of Sunday 26th. October, Jonathan)

Trade returns to its birthplace at Turnmills, London, for yet another spectacular birthday party. This year’s event, ‘The Anniversary’ is a homage to the classic Bette Davis film and also marks the one year anniversary since Trade ceased trading as a weekly club and Laurence Malice launched Egg which has taken clubbing to the next level. This year Trade has thrown some of the most talked about parties in club land and continues to push the boundaries and evolve with the times. This legendary club has gone from strength to strength, still in the wake of the hugely successful Tony De Vit Tribute, this event is sure to sell out fast!

Trade is the ultimate clubbing experience, the original all night bender. Started thirteen years ago by club mogul Laurence Malice, the club has evolved into something far bigger. Trade is a global brand, still exported throughout the world.

The club itself has enticed literally hundreds of thousands of people into its throbbing vortex of sound, light, performance, visuals and of course people. Pop stars mix with builders, city professionals with models, and doctors with actors. It is a place, which quite simply unites everyone!

Trade is famous for many things, but probably the most renowned element is of course the music policy - pumping, underground, cutting edge dance music, supplied by its Fierce Rulin' Residents. This term is a brand in itself and is known throughout the world. International DJs such as Tall Paul, Fergie and the late Tony de Vit all came from the Trade stable, a place where DJs cut their teeth!Trade is proud to list the following DJ maestros as its Anniversary residents spinning over Turnmills 3 dancefloors: Malcolm Duffy, Gonzalo, Pete Wardman, BK, Andy Farley, EJ Doubell, Tom McMillan, Tyrone, Guy Williams, Peter Ward and Fat Tony.Trade’s anniversary promises to be a night to remember.Online q jump tickets available from www.tradeuk.net Also available from Trax, Clone Zone, Prowler Soho, Prowler Kings X, The Edge, The Box & Escape. £15 Members £20 Guests. 4am til Super late. Turnmills 63b Clerkenwell Rd London EC1

For further details or images contact Christian or Elisha at info@tradeuk.net or on 0207 6098364.

22nd Nov – GOLD (4th Sat of month) @ Egg, London
‘Keeping you hard all night long’ A taste of the harder edged sounds that propelled Trade into club legend. DJs include:, EJ Doubell, BK, Andy Farley, Malcolm Duffy & Pete Wardman,

29th Nov – KINKY TRADE @ Egg, London returns with its last party of the year.
‘Very Sexy, Very Kinky’ Take a trip into the world of Kinky glamour DJs include Gonzalo, Justin Ballard & Wayne G spinning Baleric beats and funky tribal at this now legendary event.


Recreation opens its doors on Friday 31st October at Sub101 (Below Cruz, 101 Princess Street, Manchester) for the start of our monthly underground house party. (11pm until 4am*)

Recreation looks set to reward quite a few clubbers wish lists with its own unique identity and a sound track that is Educational, Entertaining and Enlightening. The first one is on us, on the house, so make sure you visit our web site to join up for free membership (www.clubrecreation.co.uk) as you will need one of these to get in free. You can also see our flyers for info on how to become a member. Our DJ line up over the coming months includes Gonzalo (Salvation), Steve Thomas (DTPM), Stuart Robinson (Federation), Toby Raven (Fibre, Federation) and local hot property Nik Denton, so you can already see that membership is going to come in good use…



It's a brand new residency for the unstoppable Bugged Out! crew in the city of yellow submarines and Jimmy Corkhill. They open their account at Society with a very impressive line-up, featuring Green Velvet, FC Kahuna and Zoot Woman live alongside resident Rob Bright.


radical-escapes & HeatUK presents 24 Hours in Amsterdam! Sat-Sun 15th &16th November 2003 London to Amsterdam mission title: 24 Hours in Amsterdam

concept: a Saturday afternoon party cruise across the ocean to an exclusive HeatUK party in Holland’s biggest club venue, followed by a canal cruise to a throbbing after-party at dawn, before a blissed out return to the UK on Sunday afternoon.

Dj’s: Paul Glazby, Nick Sentience, Spencer Freeland, Marc French, Des Mitchell, Steve Blake, Macey, Brad Thatcher & more tbc

date: Saturday 15th - Sunday 16th Nov 03

Bookings: 020 8780 5551

Info: www.radical-escapes.com / www.heatuk.info

Sat: 0850 - 1015 Board “The Heat Express” for the non-stop journey to Harwich International.

1030 - 1500 Stena HSS Discovery. The world’s largest and smoothest super fast ferry is also a floating club. We are programming the music for the crossing through an immaculate crystal clear sound system, surrounded by a huge Toshiba 24 cube video wall, intelligent lighting rig and bars selling drinks at pub prices...the only way to travel!

1530 – 1715 Amsterdam Express

1730 - 2300 Free time to explore.

2300- 0500 The Powerzone is quite simply the largest club not only in Amsterdam but also Holland! It has two areas; the ground floor possesses a dance area of 22,000 square meters and offers numerous stylish bars, a tropical aquarium, reservable raised seated VIP area...and even boasts a noodle restaurant! It has a terrace on the water front, where you can relax in the open air and watch the visuals reflecting across the canal from the outside cinema screen.

Situated on the second floor is The Comfort Zone - a serious self-contained area with powerful sound & lighting, which has it’s own bar & toilets and which overlooks the water. Heat UK host this area from 11pm-5am. Admission is limited to ‘24 Hours in Amsterdam’ wristband wearers who also have access to the rest of the club, which features International Dj’s playing house-based flava’s. Wristband also includes VIP fast track entrance & free use of cloakroom*

Sun: 0500- 0530 As dawn breaks over the city, our fleet of canal cruisers will take you from the door of The Powerhouse and along the canals and Amstel river to the next venue

0530-1100 O20 centrally located in Dam Square. A legendary Amsterdam party haunt . Formerly called, Time, it has hosted everyone from the legendary ‘I Love Hardhouse’ parties and was the first venue in which Tiesto was resident. On this occasion it will showcase our future heroes of the twin decks: three levels of dancing, chilling and recovery Heat-style. Free admission with wristband.

1100 - 1330 - last chance to chill in the coffee shops & bars.

1530 - 1830 Stena HSS Discovery
Purr some zzzz’s, catch a film (we’ll be showing something suitable for your frame of mind)... or just k-e-e-p going as we take control of things as darkness falls and we ride the ocean back to blighty - whilst taking advantage of the amazing half price cigarette deal ( less than £2 a packet of 20, personal allowance 3,200).

24 Hours in Amsterdam packages start from just £64 and include return sea passage Harwich - Hook of Holland, wristband giving access to all Heat parties in The Powerzone & O2O & exclusive canal cruise.

We have an allocation of cut price rail tickets available, which are valid from London Liverpool Street to Amsterdam and return. These cost just £31 and should be purchased at time of booking.

‘24 Hours in Amsterdam’ is set to be the largest international club cruise-break to leave the shores of blighty. Demand is heavy and interest is high. Reserve your place now to avoid disappointment & save money. The earlier you book: the less you pay.
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