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2Klub Newsletter: 2003 July (1)

Hi All,

In this issue:

Upcoming Events
Water Survey
Disco Damaged

Upcoming Events:

Saturday 26th. July: Pride in the Park (Hyde Park, London) for those of us who are gay, and Global Gathering (long Marston Airfield, near Stratford-upon-Avon) for those of us who are just happy and smiley, (or is that pretty and witty?). The problem for those who are "pretty and witty and gay" is that you'll have to choose! Personally I'll be at Global Gathering. Steve (DJ from Manchester), who went previously advises getting there early (i.e. before 4pm) if you travel by car, as he experienced a long delay due to traffic close to the event last year.

If you'd like to meet up with me at GG, just send me an e-mail before noon on Saturday.

Sunday 27th If you'd like to chill after GG and stay in the Midlands area then SHAFT is running a FREE ENTRY event at Radius, (Horsefair, central Birmingham) with:

Fitzie (THE JAM)

Radius is a nice venue for this sort of thing, has a good sound system and a beer garden

Alternatively, if you are in London for Pride or want to pop down there after GG, Trade's Tropicana party is on at Turnmills from 4am, "'til super late", with: Andy Farley, BK, EJ Doubell, Fat Tony, Gonzalo, Kelly Marie, Pete Wardman, Peter Ward, Rachel Auburn, Tom Mcmillan, Tyrone & Wayne G. followed by Fresco, at Egg, in King's Cross (200 York Way) from 2pm which is billed as "An afternoon of soulful house, Balearic beats and latin vibes", provided by Ariel, Fat Tony, Wayne G + Guest, and where Egg are providing a swimming (dipping/splashing?) pool on their outdoor patio. (Rumours that Laurence Malice has contracted with BA staff to fly low overhead at regular intervals to complete the Space effect are groundless).

OR, if you want something a tad (!) harder, from 3pm, Riot is holding a special summer event, Hard as Hell, at The End, in London with BK and Andy Farley b2b, EJ Doubell, Ed Real and Danny Gilligan b2b and Northern boys making good DJ GRHG (Leeds), and Alex Kidd, (Manchester), plus The Ignition Crew Vs Trophy Twins and Tommy Showtime in the second room. The Riot event is helping to promote the release of Accelerate, a new hard dance track, so apart from all this there might be some freebies too.

Preliminary Notes for August:

2nd August: BLUE @ Subway City, Birmingham; Twisted @ The Fridge, London.

8th. August, Suction @ Exclusive, Birmingham.

10th. August: Ricochet @ Egg, London.

Water Survey

2Klub's efforts to make clubbers more aware of their rights to free drinking water seem to have borne fruit, and have led to a healthy discussion of the issue on a number of notice boards, including Sundissential's. Thanks to all those who took part in our recent water survey, where so far the indications are that most venues provide free drinking water without a quibble, (as required by their entertainment licenses). Subway City was also reported to be doing this last Sunday. The only venue where there was an issue was The Nightingale, in Birmingham, which was reported to be charging people a £1 "service charge" for a glass of water, (i.e. they maintain that the water is free but they impose a charge for providing it). Devotees of the 'gale should make note of the fact that there is a cold tap in the ladies loo on the ground floor, as well as in one of the loos on the third floor.

Free drinking water is also to be provided at events such as Global Gathering. The relevant licensing authority requires that a drinking trough, (each of which has a large number of taps... I think they said ten), be provided per three thousand people. As GG is licensed for 35,000 people that means there should be a minimum of twelve drinking troughs at various locations throughout the site, (i.e. about 120 taps) and in addition the promoters are required to provide drinking water "in the pits"... (those were the words of the people at Stratford licensing)... so I'll take that to mean in each location where people are dancing. So bear in mind, that according to the government, the licensing authorities and most sensible promoters and venue owners, if you or a friend need free water it is to be there for you, without question. You do not have to justify asking for it or provide any explanation; it is your entitlement.

Disco Damaged

Disco Damaged is a newsletter and soon a website providing info for clubbers focussed on the London gay scene, though also of interest to clubbers of all persuasions, as it covers a variety of issues, above and beyond reviews of clubs. To subscribe see their forthcoming website go to http://www.discodamaged.com

That's all for now f-f-folks. See you at GG and Riot if u r there, but wherever you are, stay safe and well.


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