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Sample 2Klub newsletter,
August 2003 (2)


Updates to 2Klub website.
Quickie Quiz.
Trip to London.
Mrs. Wood's Set Review.
More Forthcoming Events.


2Klub website updates and new pages:
Updated Ricochet page.
Updated Twist and Fire pages.
Updated Trade page.
Updated Tony de Vit page - photos of visit to his grave.
Updated ff:reloaded/reloaded page.

----------------------------------------------------------- Quickie Quiz:
1. How many clubs ("nightclubs" as against late opening pubs or bars), do you think there are in the U.K.?
2. What was the total spending (admission and drinks etc.) in U.K. clubs in 2002?
3. Was this more or less than the previous year?
4. How many 18-24 year olds are there in the U.K.?
5. By 2006 will there be more, less or the same number of 18-24 year olds?
(Answers at the end of this newsletter).

From Bitter and Twisted to Sweet and Smooth by Ice Lollie

Twist this week-end had its first night with a midnight start…an excellent move for those of us oldies who can’t make it to last orders these days. But for that reason, I was pleasantly surprised by my visit to the “back room” (where I felt the need to grab a quick sit down to rest my weary pegs) to discover Mrs. Wood on one of her rare outings out, doing something quite different but refreshingly new and innovative – Hoorah for one of the old school who actually has the bottle to do something new and experimental! And well done Twist for that booking, a fantastic juxtaposition with Mr. Ward’s (Peter Ward, Ed.) offering of excellently well mixed harder-edged tunes.

Let’s face it much as us over 35’s enjoy a damn hard boogie, we simply can’t do it for long. Mrs. Wood’s set was a well constructed smorgasbord of tantalising treats ranging from smooth deep and dark experimental through to hard edged tech. funk with a sprinkling of silky sexy deep house chords that truly rocked my world and... surprise surprise… actually stimulated my tired old brain in a way I certainly haven’t heard in a club for a while - and certainly not at that time of the morning.

Her set in that back room was well worth taking “time out” to concentrate on. Despte the stale and ubiquitous gobos (lighting effects, Ed.) that reminded me of Woodstock meets Popstars on a bad day. Well done Jane and well done Twist - at last something for the Thinking Clubber - we’ll have some more of that please… I’ll look out for your next booking.

----------------------------------------------------------Some of you may have been receiving rather cryptic e-flyers from Gatecrasher, (if you are on their mailing list). Things with just one phrase like, "No More Glow Sticks", "Everyone", "The National Centre for Popular Music", - teasers designed to arouse interest. The following may help explain what's going on:

"Sheffield promoters, Gatecrasher have announced a five-year expansion plan costing £15 million and kicking off with the unveiling of their £1.5 million refurb of the club's spiritual home, Republic. Now renamed Gatecrasher One it launches September 2.

In accordance with the big plans ahead, the brand has also reunited its successful partnerships with heavyweight advertising agency, Team Saatchi to reposition the Gatecrasher brand name. Gatecrasher One will launch Gatecrasher's Signature Sound System, which has been specially designed and supplied exclusively by Opus with Ostrich skin finished boxes. Their “technical partners”, Vestax, have also specially designed exclusive equipment for all the DJ booths. Their infamous Gatecrasher nights, are now re-packaged and renamed "Crasher" and are set to continue as a regular feature at the venue Gatecrasher founder and MD, Simon Raine says: "Gatecrasher One will be the first in a series of ten unique signature led nightclubs that will become synonymous with high quality.”

The company, which also owns Sheffield’s Bed venue, is said to be looking at several sites in major cities across the UK for the other nine units including Birmingham, Brighton, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Liverpool, Cardiff, Newcastle and Dublin. It is envisaged that the second of the ten units, will be launched within six months of the flagship club being opened."

(Source: DanceFrontDoor)


----------------------------------------------------------VW White Noise 2003. 15th,16th,17th Aug @ Marlingford Sports Ground, Marlingford, Norwich, Norfolk.3 Days of camping with 4 music arenas, extreme activities and VW Stuff. The Xtreme Tent will feature Funky House during the day moving into progressive and trance in the early evening, with full on Hard Dance into the night. With all the Xtreme residents and special guests.
Price £5 + £1.50 BF includes free camping.Xtreme DJs: J.K Walker, Marcos, Hinsley, Jp & Jukesy, Nicki Sentience, Clare Mclaren, Jess C, Queen B, Serenity, Tom Wilkes, Sco Large, Peaky Raver, Barnsey, Pete Buckey.Guest Djs: Matt Hardwick, Dr Duzzit, Dwain Damage, Bruce mclaren, Dakota, Milky.Marvel Tent: featuring Dance hall, Hip Hop, Jazz, Breaks, Funk and latin.Ashnti and technology Tent: Dub, Reggae, Breaks and Drum n Bass.White noise Bar: Anything goes, Old Skool, Electro, Broken Beats.www.xtremeuk.biz or www.vwwhitenoise.com for more info.

"It is now official. After months of negotiations with London authorities, London Peace Parade Crew are pleased to announce that the first London Dance Parade has been given go ahead for Saturday, 20 September 2003 by police and Royal Park Agency. The London Parade is a demonstration of love, using music as a medium to implement tolerance and understanding between humans and our environment... a time to dance in the name of peace. Assemble : 12:00h (Whitehall Place/Embankment)
Start : 13:00h
Parade: 13:00-16:00h ( Northumberland street, Charring Cross, Cock Spur, Pall Mall, St James Street, Piccadilly Rd, Green Park, Hyde Park Corner, Hyde Park (where the parade ends). Entering the Park : 16:00-17:00h"
(Source: DanceFrontDoor)

----------------------------------------------------------SIN:ERGY 12hr All-Nighter (10pm-10am) Sat 23rd Aug Manchester MardiGras Bank Holiday special 12 Hours, 2 Rooms + Chillout Zone

With the biggest DJ/Producer HardHouse line-up: Ian M (Sin:ergy/Trade), Simon Eve (Recoverworld/Crash), Steve Blake (Fevah), Psyche (Sin:ergy Trax), Superfast Oz (OD404/Kaktai Records) and James Romia.

Plus Classic Bouncy House Room, with DJ's: The Naughty Boys (G&T), Cheeky Andy (G&T), Stu Angus, Lord K (Warriors) and Flash. @ club Mutz Nutz (Princess St., off Canal St.)

TICKETS ARE ONLY £12 Members or £14 (£15 on the door / £12 after 3am)
Tickets available online www.clubsinergy.com or from Spin-Inn & Cyberdog (Mcr), Ticketline 0161 832 1111 Clone Zone and Taurus (Canal St., Mcr).

Exodus - the journey of the masses.. Manchester's underground Dance Venue

The ONLY UNDERGROUND HARDHOUSE After Party on SATURDAY / SUNDAY MORNING 23 rd AUGUST from 4AM til 10AM in a brand new re-furbished club THE TUNNEL @ LEGENDS, WHITWORTH STREET MANCHESTER (Picadilly Station end of village) ONLY £8 entrance fee.. Full Club Decor...


---------------------------------------------------------- RICOCHET returns to Egg on 14th September, for what promises to be a very special event.Representing the girls: TARA REYNOLDS & RACHEL AUBURN

Representing the boys: DAVE CROSS & DON GRANT

If you didn't make it down to our last event on 10th August - you missed a massive one! Rachel, BK, Don and Dave raised the temperature on the dance floor for a friendly, zero-attitude, no-nonsense crowd of happy clubbers. Here are the details for September:

RICOCHET @ EGG Sunday 14th September 2003 3pm - Late "Bouncy, chunky tunes for happy clubbers"


Promising tough and uplifting tunes with LOADS of classics thrown in Expect to hear the likes of "The Dawn", "Annihilation", "Hooked" and "Breathless" Wicked sound system, great lighting, lovely club, outdoor area for chilling out!


Egg 200 York Way Kings Cross London
Buses from Kings Cross - 390 plus free Egg shuttle


Quickie Quiz Answers:
1. 1,756.
2. £1.8 billion.
3. Less. "Nightclub and discotheque admissions have fallen by 2% between 1997 and 2002, while spending has contracted more sharply; by 13% during the same period. The main reason for this is intense competition from other late-night licensed venues, the number of which has continued to grow rapidly during the past few years." (Mintel Report, December 2002).
4. 5.2million.
5. More. It is estimated that the number of 18-24 year olds will increase by 300,000 nationally by 2006, a faster rate of growth than any other age group.

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