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2Klub Newsletter 2003: April


DJ Competition: One closes; Another Opens!

After the great response to the first competition, which closed yesterday, I've decided to run another one... straight away! The results of the first will be announced on April 8th. as I received some last minute entries for the first one. (That's why this is the No.1. newsletter for April... I know there's going to be another if only for the DJ winner announcement).

The second competition already started today however, and will run through to MAY 12th. with another £50 prize up for grabs. So if you know of a DJ who needs a break get him or her to send in a CD entry. Details at:


London Clubs: One closes; Another Opens; One for Girls; Another Celebrates its Second Birthday
Famous hard dance label Tinrib closed at the end of last year and Capt. Tinrib's monthly event, SuperFish, at The Fridge in Brixton, was on for the last time at the end of last month. However all is not gloom and doom in clubland, as new clubs are popping up all over the place. One such is TWIST at the newly renamed and refurbished Fire club, (formerly The Viaduct), in Vauxhall. Their launch party is on Sunday April 6th. starting at 5:30am and running 'til late (or until you have to dash of to church, whichever comes sooner). Details on the 2Klub website from the community page:


Gay girls galore are to be found at London's fab event French Kiss at Spirit Bar on April 5th. (first Sat every month). This event is rammed every time and though for gay and bi girls, their male friends are welcome too. If you don't know a dyke to take you, find one; this club is worth going to.

! at The End in central London celebrated their second birthday through March, with two events featuring a mix of the well-established hard house nutters like Ed Real, Karim, Paul Glazby, and BK with some of the new up-and-comers like Ali Wilson and Matt Smallwood (b2b), and the effervescent DJ GRH. Ali Wilson pays regularly at London's Friday night after party (i.e. it starts on Saturday morning) Milk, another event which comes highly recommended, and DJ GRH, (aka Gary Holden), who hales from Leeds and whose reputation is growing rapidly, is getting gigs both in the North and South.

Liverpool: Garlands
Word is that Garlands, the famous Liverpool mixed club, currently running in temporary accommodation after their fire last year, will be back at its newly refurbished premises in October.

Back to Brum and Sundissential I wondered about ss last newsletter, and how the crowd would react to the tough new drugs policy of the Digbeth constabulary, (sniffer dogs etc.) Well the jury's still out. On the one hand I went the week after the last newsletter, and the place was rammed, so it seemed no one was put off. On the other hand, as I was leaving they were bringing in a stretcher to carry out a girl who had collapsed. ("Here we go again" I thought). Recent weeks have seen numbers down and the emergence of a little leaflet at ss talking about GHB. I've reproduced this below for your information, but if you want to know more about GHB and why you should not go near the stuff checkout this website:

Let me simply say that the gay scene has generally been well-known for copious drug use and a tolerance of individual's choices. Yet one of the most famous clubs in the world has clearly displayed notices banning the use and users of GHB.

------- Sundissential's flyer --------------

Over the last six months there has been a massive increase involving this god forsaken substance known as GHB.
This substance is a combination of industrial strength floor cleaner and caustic soda.
This combination will do nothing more than KILL!!!
Particularly when mixed with ALCOHOL!

The last two weeks in particular has seen ambulance call outs to The Sanctuary of which 2 incidents have been extremely serious.
The one incident culminated in the near death of one of our female members.
Fortunately she survived - only just!

Please note that as of now anybody found using/abusing and distributing this killer substance will be banned from all Sundissential events for life and their names and identities will also be circulated to every major dance event promoter in the country. In certain cases the Police will be called!!!

The Sanctuary's security and the Sundissential Medical staff are now on high alert and have been instructed to seek out those who use and abuse this evil substance.

There will be no exceptions to this rule so please DO NOT accept drinks from strangers OR leave your drink unattended! Remember the golden rules:-


Please enjoy your night & club safely

God Bless,

Madders, Danny & All At Sundissential

------- End of Sundissential Flyer -------

It has taken Paul Madden and Danny Kirk nigh on two years to get their club back up and running after the spate of deaths at their events in 2000. One more will certainly finish them in Birmingham, something they seem to realise. Yet even now, reading the above, one senses that they have trouble squaring the circle.

Those off to the Tidy weekender, please send me a postcard. I'll be down in London, but heard that the last was an absolute blast and will be thinking of you all enviously.

Bye for now,


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