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2Klub Newsletter 2004 : May (1)

In brief:

  • Tel-Aviv to hold its' sixth Love Parade
  • Berlin Love Parade cancelled.
  • Man died at Tidy event at Magna.
  • Trade closed for time being at Turnmills after GHB cases.
  • Sin:ergy, Manchester to close.
  • Birmingham Pride.

"The sixth Tel Aviv Love Parade is getting under way.

On August 29th, we will all gather once again along the Tel Aviv beachfront promenade for the greatest Techno demonstration, a demonstration without words. A demonstration in favor rather than in opposition: in favor of peace, tolerance, mutual respect, happiness, freedom and mostly, in favor of love. Together, through the music that we love so dearly, we will show the world that there is another way.

The 2003 Tel Aviv Love Parade stands to be a record breaker, the biggest yet, larger even than last year when 300,000 club-goers rallied together to prove that 'Love conquers all.' Hundreds of thousands are expected to participate in the parade this year which will be a unique event.

For the first time the Love Parade will be expended to three days of around the clock events, live performances, parties and chillout along the beaches of Tel-Aviv. The parade is scheduled to be held on Friday, and pay attention, will continue for six hours straight! 12 giant semi-trailer trucks will be loaded with tons of sound and lighting equipment. DJ's and club-goers will get under way at two in the afternoon from Kikar Atarim, moving along the Tel Aviv promenade, and landing in Charles Klor Park for a giant Techno Rave. The party will feature the best DJ's from Israel and around the world. The weekend of the parade, August 28-30, has already been declared by the City of Tel Aviv - Jaffa as the "Weekend of love."

In the framework of this weekend, dozens of parties and raves will take place in different locations around Tel Aviv, along with appearances by leading DJ's.

Additional information about anticipated events during this wonderful weekend may be received upon request.

For more info contact us at: Ilan@musicaplus.co.il Tel: 03-3162029"

From: http://www.loveparade.net/portal/loveparade/news/e_news_index.html


Press Release by Loveparade Berlin GmbH.

"No Loveparade Berlin 2004

Berlin, April 14 2004

We are terribly sorry to announce that this year's Loveparade will not be celebrated. Due to a lack of financial resources - and only three months remaining to get this straight - there is no other way but to cancel Loveparade Berlin 2004.

Ever since the Loveparade lost its status as a demonstration in 2001, constant financial losses were the case. Until 2002, these losses were paid for with our own savings. The main reason for these losses were the high production costs, which resulted from its new status as a regular event. These additional costs added up to more than 900,000_.

The general business situation remaining over the last years has not only affected Loveparade itself, but also a great many of our partners (in the advertising, TV, and record industries), which added to our bad financial situation.

In 2003 it was the support of Messe Berlin who helped out with the necessary budget. Nevertheless, this year's conferences with the Berliner Senat and the Messegesellschaft did NOT end with a financial solution for the Loveparade even though we had tried to cut all possible costs.

Furthermore we thought about financing the event with tickets, but we eventually came up with the decision that this would be the wrong thing to do: It would turn the initial ideas of Loveparade as an "event open to anyone" upside down.

We are planning to meet in the near future in order to discuss our next steps and the conditions which could make future Loveparades possible.

After the third Loveparade Mexico City took place in March (with round about 250,000 visitors), the FIRST San Francisico Loveparade is due on September 25. Furthermore, Tel Aviv will celebrate its sixth Loveparade on August 27.


Estimated number of visitors over the last years

2001: 1.000.000

2002: 750.000

2003: 750.000

Production cost at the time Loveparade was still an official demonstration (2000): 301.700 Euro

Production cost of Loveparade as regular event (2003): 1.225.000 Euro

Business Figures on Loveparade: The only reliable study on this topic was done by FfH. They found out that the 500,000 visitors of Loveparade 2000 spent some 50 Mio. _ in Berlin. This amount of money can be considered an additional profit. The study bases these figures on the the assumption that each visitor (only those who don't live in Berlin) spent circa 125 _, 23% of which were spent on luxury items, 21% on "Shopping", 18% on Clubs, Museums, etc., and 10,2 % for accomodation. At this point the parade was free of charge for visitors.

Get more info at: Loveparade Berlin GmbH Friedrichstrasse 119, D 10117 Berlin Fon +49. 30. 3088 12 0 Fax +49. 30. 3088 12 55"


Death at Last Tidy Event at Magna Centre, Rotherham

"Tidy confirms that a 34-year old Lancashire man died in Rotherham District Hospital on Sunday morning after being taken ill at tidy events’ Magna Mission held at the Magna Centre.

A post-mortem examination is due to be carried out on TuesdaY

Tidy will release further details at the appropriate time.

At this time we ask that you refrain from making any further comment on this board."

Announcement by Richard Skaife, Director of Marketing for Tidy dated 3rd. May 2004.


Trade @ Turnmills

"Trade is back like it's never been away." So said I in my review in the previous newsletter of the last Trade event at Turnmills. Little did I know that this would indeed be the last Trade event at Turnmills, at least for the time being. Read on, (from the Trade website - http://www.tradeuk.net):

“Trade Events @ Turnmills on Hold

The Trade Collective have been working very closely with fellow club promoters, owners, press campaigns and local police to formulate ways of stopping the growing menace of GHB. Some venues have had some success in attempts to try and stop this becoming a problem, but for others the problem is growing. We at Trade are more than happy for any venue, holding our events, to implement any procedures required to stop GHB. With strict searching policies and other precautions, we have had limited GHB problems with Trade Events @ Egg or Trade Tours.

However it is with the deepest regret that we have to inform you that Turnmills have decided to put on hold future events at their venue, as the last Easter party led to a number of GHB overdoses. Obviously we are deeply saddened at Turnmills decision, but we respect their decision with this growing menace.

The proliferation of GHB, in recent times, is a growing menace to the clubbing scene as a whole. A few individuals are in danger of ruining some of the best clubs in the world, for the majority of sensible clubbers. When will these individuals wake up to the damage they are doing to your clubbing scene!

Trade @ Turnmills is just the first victim of the stupidity of a few.

The Trade Collective will continue to actively work with interested parties in supplying quality clubbing in a safe environment, free from GHB, for the majority of sensible clubber.


We are working on future Trade events at the moment, so keep an eye on our website and press for details.

The Trade Collective"

Response from Turnmills

"It is with deepest regret that we have had to take these measures, safety of our clientele and staff has always been our highest priority and we feel that the current trend of GHB in clubs is spiralling out of control.

This problem is not just confined to Turnmills but is a becoming a major problem in many gay and straight clubs up and down the country.

As responsible licensees and club owners we have taken the only course of action that is open to us to prevent a serious incident occurring in the future.

All trade events are currently on hold until we can get together to talk about all the eventualities and the measures that can be implemented to eradicate this serious problem.

Turnmills has continually supported Trade and the gay community for over a decade and we will continue to do so, but only in a safe and controlled manner.

Please check the Trade web site for all future up and coming events.

Danny, Turnmills”


Sin:ergy Closing

My ex-business partner, (we started 2Klub in Manchester together), told me he was selling Sin:ergy a few months ago, and now I've learned that it's closing next month - see below - so I thought I had to mark the occasion in some way.

I'll let you know when I think of something.


Birmingham Pride

London Pride this year has been cancelled I believe, and though Brighton is likely to host one of the best such events in the country, Birmingham's has to come close, especially with Subway City organising a tent jam-packed with hard dance super-star DJs of the likes of Ian M, Andy Farley, Steve Thomas, Malcolm Duffy, Sarah G, Lady Bianca, Paul Kershaw, Nick T, General Lee & Pearce M.

Birmingham Pride runs through the Bank Holiday at the end of this month on 29th. 30th and 31st May. See http://www.birminghamgaypride.co.uk/ and http://www.subwaycity.biz for more details. The Subway City site seems to have more info than the Birmingham pride site. Go figure!



Sin:ergy this friday, May 14th. 10pm - Late @ Club Phoenix, Oxford Road, Manchester. STEFAN GRAINGER, JAMES ROMIA, FLASH & LORD K, JASON FORD & CHEEKY ANDY, DJ CHRIS LOWE. Admission: £5 B4 11pm then Members £6 / Others £8.
NEXT EVENT: June 11th THE LAST SIN:ERGY. After three and a half years of Hard Dance madness we will be closing the doors of Sin:ergy for the last time after the event on 11th June. To make sure we go out with a bang, Sin:ergy residents FLASH & LORD K, JASON FORD & CHEEKY ANDY, JAMES ROMIA and DJ CHRIS LOWE will be joined by Superstar DJ and producer BK. Admission will be £5 B4 11pm then Members £6 / Others £8


AFTERS - Birmingham's notorious Sunday morning after-party from 4am to late.
New Website : http://subwaycity.biz
New Afters CD : Double CD Pack from AFTERS with mixes from TonyDeVit (re-issued from 1st TDV Memorial) & SarahG


SHAFT @ Radius, Bristol Street, B`ham
May 9th
Mark H, Colthemedik, Wez Marx, Zippy, Paul Basher Bayley
May 16th
Colthemedik, Mark H, James Birch, Andy Nelson, Tim K
May 23rd
SHAFTed 10 Hour Special @ Radius 10am - 8pm
Mark H Colthemedik Sarah G Strange Dave Hinsley Morgan Barry Diston Riggsy and Bazza B Tony Gould
Entry: £5 shaft members £6 other. Doors open: 10am-8pm
Info 07970665756 / 07817653560 / shafttheclub@hotmail.com / www.clubshaft.co.uk
May 30th (FREE entry for shaft & Sundiss members)
Colthemedik, Mark H, Mchael James, Nice Guy Danny, Darran James, Andy Max, Danial Owen, Dickenz, Shenton, Kye
Info 07970665756 / 07817653560 / shafttheclub@hotmail.com / www.clubshaft.co.uk
Entry £4 Shaft members £5 guests
Doors open 10am-5pm


UP^^ @ The Aquarium, London
Friday 14th May 2004 22.00 – 05.00
“Its now just 6 days till UP returns to the London Hard Dance scene! For all those of you that missed it the first time then this is your chance to see London’s new premier groove connection in the drippingly sexy surroundings of the Aquarium Club!”
UP was awarded the best night in this month Mixmag and as if this isn’t enough then the UP Resident Filthy Rich has just been made the Gatecrasher House Resident!
Funky House clubbers are getting more and more intimate with their cousins from the Hard House world. With top clubs such as Frantic, Sundissential, Goodgreef & Tidy all providing groove connections for the Hard Dance loving fans it is now an integral part of the Hard Dance world!
UP is brought to you by the people behind Lashed Live in London, Hard House Academy, Convergence & more. With close links to the likes of Puscha & Bambina there quality speaks for themselves!
With a sound dedicated entirely to the world of Fiercely, Funky & Dangerous Disco House it is one Friday night you don’t want to miss!
Fiercely Funky Room: Filthy Rich Oliver Lang Rob Marmot Marc Leaf Filthy Rich
Dangerous Room: The Trophy Twins Gavin Herlihy Tom Real
Paying Guest List: For £8 paying guest list please send names to itsallaboutup@hotmail.com
Tickets: £10+bf (more on the door)
You can purchase tickets from the UP HQ on 07789 000252 or by calling Ticketweb on 08700 600 100.
TEXT TO WIN: Text ‘UP’ to 07949 618035 and you + 2 mates could be joining us for the steamingly sexy UP at the Aquarium!


Logic & Frantic present WAR OF THE WORLDS
15th May 2004 The Scala (www.scala-london.co.uk), London
21.00 – 06.00
“Well the final week is here and both camps are locked, loaded and ready to go head to head in the most titanic clash of 2004! With DJs and clubbers coming from as far a field as Finland, Manchester, Leeds and our very own London it shows that the tremors from the last clash were felt way beyond London’s borders!”
After the sell out success of their last collaboration Logic & Frantic are back for their ONLY collaboration in 2004! After the sell out success of their first meeting this is set to be the ultimate battle in underground clubbing!
To battle at this intensity means picking only the very finest artists at the peak of perfection! Artists who represent the very essence of their chosen clubs and will stop at nothing at driving their mantra to the clubbers through the medium of sound!
Logic are the heroes of the underground. Spawned from the famous ‘Escape from Samsara’ parties and bred at the likes of the G4 and legendary Fridge Club in Brixton they now moved homes to London’s new Hard Dance home: The Scala in Kings Cross!
Frantic are the champions of Hard Dance. Needing little introduction they have been behind some of the top parties in London over the years. In 2004 they have stolen the show with events such as Frantic & Wildchild, HardHouse Academy, Lashed and many more. This weekend is set to be no exception!
Together they unite as Hard House & Hard Trance battle it out on one of the most explosive dance floors in the capital!
NICK SENTIENCE LIVE PA His debut album ‘UNIVERASAL LANGUAGE’ hits the shops this week making this the hottest LIVE PA of the moment!
PROTEUS All the way from Finland expect the BPM counter to go off the scale as soon as he hits the decks!
PHIL REYNOLDS b2b ILOGIK Uber Producers/DJs back-2-backs don’t get much bigger than this!
RUBEC The Logic Resident once again champions the Logic sound to the crowd which he knows so well!
ANDY WHITBY Arguably the most talked about DJ of the moment! Recently snapped up by Nukleuz and winning fans whenever he plays – The Saviour of Hard Dance!
BEN STEVENS Vicious Circle’s new prodigy isn’t so new any more! Winning set at all the top clubs he is now one of the UK’s hottest Harder House DJs!
KUTSKI Scratching, cutting, sampling and entertaining his way though his set will be one of the most underrated artists in the UK! ‘Outstanding’ would not do him justice!
South London is a shark pool of underground parties. With Logic steering the ship there is a host of young pretenders battling it out across SW9! Possible the 2 most well known entities are OBLIVION (G4) & THE DIRTY DJs We go 2 round 2 after their legendary battle of 2003 and invite them to go head to head in the UP TOP BAR!
The intensity of the Main Room conflict may be too much for you so we have picked 3 of the best laid back-funk touting-groove DJs to sooth your ears back to reality:
The last clash between Frantic & Logic was a SELL OUT. If you don’t want to avoid disappointment then you must hurry to secure your places!
GUEST LIST For £10 paying guest list please send names to lists@franticuk.com
TICKETS Member: £10 +bf Guests: £15 +bf
To book tickets please call the Frantic HQ on 07949 618035 / tickets@franticuk.com or see the outlets listed at the bottom of the page!
TEXT TO WIN: Text ‘WAR’ to 07949 618035 and you and 2 mates could be going to the Clash of the Titans for 2004 for FREE!!!


Ahoy there shipmates!! We¹ve trawled the oceans deep to finally bring you Cyberdance which weighs anchor in Bristol¹s harbour with an explosive broadside of a line up!!!
Captain Tinrib (live), Sol Ray, The *Ting*, Big Pete & Candy Girl
Blow me tight & scupper me pongo! Book your passage ahead cuz we¹ve got a night of deckwreckin¹ mayhem planned for sea dogs & strumpets in the knowSthat means you!!
Captain Tinrib - master of the seven seas and surely tiz the best Hard Nrg act that¹s ever sailed upon Oem arrr! He¹ll be bustin¹ the barnacles clean off the Thekla with his classic catch of Superfish faves and claw crackin¹ Tinrib anthems!! Just back from Japan and Australia - you have been warned these waters are unchartered and we may never see our fair shores again !!!
Cruisin¹ in alongside and also fresh fried in from his tour of Australia is Sol Ray. His recent track signings to the mighty German Overdose stable and UK¹s Difuse labels has him set to deliver a kingsize set of smokin¹ snorkel snappers.
And yes there¹s even more booty to be plunderedSback by dope demand The *Ting* will be making a welcome return to Cyberdance. Anyone who¹s caught either of her previous halibut swingin¹ appearances will tell you that she¹s just as likely to be Oavin it in front of the decks as she is behind Oem!!
We¹re expanding the fleet on this one with the mighty Revival crew who¹ll be flyin¹ the jolly roger on the top deck. Kings of the big choon and famous for their trigger happy vodka antics. Their legendary Sunday sessions at Bar Room Bar have been so successful that they¹ve decided to extend their weekend out with us. (Gawd Oelp Oem!)
Avast ye then me swashbucklin¹ heartiesS They¹ll be swingin¹ in the riggin¹ with the Cyberdog dancers. Undersea décor from Fluoro Heaven and shipstoppin¹ visuals. There¹s gonna be freebies and the usual groovy stalls so prepare to be set adrift!! Do Ya savvyS yarrrrr!!
Main Deck: Captain Tinrib Live (Tinrib/Superfish!) Sol Ray (E-Traxx/Cyberdance) The *Ting* (Twist/Blast) Big Pete (Cyberdance/Revival)
Upper DeckHosted by Revival: Candy Girl (Revival) Retro Den (Revival) Hi Freak1c (Phantasy Rushour) Cromagnon
Cast off: 10pm Set Adrift: 4am
Current Sea: £7 advance + BF - £8/£10 door
Aboard: The Thekla, The Grove, Bristol, BS1
(Bristol¹s only twin decked party ship)
Dress for skullduggery!!... wear a patch or pirate gear for loot cuttin¹ deals
Security: Door Safe passage (and you know we mean that!)
Win a pair of tickets to the event. Text THE DOGS to 07967 196191
For all party info contact 0117 977 2345 upfront@netgates.co.uk


HardHouse Academy: LIVE!
Saturday 29th May 2004
Carling Brixton Academy, London
20.30 – 06.00
“For the very first time HHA will play host to 3 of the biggest Live Acts in the world in the Main Arena: K90, Nu Idol & The Nu Energy Collective!”
The £10 Early Bird tickets for this event have now SOLD OUT. But don’t panic! The £15 +bf standard priced tickets have now gone on sale! These are selling faster than ever before AND will sell out by Friday this week. If you are yet to secure your tickets then please don’t delay any longer as once the £15 tickets have sold out then the price goes UP to £22 +bf!
To purchase tickets for the event please either call the Frantic HQ on 07949 618035 or visit the outlets listed at the bottom of the page!
Text to win: Text ‘HHA’ to 07949 618035 and you & 3 mates could be going to the very 1st edition of HHA LIVE!!!!


Ricochet's back for another Bank Holiday Special!

Following our most successful party ever in April, we are really excited to announce our next event, which takes place on Sunday 30th May at Egg from 1pm.
Expect to hear the usual tough and uplifting bouncy tunes from start to finish, this time brought to you by:
The *Ting*: Fresh from her outstanding Ricochet debut in April, The *Ting* returns to play another stormer. Well known and loved by London clubbers, The *Ting* performs regularly at many Hard Dance events, including Riot!, Torture Garden, Twist and the mighty Hard House Academy.
Shaf De Bass: One of London's most highly respected DJs, Shaf understands the Ricochet sound really well - expect a fantastic set! His CV boasts appearances at many Hard Dance parties, including Frantic and Logic events.
Don Grant One of Ricochet's original residents, Don's ability to deliver a fantastic bouncy set every time is unquestionable.
Red & Blue: A fresh and exciting new duo, currently to be heard at Twist and Element, Red & Blue's enthusiasm for bouncy, uplifting tunes will ensure a great opening set.
Don't forget the Egg venue has an outside covered courtyard for chilling out and taking advantage of the coming warm weather!
Finally, a reminder about next month - Sunday 27th June is the date we celebrate our FIRST BIRTHDAY! Details to follow...

Ricochet Sunday 30th May @ Egg, King's Cross, London
The *Ting*, Shaf De Bass, Don Grant, Red & Blue 1pm - 9pm
£7 B4 3pm on paying guest list - email names to guestlist@ricochetuk.net
£9 on the door
200 York Way, Kings Cross Free Egg shuttle to and from the venue! Pick up from bus stop G outside Kings Cross station


HeatUK presents: Legends At The Grand
Date: Sunday May 30, 2004
Venue : The Grand, 21-25 St. Johns Hill Clapham, London SW11 1TT
Times: 10pm ~ 6am
DJS: Anne Savage, Billy 'Daniel' Bunter, Marc French, Spencer Freeland, Ian Betts, Energy Dai, Brad Thatcher, plus the Thirsty DJs.
Admission: Advance tickets: £12 / M.O.T.D. www.ticketweb.co.uk ||
Credit/Debit Card Sales / 24hr National Hotline 08700 600 100
Dress: Casual
Capacity: 1200
Nearest station: Clapham Junction (overland)
Info: www.heatuk.com
Info / images / comp prizes: (Damian): 07984 427 575
Description: HeatUK presents: 'Legends At The Grand' with a line-up of the finest Hard Dance players in the UK raising the roof at this legendary venue for the first ever Bank Holiday Sunday event.
The club which through the 70's, 80's and 90's enjoyed live entertainment with The Kinks, The Beautiful South, Jamiroquai and The Verve plays host to some of the finest Hard Dance DJs on the planet for the last Bank Holiday Sunday night in May.
Whether it be on the Essential Mix, Galaxy Radio, the Ministry Of Sound, or as one half of the Tidy Girls - Anne Savage knows how to rock a crowd! Tonight's theme is Hard Dance legends and we've got 7 for you to choose from including one of the biggest men in the scene, Honeypot records producer Billy 'Daniel' Bunter.
This event also celebrates the commencement of the club's second resident, Ian Betts, who this summer debuts at the Cream opening party in Ibiza alongside Tall Paul and No 3 in the world - Dutch sensation Armin Van Buuren!


Subway Harder
Subway Louder
Subway Pride2004
Are You Ready...
30 DJs / /23 Hours // 2 Venues//A Cast Of Thousands // Gurn.Net
Sunday 30th May. 1pm-11pm (10Hours // Alcohol All Day)
Dance Tent. HurstStreet. Birmingham
Hard House All Day Long...
Andy Farley. Steve Thomas. Lady Bianca. Ian M. Paul Kershaw. Malcolm Duffy. Nick-T. Sarah G. General Lee & Pearce M.
Sunday 30th May. 10pm-12Noon (14Hours//Alcoholtill6am)
Subway City. WaterStreet. Birmingham
Subway Pride All Night Bender...withGurn.Net
Main Floor. Hard & Bouncy
Lisa Pin Up. Rob Tissera. Andy Farley. Steve Thomas. Lady Bianca. A*Star. Caroline Banx. Nick-T.
Back Room. Funky & Bassline// Tech
MalcomDuffy. AndyFarley. Paul Kershaw. Sarah G. Matt Sinclair. Andy Milford.
TopRoom. Gurn.Net Presents Retro Rewind
OldSkoolHouse & Club Classix
The Gurney Boys. Begize. DJ Mistry. DJ Burns. Subway and Afters Residents


The Sundissential Ibiza Foam Party! Legendary 12 Hour Bank Holiday Summer Spectacular!!
The 'Essential start to your summer.....
Bank Holiday Sunday May 30th Sundissential will be bringing a taste of the Balearic Islands to Birmingham!!
The Works already being like an Ibiza style venue goes the full hog as we bring one of the first ever Ibiza Foam Parties to Sundissential to celebrate the start of the summer season! Bikinis, Babes, Sundissential & foam - what dreams are made of!
A legendary 12 Hour Bank Holiday Sundissential Summer Spectacular!
Sundissential Arena: Captain TinRib (Live) - Karim - Paul Glazby B2B Tara Reynolds Billy Bunter B2B Jon Doe - Ilogik - Strange Dave B2B Jon Langford Guyver - Mark Austin B2B Roosta Lady Bianca B2B Wez M - Johnny Dangerous
Funkissential Arena: Nick Rafferty - Indy 500 (Dan Pearce & Amos Nelson) Colin H - Clinton Shawe - Matt Fitzpatric - Helena' - SJ AKA The Python
Toilet Arena: The Gurney Boys & Co!
@ The Works, Broad Street, Birmingham
Bank Holiday Sunday May 30th ‘04 2PM - 2AM
£15 Members / £18 Non Members + BF in ADV OR PAY ON THE DOOR!! More on the Door!!
Tickets available through Sundissential: 0870 757 8634 Online@ www.sundissential.com Ticketmaster: 0870 90 20 001 (And all ticketmaster allocated stores) 3 Shades, Massive Records & Old Skool Daze, Birmingham


June 12th 2004
@ The Scala, London
22.00 – 06.00
Feat. The Mixmag Future Hero Room!
Lisa Pin-Up, Rob Tissera, Andy Whitby, Charlotte Birch, Ed Real, Ben Stevens, Caroline Banx, Amber D, A-Star, Reece Elliott & many more!


Captain Tinrib Revisits The Fridge, London, Saturday 12th June
X marx the spot for Captain Tinrib's plunder bustin' return to the Fridge. It's the first time back for the Superfish! King and looks set to be a classic event as underground dance bible Upfront join forces with Blast to serve up the finest firin' Hard Dance this side of the Atlantic!
Room 1: Captain Tinrib Live Ian M Sol Ray Danny Gilligan *The Ting* Lady Bianca
Room 2: Chris Liberator Aaron Liberator Alex Calver Anthony Seargent
The Fridge, Brixton. £10 guestlist b4 11pm.
There's five pairs of free tickets to give-away for this spectacular event just email your name + 'THE FRIDGE'/TINRIB to info@upfrontmag.com for a chance to win.


Fish! Is Back, This Time By The Seaside In Bournemouth!
That's right you heard it, the FISH! is going to be by the sea for a seaside summer special.
There will be two arenas for this event, one playing Hard Dance and the other Psychedelic Trance.
Main Deck: D.F.Q. Abstract Reality Jon Langford Captain Tinrib Live Dave Randall
Top Deck: DJ Pogo The Man With No Name Live Laughing Buddha
9pm - 3am @ The Firestation - Bournemouth.
Tickets £10 + BF in advance.


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