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2Klub Newsletter: 2004 January (2)

Sundissential, Birmingham, Moving - to "Pulse".

Birmingham's hard dance community was rocked recently when Sundissential announced that the venue it had recently moved to only a few weeks before, Cobarna, was closing and that it had to move yet again. Here's their official announcement. Note that the previously advertised event due for 17th. January is not taking place and the first SS event in 2004 will now be on January 24th.

Sundissential – WE ARE COMING HOME!!!

Its been a very eventful week at Sundissential towers our feet have not touched the ground after being informed that the future of Cobarna as a nightclub was not stable and was due to close, Sundissential again had a feeling of homelessness……..


We have secured our most exciting move yet!
Sundissential has got its self its very OWN CLUB!

Almost 4 years to the day Sundissential is making a return to its roots -
In exactly the same location as the infamous Pulse, so it is appropriately being named: PULSE 2 !!!

Pulse 2 is an amazing new venue that will now host the UKs NO 1 Club – Sundissential & Funkissential Weekly Saturdays!!!

The entrance for PULSE 2 is on Small Brook Queensway in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre PULSE 2 is under the umbrella of Zanzibar although it is a totally separate club PULSE 2 runs down all of the right hand side of the original PULSE and Central Park, Zanzibar and PULSE 2 are 2 completely separate venues with no contact or clash between the two, the venue entrance leads down a pink stairway directly to the “Pink” Room, the Pink Room is the perfect place for Funkissential. It is off course pink, plush and very funky with a central positioned DJ box a big wooden dance floor, excellent lights & sound, carpeted surrounding areas and comfy booths of seating all around. This arena will KICK OFF!!!

Then you can head down the “red corridor” that takes you straight to the “Oasis” The Oasis room has a dark tropical feel with waterfalls on the walls and lower ceilings, the DJ box again is in a fantastic place being central in the room on level with the dancefloor with a big wooden dancefloor all around and again carpeted surrounding areas, monster sound system and excellent lights – Sundissential will be rocking this room week in week out, there is also comfy seating booths all around!! The toilets are huge and very plush PULSE 2 has both unisex and single sex toilets and lots of bars throughout the whole venue.

The venue is almost one of the most perfectly suited places we have ever been in and so we are now putting all our efforts into the launch of our new home PULSE 2!
Because of the short space of time we will move the FREE members party to a date in the near future, the open forum meeting will also be moved, so we have a few weeks at our new home before our members hit us with their feedback!

We launch on January 24th - with the worlds biggest DJ!
Sundissential Arena:
Eddie Halliwell
Steve Thomas (original pulse classics set)
Ian M
Strange Dave
Andy Whitby

Funkissential Arena:
Wez Marx
Rui Maos
Clinton Shawe

This is one of the best things to happen to Sundissential and certainly the best thing to happen to Birmingham!!
** Photos of PULSE 2 to follow**

Bring It On!!!

See you there,

Danny, Louise, Helen, Strange Dave, Ben & SJ

More interestingly perhaps, here's yet more evidence that clubland is suffering badly with more venues closing, (Cobarna in Birmingham, Camden Palace and The Fridge in London), while others scramble to get club promoters to hold their events at their premises.

Over the past few months Sundissential has been experiencing a roller-coaster of a ride, much of it downwards:
Sundissential North, Leeds - Formerly at Evolution, then due to move to Heaven & Hell but currently closed.
Funkissential Leeds - transformed into "Kiss Da Funk" run by the same people, (Rob Tissera and Tolley), at the same venue, but under a new name without Sundissential being involved.
Funkissential Birmingham - Formerly at Kudos on Fridays but now closed.
Afterssential, Birmingham - The re-opening at 9Bar has been repeatedly delayed for various reasons. Last was it would be re-opening on 24th. January. Fingers crossed?
Everything is now riding on making a success of their Birmingham operations, with weekly events at the new venue and occasional specials at The Works. The critical thing about the latter is the size of the venue, which has got to pull in at least 1,200 people to create a decent atmosphere. The New Year's Day event at The Works was a success, but can this be replicated during the course of 2004? The jury's still out on that one. Next big event at The Works is scheduled for Sunday 29th. February. What's special about that date in the clubbing calendar, (apart from it comes around once every four years)? Beats me.

Meantime the competition are just licking their chops and making life more difficult. Blu/Afters are getting their act together at Subway City with ever more appealing line-ups, while God's Kitchen's Polysexual, fronted by "Uncle Madders", and with their money, are promising some spectacular events at Air. Rumour had it that Madders' last little idea was to offer free Polysexual memberships to anyone willing to hand in their Sundissential membership card. Ouch! But the main competitors to Sundissential's crown, nationally, now seem to be Tidy with their increasingly slick and corporate organisation, creating the same atmosphere of mad fun at their events which at one time Sundissential seemed to have a monopoly on.

Nevertheless, the enthusiasm of the clubbers on the Sunnies board is undiminished. "Return to Pulse. Yipee!!!", though most were never there in the first place, and what they're "returning" to isn't actually the original club, at best just part of it. Strange really that the "return" date is almost four years to the day since the death of Robert Lowe at the original Pulse venue. There's also talk on the Sunnies web board of the return of the "old Pulse crowd" reflecting a rather touchingly naive belief that the clubbers of four plus years ago have just been biding their time until Sunnies got sorted out. Those people have GONE, just as in a year or two, these will have too. Straight clubbers have a relatively short lifespan, and need to be constantly replaced.

There's a lot riding on this move, and many people will be hoping against hope that it works for Sundissential this time because it's unlikely to be able to survive if it doesn't. Fingers crossed!


The Fridge, Brixton, London, to Close.

London clubbing institution, The Fridge, looks set to close at the end of this month, (see Logic announcement in Forthcoming Events below). Rumours are circulating the message boards that it been purchased by the promoter of London gay clubs Beyond, Orange, and others, but as yet there's no official announcement from either the venue or the potential buyer.

The Fridge has played host to numerous clubs of significance in London over the years, not to mention many live bands, and has been a mainstay of the hard dance crowd there. A converted cinema, it was not a huge favourite of mine but represented one of the small number of large-scale venues operating in London. This sale, coming on the heels of the closure of a similar such venue, Camden Palace, has left London hard dance scene somewhat shocked, and, for many, dismayed. Whether it continues as a clubbing venue will give some indication as to the health or otherwise of clubbing in the capital. Stay posted.


Milk, London, Moving

For those of you who don't read the national press, or watch the tv news bulletins, we have a special surprise. * Milk is moving to Studio 33 in Vauxhall from the 24th January. This, for me at least, is a double-edged sword * 414 has been a wonderful home for the last two and a half years and I will miss it and the staff more than words can say. It is, however, time to move on, and having been to Studio 33 for Tilt a couple of times I am very impressed. We have the use of the main two rooms enabling us to give you the hard dance you have come to expect in the main room but allowing us to provide a more experimental edge in the second room. I will say no more other than come along and see for yourselves.

Note of a New Night in Nottingham from DJ Jukesy

For those that remember the good old days at the old corporation in Sheffield I think you should consider paying a visit to Rock City in Nottingham, this venue brings back many happy memories of the old corp.

Its got that cheeky underground feeling to a club that made events at the old corporation so good, loads of hiding places in the main room and a thunderous sound system to lose it to banging music, in the 2nd room its got a really low ceiling and another thunderous sound system, it really has got to be seen.

There will be various massive line ups over the coming months from Frontiers of Sound, based in the central location of Nottingham its easy to get to from anywhere in the country and with a lack of Sunday events at the moment this is definitely worth a try, you wont be disappointed.

[Info on this event is included in the Forthcoming events section below, Jonathan]

JP & Jukesy's label: www.deprivationrecords.co.uk

Deprivation Recordings was formed in September 2003 by a partnership involving three people – Jon Paul Montgomery (JP) , Adam Jukes (Jukesy) and Ben Hardy. Their aim is to provide another solid hard label for the hardhouse scene and to bring in some of the best known producers and also some of the brightest up and coming producers on the scene.

Both JP and Jukesy have been making headway into the hardhouse circuit as up and coming DJs for the last year and a half. After their first successful releases on Passion Records, How I feel and H-Bomb (supported by DJs like Eddie Halliwell and Amber D) they have decided to launch their own label with the help of their good friend Ben.

All three of them have come from a clubbing background (with JP & Jukesy going to places like Sundissential at Pulse and Ben starting out clubbing at nights like Atomic Jam - so expect a thrashing of techno on the label too!) their love for hard music has always been there. This is also another foray into the dance scene for Ben, having successfully run a club night and helped run one of the first clubbing coach companies. They have now joined forces to try and become one of the most respected and best hardhouse labels. This will take time, but with the things they have lined up its going to be an interesting ride, so just sit back and wait for the releases…….

Current & future releases

Deprivation 1 – JP & Jukesy vs Sam Hudson – The Hustler with a Defective Audio remix – Now released and has been receiving plays from DJS like Paul Glazby, Andy Farley, Anne Savage, Justin Bourne, Nick Rafferty, Amber D etc etc

Deprivation 2 – JP & Jukesy – Gollum with a Justin Bourne & Dynamic Intervention remix – Massive remix from Justin and Mik and this remix will feature on the forthcoming Nukleuz Hardhouse Anthems 5 CD, Due for release on Jan 26th 2004

Deprivation 3 – Testube Babies vs Casper – Bass Heavy with antimatter remix(Cyber Steve & Casper) – A couple of exclusive’s on this release, this is the first collaboration between 2 of the scenes rising production stars and on remix duty it will also see the first remix release by antimatter, a fusion of hardhouse and techno this remix does the business due out March 2004

Deprivation 4 – Daley, Adz & Calver – More Drugs which will be getting the remix treatment from Tidy’s very own Tara Reynolds due out April 2004

Reviews of Lashed and Trade Xmas and NYD
by Bosch

Lashed was rammed - packed in like sardines but production and crowd were tops. Music was good but again we were treated to the likely suspects behind the decks.

Lashes played a particularly good set. I have not always been a fan of Lashes but I think she is truly starting to shine. Glazby was ok as were all the other DJs ie Tidy Boys, Farley, Neal Appeal & A*. The only grumble would be Rob Tissera - set all over the place with dodgy mixing. I have to say after hearing this DJ several times I am not a fan. All in all a top night, fab atmosphere but the usual recipe with the same old ingredients. No offence meant.

Trade, mmm - Xmas Night better than NYD. Very busy at Xmas with a fairly weak but effective lineup. Duffy, Wayne G, Gonzalo & Wardman. Music relied heavily on classics but it worked. Not usually a fan of classic nights but Wardman saved the day with hard bouncy stuff that I was not familiar with. The thing with Trade is you hear a different kind of HardHouse to anywhere else. That's why I can't understand why on NYD they had BK & Rachel Auburn.

BK may be a good producer but his set was god damn awful. Not very Trade and the usual dirge you will hear at most HH nights. Auburn, great producer but technically as a DJ struggles. I left thru out her set.

Trade has become a very mainstream gay club. The crowd on NYD was odd. Whereas several years ago you would have clubbers that would go to Heaven & not Trade or GAY & not Trade now they all seem to go Trade. Fairly busy but not as prev years but generally not a crowd you would expect at Trade. Something I have not yet managed to put my finger on. It also appeared to empty out quickly. Muscle alley was testosterone free from 2pm onwards...

Why Trade do not have EJ Doubell, Steve Thomas, Ian M I will never know. Unfortunately, we can chase the holy grail @ Turnmills but I don't think we will ever get it.



LAST EVER MILK AT 414, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, LONDON SW9 - from 6.30am - 2pm SATURDAY MORNING 17th January

We at Milk will all be more than a little dewy-eyed this week as it's our last ever party at Club 414, the place we've seen as our spiritual home since July 2001. This place has stamped its indelible mark across the hard dance scene of London over the years and we've had a fantastic two and a half years there.

However, a change is as good as a rest, and we're certainly not slackers - hence the move onwards and upwards to our new home at Studio 33 in Vauxhall next week (24th Jan). It marks the beginning of a new chapter in our history and we look forward to welcoming you to our future.
Meanwhile, this is your LAST CHANCE EVER to experience MILK at Club 414, so if you want one more trip down memory lane, or haven't been and don't want to miss being a part of history, or even if you don't know what day it is, who you are, or what on earth you're doing wandering down Coldharbour Lane at 6 o'clock on a Saturday morning, just come on down to help us celebrate the end of an era in style!

Milk residents D'Marr Ford, Dave Holmes, George & Jacob Moss will be writing the final musical score of our Symphonia Brixtonia with an uplifting blend of party techno, hardhouse and trance, while the svelte and ever-smiling Milk crew (yes, even Roger!) will be pampering you with free fruit, icepops and cutting sarcasm to make your day bewilderingly enjoyable.

Everyone still standing at 2pm this Saturday will be given FREE ENTRY to our launch party at Studio 33, so even if you're not out on Friday night you can always pop in for one last celebratory lunchtime drink and boogie with us.

And finally, we'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to all at Club 414 for their support and encouragement over the last 30 months - Tony & Louise for allowing us to party in their home very week; Steve, Niall and the security team for looking after us all and posing in black; Sybil, Luciana and all the bar staff for their patience and good humour; Saga for being Saga, and indeed everyone else in the extended family that is the 414.

Dave Holmes (Milk / Tidy / Sunrise) - 3 hour set
D'Marr Ford (Milk / Too much / Element-7.com)
George (Milk / Italian Job)
Jacob Moss (Milk / LA3)
- @ club 414, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW9 - from 6.30am - 2pm
- free fruit, ice poles & sweets - plus the best sounds in town
- hard dance, party techno, hard trance
- £6 / £5 with flyer / £5 Jedi Ravers / £4 members / £3 after 11am

Info: Alex 07765 666802

Jan 18th.
Main: 12" Thumpers, Sarah G., Sammy D., Lil Angel;
Funky: Joe Hunt. Paul Mathieson, Smiler

Jan 25th.
Main: Ian M., Paul Kershaw, Mark H., Col the Medic
Funky: Dan Pierce, Cris DuLux, Paul Kershaw


Lisa Pin Up, Andy Farley, Pete Wardman, Sarah G., Mark H., Si Griffiths, Nick T. plus the usual suspects in the funky backroom.

£10 members / £12 guests. Info: Alex 07765 6668052

Egg, 200 York Way, Kings Cross. London. From 4am.

AfterHours @ Egg, London

This new weekly after-hours, every Sunday morning, promises to transform the face of club land. Each month Egg is hosted by a different spectacular party, each offering its own distinct sound and flavour. Upstairs in the Loft you will find the notorious Fat Tony and his guests spinning soulful house, club classics and funky disco every week. Downstairs on the main floor Pete Wardman and residents spin a tuffer sound guaranteed to set the dance floor blazing and providing the perfect contrast to the 4 distinct sounds that feature at each party; US House, Tribal, Latin House & Techno. Parties to watch out for are:

Only £10 Members or with Latin ID otherwise £15 or £10 with this e-flyer

Egg, 200 York Way, London.

Trade presents: KINKY TRADE Saturday night / Sunday morning 24th JANUARY 2004 , EGG, 200 YORK WAY, KINGS CROSS, LONDON

Take a trip into the world of kinky glamour. This internationally acclaimed club has hosted parties in Ibiza, LA, New York and returns to London to see Egg into 2004.

This is one to definitely watch out for as all the stops are being pulled out to make the first AFTERHOURS AT EGG 2004 an unforgettable experience

• Hosted by POLLY
• Brand new chillout cafe selling soft drinks, tea & coffee.
• Seductively sexy xxx performances
• New comfortable seating

DJs: Luke Hope, Fat Tony, Tom McMillan, Malcolm Duffy, Justin Ballard, Gonzalo & Pete Wardman

Percussion by Joy

This is not a ticketed event. Online q jump tickets available from www.tradeuk.net

No Dress Code. £10 Trade / Egg Members £15 Guests

5am til late


SpeedQueen @ The Warehouse every Saturday 10pm-4am 19-21 Somers Street, Leeds LS1 2RG. Capacity: 550

Dresscode: Trainer and Stiletto friendly - leave your attitude at home. £8 members /£10 guests.


Resident DJs playing funky house in the main room, and an eclectic mix of disco, soul, r’n’b and classic house in the upstairs bar include:

Lucy Locket, Jamie Bull, Nat Hill, Gareth Oldreive, Miss Melodie, Ewan Mitchell, De Hooch, Tin Tin, Alice Bailey, Dean Lomas, Danny Kwang, Queen B, Elvis, Corey, Amanda Hammond, Della 5, Daley Padley, Alex Rogerson, Ricci G, Joni Foolish, Kiss EP and Dan Tait.

Accompanied by David Biddle on percussion and Liz Wigley on sax.

For up to date DJ listings please check the SpeedQueen website.

Other SpeedQueen news. Our December/ January schedule runs as follows:

Jan 24th – RE-OPENING PARTY 10pm-4am

And weekly Saturdays 10pm-4am from here on.

Dresscode: bling bling, glitter, sequins, ribbons, killer heels, feathers, fluff, sharp suits, trash, shimmer, frou frou, glamour
Please call Lucy Locket at the SpeedQueen office on (0113) 246 1033 for all enquiries

Reckless : Saturday Afternoons 3-8pm @ 9 Bar, Broad Street, Birmingham


17th - Colin H Birthday Motherfunker Leeroy Burrell Get Carter Colin H Cameron

24th - Reckless Vs Out of This World Ashley ford Dougy Myke Smith JE2 (4 decks 2 mixers – effects) Myke Smith

31st - Breaks / Chunky house Onephatbillie Ollie collet Gaz Kendrick Dan Massive

Shaft, at Radius, Horsefair, Birmingham. Sundays from 10am to 5pm.
18th jan SHAFT V TOAST mark h., colthemedik, strange dave, morgan, ben stevens, colin romeo.
25th jan colthemedik, mark h., zippy, craig lee, andrew max b2b dan(the man)owen.

Entry is £5. SS Members £4. Open from 10am till 5pm Info : 07817 653560/07970 665756

HeatUK: Pacha
Date: Friday 23 January, 2004
Venue : Pacha, Terminus Place, Victoria, London SW1
Times: 10pm ~ 6am
DJS: Rob Tissera, K90, Nick Sentience, Marc French, Ian Betts, Brad
Wittstock, Marcus Wallis, Grant Dee, Graeme Lloyd, Funky Mike, Matt Flyn,

Admission: £12 on the door with HeatNYE ticket stub! Advance tickets: £12 / M.O.T.D. www.ticketweb.co.uk || Credit/Debit Card Sales / 24hr National Hotline 08700 600 100
Dress: Casual Capacity: 1100 Nearest tube: Victoria
Info: www.heatuk.info Info / images / comp prizes: (Damian): 07984 427 575

Description: For the first time ever HeatUK host the most historic club in the world: Pacha, London. After the success of the HeatNYE sell-out at the Brixton Academy this will be the first event for 2004 showcasing hard trance, progressive, house, electro and funky beats.
Rob Tissera has been called the happiest man in Hard Dance and quite appropriately headlines this event. Last year he featured at all the summer festivals from Global Gathering to Escape In The Park to Creamfields. His trademark sets of Hard Dance and funky house bristle with energy, enthusiasm and passion guaranteed to get everyone up on the dancefloor.
He'll be joined by K90 who most are used to seeing perform as a LIVE PA. This is your chance to see a rare trance DJ set. The other headliner is the twenty-something Nick Sentience who is just about to release his first artist album 'Universal Language'.
The second room is hosted by Starf*cker whose launch night at Herbal last month caused a 'one-in-one-out' door policy at 11.30pm. Headlining is Marcus Wallis from 'KHZ' and 'Vegas Records' fame. Expect uplifting house, funk, electro and the odd dirty beat to fuel that second room party atmosphere.

FRANTIC, Camden Palace, London
We have been told that the Camden Palace is likely to stop trading as a club at the end of February and as a result we sadly announce what is likely to be our last parties at the Palace.
Our first ever party at Camden Palace was back in April 1999 when the queue stretched from the front doors round the block and back again with 2000 people already inside and 1500 desperately trying to buy tickets.
Since then Camden Palace has turned into our spiritual home with over 70 events being held during the Daytime, Nighttime,Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays!
We have had some immense parties and some special memories at our 2nd home and too many to mention but some that have stuck in our mind have been the following:
*Laboratory: A party dedicated to Lab 4!
*The 1st ever Timeless!
*The 4th
Birthday Celebrations!
*Moving the decks from the booth and onto the stage.
*Tidy vs. Nukleuz!
We are holding 2 last parties so we can play the biggest range of our favourite DJs possible and because we know that not everybody will be able to make the first party in January. Come and say goodbye to the Palace at the last ever Frantic parties? at the legendary venue!
Jan 24th - PHILTIME
Our original resident and the man who has rocked the Palace to its foundations more times than you've had hot dinners is in the USA for the last event so Jan 24th is a special celebration of Mr Phil Reynolds and Camden Palace! Phil has hand picked the DJs for his last Camden Palace party to represent the DJs and producers that have shaped the Phil Reynolds experience!
Phil Reynolds (2hr Classic Frantic Set) K90 Live * Nick Sentience * Guffy * James Lawson * Steve Blake * Tara Reynolds * El Greko * Black & White Bar hosted by RUSH

Our last ever event at Camden Palace?
It's only fitting that our love affair with Camden Palace finishes with the Frantic Valentines Ball. Frantic are pulling together 6 of our favourite DJs, 3 Boys and 3 Girls to go head to head to claim the Valentines Ball Crown for one last time at Camden Palace?
Lisa Pin-Up / Ed Real b2b *Surprise Guest* / Donna Birt / Guffy / Lucy Fur / Danny Gilligan / The *Ting* & many more!
Tickets for both these events are priced at: £10 Members £12 Non Members
The £10 paying guest list for the event is now open. As these are our last parties at Camden Palace the guest list will fill up very quickly. We STRONGLY advise you to secure your places as soon as possible.
For more information visit www.franticuk.com or call the Frantic HQ on 07949
618035 / info@franticuk.com


RIOT! INVADES 2004 - Sunday 25th Jan @ The End, London
We're back and we're bad on Sunday 25th Jan at The End. BK, Ed Real, Danny 'Harderfaster Resident of the Year' Gilligan and The *Ting* are joined by one of the scene's rising stars SHAN for the 1st stompathon of the year. Over in Bar Riot! we re-create the bedlam of the legendary Cheshire St New Years Eve mashup by inviting our new favs the Cheshire Catz to do battle with the mighty Ignition Crew - Cheshire Catz ho!!!!
We've got some great plans for the next twelves months including our 3rd Birthday which is just around the corner so I hope that you're refreshed and raring to go!

CONVERGENCE. 31st January @ Egg, London 22.00 – 06.00

Lisa Lashes / Paul Glazby / Donna Birt / DJGRH / A-Star / George E / Ali Wilson / Shaf De Bass / Eduardo Herrera / Darz / Mike Devine & more.

On Friday January 30th 2004 the world renowned Fridge Nightclub, London, opens it's doors for the VERY LAST time to hold a very special farewell to twenty years of being the mothership for all London underground dance clubs.This is the club that created the scene as we now know it with advanced production and lighting years before other clubs even had lighting!!!! This is the club where the legendary Soul II Soul parties took place. This is the club where Take That debuted. This is the club where Pete Tong, Giles Peterson plus countless others played but where not household names.
This is the club that your parents met in!!!
LOGIC feel extremely privileged to have been chosen to see this amazing venue out with the style and respect it deserves and we intend to do exactly that!!
Never been to the Fridge - well this is your very LAST chance!! Never heard a wall of crystal clear Turbo Sound - we got it - The
entire rig is going in !!! Never seen timed pyrotechnics while you dance - It's gonna happen!!
This is the club you met your partner in!!
This is the club you left your partner in!!
This is the club you had the time of your life in!!
This will be a night to remember for a club that will NEVER be forgotten....This is history...Be part of it!!!
Computer Generated FX and Audio Visuals by NUROPTICS. Decor and visual enhancements by KARMA. Light and lasershhow by OUT OF THE DARK. Turbosound by 4DPA.Dancers by LAK:UK & Inspinerate.
PAUL GLAZBY - LOGIC DEBUT !! (Vicious Circle)
SUPERFAST OZ (Logic / Kaktai / Bangingtunes)
PROTEUS - STAGE SHOW (Logic Finland)
RUBEC (Logic / Bullet-proof)
KEVIN ENERGY (Logic / NU-Energy Collective)
OBERON (Logic / OPAL / Pendragon)
*THE TING* - STAGE SHOW (Riot / Avingit)
DAEGAL BRAIN (Heat / Ground Zero / Knowhere)
ANIMATEK (Teknoworld - Acid Park)
EDUARDO HERRERA (Never Enough/Antiworld/Milk)
D' MARR FORD (Never Enough/Milk/Element 7)
DJ GAS (Teknoworld - Acid Park)
BRIZA (Brazil-Never Enough)


11 hour opening event

Room 1 PAUL GLAZBY PAUL MADDOX b2b TARA REYNOLDS SHAN JP & JUKESY (residents) ALEX KIDD (hardstyle set) DALEY (resident) colonel_k, nick c, jonnyscratch, claire c.

Room 2 (hardstyle/hard trance) DJ VORTEX jamesDb b2b candyman, phd, sector 41, si allen, easty slangers

Room 3 Chill out room


ticket price - £15 adv + BF £19 on door
capacity - 2500 with balcony

podium dancers, merchandise stalls

dress code - cool club wear

Keep your ticket as you can come and go from the club as you please!



Frontiers of sound have excellent opportunities for up and coming djs (hardhouse/bouncy/techno/funkyhouse), if you feel that you have something to offer please check out the website for more details and bring a cd down on the night if you can.



FEB 14th- Here, Canal Basin, Coventry, England

Kevin Energy (Nuenergycollective) Rowland and Wright (Nukleuz, Sundissential) Craig Regan (Fidget, Tonic)

Join Hardcore legend Kevin Energy and hard trance masters Rowland and Wright for a night of dance music mayhem at our HI school behind the bike sheds valentine’s day special. Re-live those first sexual fumblings of secondary school life, even if it was with a fifty year old maths teacher with a beard. Mr Energy, Mr Rowland and Mr Wright are sure to bring on the euphoria of such memories with wicked hard trance and hardcore sets. Look out for the valentine’s day décor as we attempt to create a mock-up bike shed complete with cigarettes, old porn mag and pissy smell. Mister Stewart is looking forward to welcoming you again, so bring red candy lips and wear your best underwear.

MAR 13TH- Here, Canal Basin, Coventry, England

Main room Darren Styles (Raverbaby, Nukleuz) Craig Regan (Fidget, Tonic) Andy Nelson (Sundissential) Mister Stewart

Some sort of theme which involves people having to wear just their pants if they forget their kit. Come on !!!! Details to come.

Turnmills is proud to announce the exclusive World Launch Party for the new Technics CD Decks DZ1200.
On Saturday 14th February 2004, Turnmills, London will be the first club in the world to house the new CD Decks. The Grammy Award winning Deep Dish will be launching the new bit of kit on the night (with a 6 hour set) as they did with the Technics MK5G 1200 turntables earlier this summer.
The CD Decks will not go on general sale until May 2004.
This year Turnmills proudly hosted 5 huge midweek events with Technics featuring two parties from Deep Dish, plus long sets from Danny Howells, Felix Da Housecat and Satoshi Tomiie. We're now moving this prestigious Technics event onto Saturday nights beginning Feb 2004, when the night will begin a bi-monthly residency throughout the year.
More details to follow...........
Turnmills 63B Clerkenwell Road, London. EC1M 5NP Capacity: 1000 Info: 020 7250 3409 Tube: Farringdon NCP 24Hr Parking: £3 Bowling Green Lane, off Farringdon Rd Doors: 10pm – 6am Prices: £12 in Advance / £15 on the Door Web: www.turnmills.com
Room 1: Deep Dish (6 Hours) Behrouz (Technics resident)
Room 2: David James Villeneuve Stu Hirst.

Ricochet returns to Egg, London on Sunday 15th February from 3pm-late.

DJs will include the gorgeous Rachel Auburn - others to be confirmed shortly.


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