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2Klub Newsletter 2003 : May

Hello again,

Just another of my occasional forays into the world of amateur journalism - not! Well, a bit of info for you anyway.

Winners of 2Klub's Second DJ competition: John D and JP & Jukesy. I couldn't choose between them so they both get £50. JP & Jukesy are up for a competition being run by Sundissential, and I've got my fingers crossed for them. Honourable mentions to Mark H, who's playing at Shaft amongst other clubs, and Craig Ford, who's playing at Ministry Bar in Shrewsbury. To all the competition entrants - Thanks. I appreciated all the entries, and I've put up some new pages on the website for some of the new up and coming DJs I've identified.

Updates to 2Klub website: http://www.2Klub.com

DJ info pages on:
Tony de Vit. June 2nd marks the fifth anniversary of the death of this leading light of hard dance.
Peter Ward.
Craig Ford.
John D.
JP & Jukesy.
Karl Vasquez - winner fo the first comp.
Tom Tazey.
Mark H.
Flippant Rhythm.
DJ Darkness.
Andy Farley - his personal website is now up and running and there's a link to it from his page at the 2Klub site.
New club reviews or info on:
Out Of This World.
The Polo Lounge.
Music Resources:
Discogs - a great resource if you want to know more about DJ or music producers.
Ravelinks - ditto

Subway City - I am assured that the renovation work by Railtrack has now started. No, REALLY!
Fierce Vs Riot at ISIS Nottingham on Saturday 31st May, features Ian M and Illogik Vs BK and Ed Real amongst others.


More newsletter subscribers wanted. Please help boost 2Klub's newsletter readership by suggesting that your friends add their names and addresses to the list.

More DJ demos wanted: Even though I'm not running the competition right now. Don't let that stop you from enncouraging a friend from sending me his or her demo.

Your reviews and opinions are wanted: Do you ever go out anywhere? Yes? Well let me know what you think of the places you go to, the DJs, the crowd, the venues, the staff, etc. Had a good time? Let me know. Had a bad time? Let me kow that too. Got a brain cell left? Use it. Is Hard House dead/dying/the best thing since sliced bread? Why do big name DJs manage to stay at the top? Are they really that much better than the rest? Has ketamine changed the club scene. Let me know what you think.

Happy clubbing,


PS The website has a bit of a revamped new look to it too. Hope you like it. If you find any of the pages slow for you to load or you have any problems with the site, please let me know.



(It seems I didn't include forthcoming events in the newsletter back then.)


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