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Music Sources, Clubbing Forums and Info.
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4clubbers.net is a site with great DJ reviews including an interesting one with Eddie Halliwell.
Well worth exploring.

The forums are very busy, but are regarded by many as cliquey and "bitchy". The focus tends to be on the North of England and Leeds area clubs.
BangingTunes.com is one of the best online dance sites. Listen to, and order the latest Hard House and Nu-NRG vinyl. Secure server for credit card orders plus many other features including DJ mixes and comprehensive links pages.
BiscuitMonsters bill themselves as "A Website for Real Clubbers!!" Very friendly forums and lots of good content, kept up to date. Chat focus tends to be on the North/Leeds area.

Chemical Records, Bristol, have an excellent on-line store for sale of vinyl, DJ mixes and info about the events in which they are involved.
CDDance.com is the world's first dedicated online dance music cd specialist.

Clubbersbase.com is a guide to clubbing in the uk, including club reviews written by clubbers.
View livesets, tracklistings, and download the latest clubbing anthems.

Clubbers.tv had lots of clubbing related info and video. However their costs escalated and they closed after two years.

Club Radio Network has info on international club events, (mainly U.S.A. and Europe), Mixes, plus club and music news, DJ info, Video & Forums.

Danceportal.co.uk broadcasts live from UK dance music venues plus their own radio station.

Discogs.com is a great source of information about DJs and producers. Want to know what tracks a dj or producer has created? Start here!

Excellent hard dance resource, energyuk.net has regular updates and features on the U.K hard house scene, plus interviews with the major players.

Epitonic.com has a wide range of music.

Good Greef describe this site as "The clubber's bible on the net, with gossip galore".
Gurn.net has all the usual features: Chat, reviews, music, links, ads etc. - all kept up to date.
(there's so many clubbing sites out there with out of date info).

Gurn also has loads of sets from bedroom DJs plus some bigger names and live recordings on their "PickAMix" pages:

Harddance.net is the internet radio station of Kevin NRG's Nu Energy Label collective (see below). Still under construction this is well worth registering with. Here's their mission statement: "Harddance are commited to playing the best UK underground music on the net. The site is run by DJ's and artists in the forefront of the Hard Dance scene. We feature exclusive sets and brand new tracks from major DJ's, labels, artists and production houses!"
HarderFaster is a great website providing up to date info on clubs and events in London and the South as well as new music reviews. It has some of the most experienced clubbers in the country, covering a wide range of interests in its forums which are generally busy. Believe it or not you can actually have an interesting conversation in the forums on this site!
Ilovetekno.net - Seems to put up some info for techno fans though this is often out of date and the site appears to have long periods of inactivity.

Klub Universe has a comprehensive clubs database with information on (nearly) all the clubbing events taking place in the UK over the next few weeks. Definitely wurf a surf!
NU-ENERGY is the hard trance/nu-nrg label run by Kevin NRG and his collective. Great downloads and info. The collective have been upgrading this site and it's still being improved, but it's already great!
Sundissential.com is probably the friendliest forum site you'll come across, though it varies in the amount of activity taking place there.

Currently the club is undergoing a restructuring, and the morale of its die-hard supporters is on the increase after a period of being in the doldrums. Though there is other info available the forums are the most active aspect of the site.

Tidy.com's website features very active chat forums, and lots of info about the hard dance scene and Tidy's large-scale events. The latter are where the label seems to be putting its energies these days and the site is one well worth paying attention to.
Ravelinks is another great site for information on DJs worldwide. Don't use the buttons to change pages; change the page numbers manually (01, 02, 03), in the address window.

UKVinylRecords has a great selection of dance vinyl.
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