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Mark Tyler

Owner of 'No Entry' and 'Re-Entry' records! •

Hard House & London Techno / Trance DJ •

'Wax' magazine 'avin it Techno reviewer •

'7' magazine Hard House reviewer •

Underground Techno, Tech / Trance & •
Hard House producer

Tracks on labels inc : •
Nukleuz, Raw, Bionic Orange and Telica

Mark's Discography

Mark Tyler & Simmer ‘Untitled’
Mark Tyler & Guy McAffer ‘124 Jubilee Gardens Untitled’ (Raw 6) – Mar 2001
Nomark ‘No Entry / Escape from Willsden’ (Entry 4) – Mar 2001
Zero ‘ Eating Chinese/The Hero’ (Bionic Orange) – Mar 2001
Zero 'Bound By Law / Penetrate' (Paradigm Shift 9) – September 2000
Nick Sentience & Mark Tyler ‘Amplify’ (Nukleuz) – Summer 2000
Mark Tyler ‘The City / Dropped (In It)’ (No Entry 3) – June 2000
Nick Sentience & Mark Tyler ‘Wild Ride’ (Nukleuz) – June 2000
Mark Tyler ‘You Flexin? / Hoodie Politics' (Havok 12) – June 2000
Trash Compactor ‘Switchblade / Interstitial’ (No Entry 2) – May 2000
Mark Tyler 'Search & Destroy / Russian Hill' (No Entry 1) – April 2000
Mark Tyler ‘London, Let’s ‘Ave Yer!’ (Tec B) – November 1999
Trash Compactor ‘Take Out The Trash’ (Boscaland 48) – May 1999
Mark Tyler ‘(Here Comes The) Hitman’ (Antidote 1) – March 1999
Mark Tyler ‘Rush’ (Boscaland 45) – February 1999
Pyrotech ‘Burn Hollywood’ (Boscaland 43) – November 1998
Mark Tyler has emerged as a significant influence on the hard dance music scene as a DJ and producer able to play within, and bridge, more than one style.

Here's some of his story . . .

Mark Tyler is one of a rare breed of DJs who plays and produces both banging hardhouse and ‘avin it trance and techno. His two labels release tunes produced specifically for use in either separate sets of each style or for near legendary sets that take the crowd from underground hardhouse into techno & trance without them blinking an eyelid.

Although he is still better known for his explosive ‘avin it London techno sets, Mark is now getting the worldwide recognition he deserves for his purely hardhouse outings and especially his fusion of the two styles when the time is right. As his talents get noticed, Mark’s unwavering passion for his labels has become obvious as the quality productions he has been pioneering, often grace the playlists of both Judge Jules and John Peel, two Radio One DJ’s with quite different styles.

Mark originally started DJing with hard trance in early 1995, finding it easy to play either side of that genre, with what little hard house was available at that time, and on into London techno. At the time, the difference between them may have seemed cavernous, but as Mark started producing music in 1998, he soon realised that he was able to draw on his love of all those styles and pull them closer together.

By following his roots, Mark produced his own sound and therefore intentionally created an enviable and highly supported following among hard house, trance and techno lovers. This has been further emphasised by fellow hard house and techno DJ, Dave Randall, as he described Mark’s first label, No Entry, as ‘the only label in the country to be producing this style of music’.

July 1999 saw him Djing on a major tour with Jon The Dentist, Chris Liberator and America’s top trance DJ, Christopher Lawrence, stretching from the western most prairies of Canada down to Florida’s east coast.

March 2000 brought the Wax tour alongside Mark EG and Rowland The Bastard and included Edmonton, Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon in Canada.

No Entry’s label launch tour in April and May 2000 included UK dates in Manchester, Sheffield, Norwich and Bristol as well as Montreal and Quebec in Canada and Helsinki in Finland.  On that tour, Mark headlined alongside Lab 4 and K90, had his own No Entry room in Finland, was interviewed for various magazines and websites plus filmed for Finnish cable channel, Moon TV.  To top it all, in the first week of the tour, both Judge Jules and John Peel played Mark’s first release on No Entry and went on to support the next releases as they came.

The launch of Mark’s second label, Re-Entry, provided his largest tour to date, covering four continents over four months. Vancouver and Montreal supplied the gigs on each coast of Canada before heading down under for a 10 date tour of New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown) and Australia (Melbourne (3), Sydney (2) and Brisbane). During his month down under, Mark did numerous radio and magazine interviews, a Sky TV interview, was filmed for a club night video and hosted a three hour radio show on a local station in Auckland whilst standing in for one of New Zealand’s top DJ’s, OB1.  This was followed by a special gig in Tokyo alongside Japan’s most prolific hard house DJ and producer, Yoji Biomehanika and also punctuated by a string of UK dates around the country.

The start of 2001 brought more good news for the labels as Ian M chose Re-Entry 2 (Chris Todd’s ‘Maniak A-Takk’) and Re-Entry 3 (Mark Tyler ‘The City [Mark Tyler vs Dynamic Intervention Remix]) to be included on his latest mix CD, none other than the 10000+ selling Trade compilation. Also, No Entry, was finally released from months of time wasting by its original distributor and moved to Infectious to start releasing again.

With so much work going into the labels, it became apparent that Mark would have to play abroad less and 2001 saw a concerted and successful effort to concentrate on the UK circuit more. Described by people in UK and many foreign countries as their favourite producer, Mark’s friendly, down to earth personality and strong, confident mixing has earned him fans as a DJ. It’s clear why he receives direct enquiries from countries he hasn’t yet played such as Brazil, Peru and Venezuala as the word spreads about his labels and Djing.

Mark’s production has also gained him respect from many of his fellow DJ’s; its not unusual to see a wide range of different DJ’s playing his tracks, from Ian M & Andy Farley to Chris Liberator & Mark EG, not to mention his double figures of Radio One plays as well.  His remix work includes two separate K90 remixes, the first being used as the opening track on Channel 4 late night programme, ‘The Trip’and the latest one being released on Eve Records sub label, Telica.

Not a stranger to receiving singles of the month for many of his releases (including no less than six for the OD404 remixed ‘London, Let’s ‘Ave Yer!’, numerous licenses and a hype chart position of 19), his production style on No Entry (alongside production partner Guy McAffer) has seen London techno become more accessible to other types of DJs as the hardhouse and trance influenced breakdowns and sounds emerge from the kicking 4/4 beats. That is why Mark launched Re-Entry, the sister ‘remix’ label to No Entry, as a hardhouse and techno label, with a track of each style on either side on every release. The first label of its kind, possibly? As well as working with Mik Cree from Dynamic Intervention on new hard house tracks, it also led to a couple of collaborations with Nukleuz’s Nick Sentience on their new purple range.

With two successful record labels and a growing number of promoters giving Mark numerous re-bookings, the future is looking extremely bright for this interesting, and influential DJ/producer.
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