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Karl Vasquez

I’ve been DJing for the past 8 years and I have had a love for music in all its forms for as long as I remember, but my true passion has always been for trance, hard dance and hard house. One of the first clubs I experienced was Trade; I was utterly blown away, and it was there that I realised I wanted to play out; through DJing I realised I could express myself, and convey my feelings for music to others.

My first few gigs involved playing chart and commercial dance along with some hard house tunes, on Saturday nights at my local. From there I progressed to running a mobile disco business with a friend, playing a wide array of events, from parties to birthdays and weddings. Two years on, and I was made a resident DJ at a pub/club in St Albans playing chart, pop, hard house and trance tunes on Friday and Saturday nights.

My residency came to an end when the management of the pub/club changed hands last year; however I’ve continued to run the mobile disco business throughout. By this time I’d started distributing demos, and being invited to play at private and house parties. I’ve also played for Harder Breed, Twist and the Lazy Dog on Wardour Street, on several occasions.

I’m fortunate enough to be friends with several well known DJs such as EJ Doubell and Pete Wardman, both of whom have taken the time to give me tips and advice regarding my DJing skills. I’m deeply grateful to them all; it’s partially thanks to them that I’m now ready to play at bigger clubs. I’d also like to thank Jonathan from 2Klub for awarding me with the competition prize.

I’m versatile in what I play, including trance, hard trance, hard house, hard dance and NU NRG.
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