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JP & Jukesy

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Sunday School (Monthly)
Afterssential (Bi-Monthly)
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Delicious (Bi-Monthly)
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In 2003 the dance music scene is going back underground. Big names aren't getting the bookings nor the money they used to, clubs are closing and attendances are down. JP & Jukesy are two clubbers turned DJs, and are proud of their clubbing heritage. They don't make themselves look like super-stars, and in that they fit perfectly with the times. However, they're not dumb either. They're getting into production, and that is the aspect of DJing that often goes unrecognised by clubbers.

Some people are very good at mixing records, while others are really much better at producing them. Some are good at both. Those who lead the way in developing new sounds through the records they produce are the ones which seem to be most respected by other DJs. One experienced and well-known DJ I talked with recently suggested that until someone makes it in production they hadn't really made it at all. No matter how skillful they might be when playing live, they were still only playing somebody else's tunes. JP & Jukesy understand this and are developing good reputations both as live performers as well as producers. Here's what they say about themselves:

"JP & Jukesy aka Jon-Paul Montgomery and Adam Jukes are two rising stars in the UK scene especially in their home city of Birmingham.

We both have come from a clubbing background and have spent every weekend out for the last couple of years going to various clubs around the country, after about 4 years of clubbing we decided we wanted to do more than just go to clubs. We decided we wanted to play in the clubs, we wanted to control the music played out to the clubbers and this gives us great satisfaction. To see the smiling faces of thousands of clubbers gives us both such an amazing adrenaline rush, that rush is what drives us week in, week out. We have always favoured the harder side of hard house and this reflects in the sets we play. We also play hard trance and techno in our sets.

After fully supporting Sunday School in their opening months in Birmingham we were both given solo slots playing at the night which is when we decided to go back to back and from April 2002 we were given a monthly residency as JP & Jukesy and we haven’t looked back since. Sunday School gave us our first monthly residency and when the night decided to expand to a larger club in Birmingham they took us with them. We have since played at every event for Sunday School at the Bonds nightclub and are now the main residents with Tim K.

In the Summer of 2002 we set up our own night called Fluential at the Academy bar in Birmingham which was successful and ran for eight weeks but due to other commitments the night was put on hold. In this time we were also given a residency at 2 student nights, Bounce and Frazzle.

Also in 2002 Afterssential opened at Subway City where we played the second night from the launch and had the privilege to take over from Andy Farley. Since then the closing slots at Afterssential have always been a joy to play.
We have also appeared live on bpmradio several times in 2002 going out live to 1000+ people.

In 2003 we entered our first DJ competition - www.bangingtunes.com and were were one of eight winners and as a result were awarded a set in the BT room at Insomniacz F.U.C.K in Sheffield which has been one of the hardest events the UK has ever seen. With a good performance there we are now booked to play again and also received a booking for World DJ Day where all proceeds go to cancer research.

In March 2003 after an excellent performance at a rammed Insomniacz Leicester we were given a bi-monthly residency at the Leicester event. We were also given main residents spot at the Jam in Birmingham and Delicious in Oswestry. We also opened a new afterclub called Deprivation with Daley, which will run special events on the Bank holiday weekends. Working hard for our love of hard house and wanting to bring our own style to the dance floor we have had 2 tracks signed to Passion Records and will be released on Passion Presents in April. Both tracks “How I feel” and H-bomb are two hard house stompers and the reaction to both records has been excellent.

Every other month we compile hard house charts for Hard to Find Records, which are mailed out to over 180,000 customers worldwide, and we also compile monthly charts for our own website."

And here's something from their press-release...
It’s been a strong start to 2003 for JP & Jukesy and their profile is rising from week to week.

The boys recntly signed to four DJ Agencies:

Upcoming sets are booked for Afterssential World DJ Day in aid for cancer research , Insomniacz Leicester, Sin:ergy vs Insomniacz with www.gurn.net hosting the 2nd room, and Insomniacz Sheffield. This is just a highlight of their bookings. For a full listing visit the jpandjukesy website.

Not content with the amount of pure hard house tracks around at the moment [and who could be as so many aren't worth the vinyl they're pressed onto. Jonathan], they have come out with two slabs of pure hard house – “how I feel” & H-bomb.

These two tracks received an excellent response from Nik Denton (Toolbox Records), Testube Babies (2003’s latest production duo), Mark Leish, Daley (new storm resident 2003) and Paul Janes.

Both tracks are due for release at the end of April 2003 on Passion Presents 2 (the new sister label to Passion Records). Future dates are already booked for more studio work so it won’t be long until we see the follow up to this, their first release.
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