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DJ John D
John D

"It seems you have to be good to get to the top, but once there, you don't!" John and I were mulling over the paths to success taken by some of the best-known DJs, and wondering how some of them manage to sustain their positions. Perhaps it's not just down to how well they play?

John D's been playing for four years, and started with a set of Gemini decks, though he soon moved on to the Technics 1210s he has currently. He's a Midlands lad, haling from Solihull, and, of course, a clubber, while still working hard for a university degree. At the time he won our Second New DJ Talent Competition, (along with JP & Jukesy) in May 2003, he was working hard for his finals. "The degree is my insurance policy" he said when I asked him whether he wanted to make a careeer of DJing. In fact music has been in his background since he was a child, having learnt to play two musical instruments, including the trombone; (I can attest to the fact that that's not an easy one, having had a go at learning it myself when at school), and he's as interested in producing as he is in playing live; "I aim to built a reputation in production initially", he told me.

Like many other DJs, he has a highly critical ear, and when we were listening to a CD, he spotted things in a mix that had compeletely escaped me. He was impressed with Tiesto at a recent Gatecrasher extravaganza at the NEC, but less so by Eddie Halliwell, who seemed to be having an off night scratching-wise. He most admires Paul Glazby, both as a performer and producer.

John impressed me with his technical ability, and track selection, which created a wonderfully uplifting and enegretic hard house CD. I am sure you'll hear more from him in the future.
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