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We Love 2Klub!

Welcome! This site reflects the spirit of 2Klub's Hard House and  Nu-NRG events which I've run in both Manchester and Birmingham, from 1999.


My aim is to provide you with useful information about both clubbing lifestyles and the clubbing business, and to help promote DJs I like and respect and my own events.

This site also is a resource for those interested in clubbing and club promotion and it provides a history of some clubs and clubbing, albeit an individual view based on my own experiences.


I've done a lot in a short and interesting time.

In 1999 2Klub was the first hard house club in Manchester.

In 2000 discovered some now well-known DJs, like Eddie Halliwell, and over the years gave a boost to some others.

2Klub's was the only underground club float in the now legendary Leeds Love Parade.

In 2001 I organised and ran SWEAT and in 2002 organised StOmP! both at Subway City in Birmingham.

I also lost a ton of money. Oscar Wilde may have been feeling a bit too jaundiced when he said "Experience is the name we give to our mistakes" but there's some truth in that nonetheless.

Despite the angst of losing money, club promoting and clubbing continue to take me on a fascinating and hugely enjoyable journey, and I've learned a lot from both. Because of that, and the many people I've come to know, I do not regard either as a "mistake". I hope to share, and discuss with you if you want to, some of that learning either directly, (my e-mail address is below), or generally, through the Guestbook.

The opinions and advice on these pages are my own, based on my personal idiosyncratic experiences, and are independent. Whether you agree with me or not, please bear in mind that the price charged is zero. There is nothing sold here, your e-mail address if you subscribe to the newsletter, is not exploited, and I earn nothing from any of the recommendations I make.

Site Content

There's three main themes to this site.

The first is related to promoting my events, (currently a historic exercise, but who can say what the future holds). This encompasses pages such as:

, and

The second relates to the business of clubs and club promotion. Not of interest to many, but some people want to know more about how the industry works mainly because they want to be a part of it, usually either as DJ or promoter. Related pages include:

DJ info
including DJ and Music Resources and info on DJ agencies, and,
Hype & Truth

Theme three relates to clubbing lifestyles and much of this information is provided from the Community page which includes:

All three themes overlap to some degree, so I hope you have fun exploring.


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Send me a demo! Now!! Do it!!!
I'm looking for talented new DJs across a spectrum of dance music including Techno, House, Trance, and Nu-NRG and the various variants of these. If you or a friend want to send me a demo, please click on the collage below for some relevant info. The success of 2Klub's past competitions means that I will run another later in the year, but don't wait, send in your early entry NOW!.
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Clockwise from the top left hand corner it's:

Mistress Mo, Fergie, Chris G, Andy Farley, Ian M, Paul Glazby, EJ Doubell, Eddie Halliwell

all featured on 2Klub's DJs pages.
Want to know more about promoting?

Here's some information about 2Klub, how I came to set it up, my philosophy and my take on club promotion, without hype or bullshit.

Why did you get into club promotion?
What about making money?
Wanna be a DJ?
What's in a name? Why "2Klub"?
Here's The Truth . . .

"Truth is rarely pure and never simple". Oscar Wilde.

E-mail me directly at:
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