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God's Kitchen...
@ Code
A club that has re-invented itself
and re-invested in itself.
For pics of GK's Global Gathering 2003 click here.
God's Kitchen now runs at a purpose built venue, owned and created by the club's promoters, Neil Moffat and Tyrone. The club has tried to move up-market over the past few years, perhaps reflecting a similar attitude to that of Gatecrasher's promoters towards its cyber-kids, though it has done so without damaging its rep. in the process, as 'crasher once did.

From being a cyber raver's full-on Friday night Trance club, at The Sanctuary, it has re-positioned itself as a club of international renown, playing some of the world's most famous DJs.

The venue, Code, has a very good sound system, excellent lighting, superb DJ booth, and a very nice lounge bar overlooking the main floor. The large main dance floor is itself over-looked by a 360 degree balcony, on which are seated alcoves. The bars are all smartly back-lit, and the whole place looks as though someone put a lot of thought into trying to make it stylish and smart. It is as far from The Sanctuary's nineteenth century delapidation as one can get. All that said, it still feels like an industrial warehouse with lights and speakers, which, essentially, is what it is. Cold. Boring. Dull. Walk around it once and you've seen all there is to see.

Leaving us with...? Well, the people and the music.

The music, as mentioned, is BIG NAMES, in a sort of, "if we can't buy 'em they're not worth listening to" vein, though I suppose one should be grateful that there are promoters in Birmingham bringing the famous to the country's second city.

The people? Hmmm... nice enough crowd. Well-behaved.... they have to be given the very strict and none too friendly security. Bit older than the Sundissential crowd, though these days that's not hard as Sundissential will soon be installing nappy-changing facilities if theirs get any younger.

There used to be quite a rivalry between God's Kichen and Sundissential, but that seems to have diminished somewhat these days, perhaps because they no longer target quite the same people. Perhaps also because they have started to co-operate with each other, something which may have started when Slinkey tried to establish itself in Birmingham. Sundissential is now part of God's Kitchen's Global Gathering annual event, with an extensive line-up under their name. Global Gathering has now become one of the major national fixtures in the Summer dance music events calendar, along with Creamfields and Homelands and is held at the conveniently close, (for me at least), Long Marston airfield, near Stratford-on-Avon. The same location as The Bull-Dog Bash is held. But I digress...

God's Kitchen has survived by re-inventing itself, and by re-investing in itself. These are not the first promoters to become venue-owners, and to have to face the problems which ensue from that. As promoters they ran a one-night a week event but had the difficulty of forging and sustaining an on-going relationship with a venue. As venue owners, they have secured their club's location, and now have the income from bar-takings, but have to either develop and run additional events to cover other nights, or have to find other promoters to work with to do so.

As Code, the God's Kitchen promoters have tried to keep all their events in-house, but with only mixed results: towhit - Polysexual, closed after people kept collapsing, low attendances, and poor target marketing to the gay scene; and Babooshka, hit by the ressurgence of Miss MoneyPenny's in Birmingham, after that club re-located to Liberty's. Both keep popping up occasionally, (and to be fair, friends of mine who went to Polysexual in April 2003, said it was very good), but not frequently.

Overall though, a nice operation, in which it seems many of the elements work well together. Now if only they'd do something about Code!
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