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2Klub events, from 1999 to... who can say?
Here's some background on what we've done over the years. Something will get posted here about our future events, as and when I plan on doing some.
... at Club V, Manchester
Jeremy Cozens and I started the club up, with the help of many of his friends. Jeremy went on to establish Sin:ergy in Manchester.
Club V in the early 1980s was "Heroes", an old haunt of mine. (More on Heroes on the Hype Vs Truth page).
Our pre-launch party flyer
2Klub's second flyer
Branco ran the door list, here dressed as a nun.

2Klub sets the house on fire - for Nov. 5th.!
Our membership card design.

1999 - 2000
... at North, Manchester
After Jeremy and I went our separate ways, in 1999, Ben Nick & Tom joined the crew and we developed some new designs.

We used this wavy design a number of times, changing the colour for each event.
Nick, Darren & Charlie

... at the Love Parade, Leeds
Our float was knocked together in 24hrs
Playing to 400,000 people!
Ours was also the ONLY  truly underground club at the Love Parade!
Jonathan & Eddie
Float builders: Ben, Nick, Tom, Ian, Chris, Lucy and Jonathan
Lucy, Tom & Ian

DJ Chris Phillips

... at The Village Edge, Manchester.
June 2000, Tidy Boys and Eddie H. event
Eddie H and The Tidy Boys
Jess & Matt
... 2Klubbed at The Roadhouse, Manchester.
2Klubbed was an after party we ran for a while.
Sean, Eddie H., Ant, and Kirky, (aka Mother)
Jess & Dave

DJ Tom Whitaker

... at The Music Box, Manchester
In reality, by this point the lights were well on the way to red and the club closed in Manchester shortly after the move to The Music Box. I got some stick from people there for that, but they seemed not to have a clue how much money I was losing.
See video clips of 2Klub events...
Click for the 2Klub video clips on this page

2001... at Subway City, Birmingham
Sweat 1 flyer
Sweat 2 flyer
Sweat 3 flyer Sweat 4 flyer
Sweat 5 flyer
Chad, Crunchie & Ken
DJs Andy Farley & EJ Doubell
DJ Adam Moore, wearing a 2Klub T-Shirt
DJ Eddie Halliwell - he came down and played despite having sprained his ankle!
Main dancefloor
DJ Peter Ward

The only flyer for StOmP had to cover three months.
Some obverses had invitations printed on them. Not this one though.

Nat & Ali

Danny & Rob Q

Terry & David

DJ Chris G
Lisa & mark
DJ Mark Allen DJ Chris G
DJ Chris G
DJ Rob Q

Alan & Terry
Ian & ?

? & David

DJ Rob Q

See the video clips of 2Klub at Subway City, Birmingham

Download RealMedia files of video footage taken from SWEAT 3! (You'll need RealPlayer 8)

clubbing 1!

clubbing 2!

clubbing 3!
clubbing 4

in the cafe!

Mum from Alex C. !!!
Reach for
the lasers!

with lasers!

It's all
going off!!!
one banner!
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