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Clubbing Magazines . . .
They're writing,
but who's reading?
Does what it says on the box - focuses on all matters of interest and concern to DJs.
Toronto-based free mag. (Yes, that's Toronto, Canada. Why? Why not).
Going now for fifteen years, originally this was a dance music and clubbing mag focused on Scotland. Since the closure of Wax it has broadened its distribution to the rest of the U. K. and now has good coverage of the North and Midlands of England as well, selling as far South as Bristol. Sales of just under 30,000, with a readership of around 120,000. Website is out of date but is being overhauled. They claim to have the best clubs section on U. K. clubs of all the mags.
Established by the folks from Ministry of Sound, it battled with MixMag and Muzik for the commercial clubbing $. Claiming to be more popular than MixMag sales reached a peak of 120,000 but dropped recently to 70,000. Pay 'em enough and they'd come and review your club. An initial success on its launch in 1998, insiders say it was starved of investment as advertising revenues slumped. Last issue December 2002. The Guardian claimed that "Dance music in general is enduring a difficult time as ageing fans - who lived though the acid house era of the late 80s and the subsequent rise of "superclubs" such as the Ministry - fail to be replaced by a younger generation of clubbers." (Oct 25th. 2002). The Observer reported a similar story: " 'There has been a shift from traditional dance music and clubs as we know it,' said Mark Rodol, creative director of Ministry. It will publish its last issue next month and Ministry of Sound will launch a new dance title early next year.
'Dance music and the scene that surrounds it has changed,' added Rodol. 'It's not about taking lots of drugs and losing your mind in a dance club while waving glo-sticks. Dance fans are much more discerning these days - they're just as liable to listen to garage and rock music.' "(Observer, Dec. 2002)
Probably the most popular UK dance club lifestyle(-ish) magazine, almost exclusively focused on the commercial scene. Has seen off most of the competition though recently circulation has dropped to around 60,000.
Closed. Founded by Ben Turner in 1995, Muzik Magazine were also the founders of the Bedroom Bedlam competition the Muzik Magazine Awards, and several DJ Tours worldwide. The August 2003 issue of Muzik will be the final issue, available from July 9th.
Had a brief spurt as a new entrant with a different approach and then... c-c-c-closed.
Broader than MixMag in content, it included intelligent music, DJ, and producer reviews. Wax closed in 2001. It's sister magazine in Scotland is M8.
Great little mag, with lots of info about the hard dance scene, with event reviews, listings, music reviews and gossip.
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