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Clubbing Holidays
Over the years more and more travel agencies and airlines have recognised clubbers as a distinct market, so the range of clubber-orientated holidays has grown significantly.

In some ways isn't there something sad about this - wanting to go abroad to re-create what one largely experiences back home, (rather than wanting to experience and learn from other cultures)?

The counter-argument is that clubbing is now a global phenomenon
. Dance music, largely devoid of lyrics, more easily transcends cultural boundaries and appeals to people from a wide variety of cultures - so on a clubbing holiday one can share the experience of a global clubbing and dance community, at whatever location is willing to play host. (You're more likely to buy into this argument if you have not been to San Antonio!).

Aaaanyway.... here's a few sites you might find of interest:
Great site for info about the klubbing island.
STA (0870 1 600 599) launched their first "Global Clubber" guide in July 2002. They don't seem to have a lot of info on the site, but their clubber card offers discounts to some venues you might be interested in.
Claim to be "The UK's largest clubbing holiday specialist", (0870 90 70 099). They focus on the Mediterranean and Canaries.
Lots of Ibiza info here.
A broad ranging site with info on almost anything the visitor might reasonably want to know and of course with up to date info about clubs and the island, from a gay perspective.
An informative site with lots of up to date info about Ibiza and Aiya Napa, hols to global destinations and insider guides to various locations.
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