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Chris G
(sporting one of our stylish
and, now, very rare, t-shirts)

Chris's Top Ten Tracks

Malcolm Duffy Mrs Ed 
Dyewitness What would you like to hear again?
Sharp Boys  Sharp Tools 1,2 & 3
Malcolm Duffy vs Smokin' Jo Bean Hut
Cool Jack Jus' Come
UK Gold Nucleur Shower
OD404 Nine Bar
Orinoko Mama Konda
DJ Modelle & DJ Elvira Charlotte is Hot
Untidy Dubs Volume 4

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DJ Chris G's 2002 Funky Mix

Streamed |  Downloadable

Chris G got his first big break in the competitive world of DJing when I "spotted" him mixing at a party at my house. We were having a chill-out and Chris had come over but I had no idea he could play. He asked someone if he could have a go. I think I was in another room at the time, when suddenly I realised there was someone with talent on the decks - someone doing something interesting! On the basis of that day I offered him a set and then a residency with 2Klub.

He's played with us for over two years now, both in Manchester and in Birmingham, and this has helped him broaden his gigs elsewhere.

Chris cites Trade favourites Malcolm Duffy, The Sharp Boys and Steve Thomas as influences in his particular music style.

Chris's range covers Hard Tribal, Tech House, Funky House and Hard House.

He's an excellent DJ with a wide range and great talenbt. His recent bookings include Funkissential, at Sundissential Birmingham, The Breakfast Club at Kudos, BLUE at Subway City and the new event, More Than at Kudos on Fridays late. He played for me every week at StOmP! and he's someone to watch out for.
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