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S1 1DJ...
@ The Republic
The new night where THEY pay YOU to get in.
It's the summer of 2002, and the bottom has fallen out of the dance club business. "Super" clubs are suddenly not so super, and Gatecrasher has gone monthly. What then to do with their venue for the other three (or four) Saturdays of the month?

The answer it seems, at least as far as the 'crasher crew are concerned, (they own their own venue, The Republic), is to copy the ritzys; cheap drinks and free, (yes that's FREE) entry. Gone are the days of charging £13 to get in and turning their noses up at people just because their laces aren't tied the right way.

Along with this spirit of de-branding comes the new postal codesque name of S1 1DJ, suggesting none too subtly that you're gonna get one DJ all night - so it would also seem the days of the super-star DJ are on the wane at The Republic.

Cheap drinks and cheap entry: it makes sense that you have to cut your costs too.

Here's what they say about it:

"S11DJ is the new Saturday night at Republic! You are invited to the launch night on Saturday 15th June. The multi award winning nightclub opens its doors on Saturdays to let you experience the lights, lasers and sound system that has been responsible for defining what turns a nightclub into a Superclub!

From Saturday 15th June S1 1DJ brings you unrivalled entertainment including; 3 rooms of great music, performers, laser and light show, brilliant drinks discounts, text message TVs and free membership for everyone.

The main room is dance anthems from Galaxy 105 DJ Andi Durrant. Andi will be our weekly resident playing dance music favorites like Fragma, Kylie, Shakedown, Timo Mass, Kosheen etc.
The Cafe bar is disco, funk and 80s - classics & party tunes that everyone knows and loves.

Plasma Lounge is Funky House anthems.

Check out the unrivalled Saturday drink prices! Carling bottles and K2 - 2 for price of 1 all night. Vodka, Archers, Malibu & Bacardi with mixers only 1.50 all night. Grolsh, VK and Jack Daniels & mixer 2 all night. Budweiser, VK Blue & VK Ice 2.50

Make use of our brilliant taxi offer - turn up with a full taxi (4 people or more) and get 4 cash back! Or, get the free busses from West St, Division St and Ecclesall Rd. Every 15 minutes 10-11.30.

The night is every Saturday except the last of the month, 10pm - 3am, free before 10.30pm, 5 10.30-11.30. 6 after.

(Source: Gatecrasher website, 31st. July 2002).

Great idea: why pay Timo Maas (yes, they did spell his last name "Mass") to play when you can get some DJ to play his records! Brill!! Actually given the name of the club and the fact that they only do mention one DJ, what's going on in the plasma lounge - is someone playing CDs? ...bugger me but I've just had a horrible flashback to the 1970s.

And forgive me but... does that not sound a bit like it's for people who were just sobbing themselves to sleep because they couldn't get in to The Republic when 'crasher was on? And these people presumably were?... twelve years old, sleeping in doorways or had tied their laces the wrong way???

Now before you go, read that again and tell me, if you and three mates get there in a taxi before 10:30pm, will they be paying you £1 each to come to the club???

For myself, multiply that by one thousand and I'll think about it.

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