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Possible World...
@ The Nightingale, (top floor)
Was the fourth Friday each month
A new monthly night started in 2002, originally at the somewhat strange times of 6pm Sunday to 2am Monday, then changed to the fourth Friday from 9pm to 2am, promoted by Leicester lads, DJ Mark Allen, Craig and Daniel.

The price was cheap, (£5), the music excellent and the venue perfect for the time and day.

These guys took over the top floor of the 'gale, and played some of the hottest and best hard dance music DJs, (e.g. EJ Doubell in March, Karim on April 14th., Superfast Oz in July).

In some ways they were doing what I tried, (and failed), to do with SWEAT, namely bring the London hard dance sound, (hard industrial trance and quality hard house) to Brum. Unfortunately they didn't have any more success than me.
The idea was that word would spread and the numbers would build. Bad idea as it turned out.

There weren't enough people for a Sunday night event in brum, so they switched to Fridays, bumping them up against God's Kitchen but playing something harder than you'll hear at the shed that is Code, (OK my personal bias coming out here - I just don't like the design of Code, where GK is held).

After struggling with virtually zero attendances for some months, the promoters decided to close PW "for the time being".

Perhaps one of the difficulties here apart from the time slot, was the lack of local connections of the promoters. Anyway, definitely a case of "If you build it, they still won't come"... sadly, as the music was top notch, and the promoters were nice guys. However, music alone does not a club make.

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