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@ The Sanctuary
Digbeth Road


Details of 20th. June 2003
Charity Event
featuring the world's youngest DJ
are at the bottom of this page
Something genuine, and a bit different? Wow, what a refreshing change.

Stuart and Brad, the promoters behind Inukshuk, (what an "inukshuk" is is explained opposite), have launched their occasional club with a series of free or very low-price events on Fridays, mainly at The Sanctuary, though they are also occasionally using Radius on Horsefair. Many of their events donate the proceeds to charity.

The club is based on the principle of a collective of promoters, DJs and sound systems, each responsible for a room in the venue, and each providing a different style of music.

The emphasis musically, seems to be on techno, as this is what is featured in the main room, and the quality of music in the other rooms, where other stlyes are played, is at least fair to reasonable, sometimes very good.

Unfortunately the sound quality is still an issue in the basement room of The Sanctuary, so any system playing there has that obstacle to contend with - though that is common for all events held at The Sanctuary, not just this one.

This is an innovative effort, which faces significant competition from two very well-established and popular events: God's Kitchen, which runs on Fridays at nearby Code, and Sundissential, which runs on Saturdays at the same venue, The Sanctuary. Neither of those clubs' promoters are exactly renowned for their tolerance of interlopers.

I nukshuk is picking up some of their crowds, but also appeals to a broader spectrum of clubbers, both in terms of age and background, and their events so far have been well-attended.

Adajcent is what they about themselves. Overall, well worth a visit if you want something different from the usual run of the mill commerical dance clubs.

More info available from their website.

"Inukshuk, pronounced in-ook-shook, are stone monuments erected in the image of man. They are built as signposts and for centuaries they have been guides for those who follow this path.

The hands and efforts of many are required to build these massive stone monuments. Inukshuk are the product of cooperation, teaching us that as good as our individual efforts may be, together we can do even greater things.

Each part of Inukshuk is a separate entity. Each supports, and is supported by the other. Its strength lies in its unity. We are united by our common goals, and together we are part of a greater whole.

The sound systems which make up the Inukshuk are secured through balance. They are chosen for how well they fit together. Removal of even one part will weaken the integrity of the whole. The removal of even one person will result in the weakening of the structure. What holds us together is the balance and nature of the individual skills be it sound system or clubber.

Inukshuk is a symbol of the human spirit. We recognize our ability to succeed with others, where alone we would fail . Inukshuk is something greater than us alone, together we can go anywhere.

Inukshuk aim to bring a new dawn to clubbing with a collaberation of all of the best underground sound systems. Techno, Hard House, Breakbeat, Deep House, Trance and Dub. We aim to unite all clubbers to a new vibe!

We support Birmingham's homeless shelters with food donations. Plus we hold events for charity to raise awareness of the charities and gain support for them from the clubbing scene. All money taken at these events goes to the charities."

Inukshuk's next event is a charity fundraiser for ChildLine...

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