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@ Que Club,
A popular and well-established monthly event in one of Birmingham's central, old but large venues. The main room is the size of a conert hall, with twomore rooms for dancing and a large chill-out room as well.
I don't usually reprint what promoters say about their own clubs/events, but in this instance I think the Flashback people tell it as it is.

"Our ethos was to capture and recreate all that made partying in the early 90's so completely wicked. (If you weren't there yourself, you've probably heard people moaning how "it isn't like it used to be."). By using totally authentic old skool dj's and mc's, Flashback gained a reputation as a night where you weren't just going to hear all the old tunes, but also feel the awesome atmosphere of what attitude-free clubbing was all about. Flashback has grown into a fantastic night out with a true family atmosphere, uniting people from all over the country, into all sorts of different music.

Now, Flashback is more about capturing the moment than desperately trying to recreate the past. Flashback's commitment to looking after its' punters is paramount: All line-ups are 100% confirmed so you know you're going to get what has been promised, and we're not going to turn you away because your shirt has the wrong label in it! Flashback clubbers are young and old, rich and poor.
Many used to go raving and gave it up when things got moody and the music split into its various forms. Many knew nothing about the underground dance scene which gripped the nation but love the rave vibe anyway. Flashback is a night where you can bumble around meeting friendly and like-minded souls, where it doesn't matter how you dance 'cos everyone is more concerned with having fun than being cooler than the next guy and most importantly, where you know you're going to be gutted when the dj spins that last record and it's time to go home.

So, 5 1/2 years old, Flashback is now a nationally recognised rave (sometimes I still can't believe it!) and every event for well over a year has sold out. We have 4 rooms of music that span virtually every genre of underground hard dance music including the ambient chill out experience upstairs - yep, we even decorate and theme the chill-out arena! "

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