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16 Kent Street
B5 6RD

Phone: 0121 666 6366

New owners,
new entrance,
new terrace.

This is the third gay dance club, (or fourth if you count Boots, which you don't), to open in Birmingham. It was launched in 2001, directly opposite The Nightingale, and was an immediate sensation slashing attendances at the other clubs, especially the 'gale, for about six months, until the 'gale fought back with a mega thousand pound refurbishment. As a result the Nightingale became the pre-eminent gay club in Birmingham a spot it has now earnt through hard work rather than by default through no competition.

Some months after the gale's re-launch, in October 2002, DV8 was sold to Mandy and Wayne, for a sum reported to be in excess of £600,000, and they have invested in some further improvements, including a more attention-grabbing exterior, a lounge refurb, and the new terrace.

DV8 tends to have a similar music policy to the 'gale, with two dance rooms and good chill-out space, recently expanded for the summer by the addition of a pleasant terrace. The emphasis is on pop/funky/trancey music and a fun atmosphere, and some outside promoters' events are due to start later in the year, including John Hamilton's tremendously popular northern event Poptastic, which has been running in Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield.

The place has a nice feel to it when busy, and the main room, which has a large dancefloor has high ceilings giving it a generally airy feel. There's nothing cramped, underground or seedy about this place. Somewhere to strut your stuff to that disco beat. Yeah!

A bit smaller than the 'gale (though most places would be), it has the largest dancefloor of all the gay clubs, and is extremely popular on Thursdays , when they have a cheap drinks promotion, which is beginning to rival Subway City's in popularity, Sundays and Saturdays, though on the latter the place empties at 3pm for a massed exodus to Kudos.

The Battle of The Gay Clubs continues: Seconds out... Round Three!

Thursdays - Mashed
Opening times: 10pm to 2am
Admission: £6 guests £5 members Concessions for NUS card holders

Drinks offers: Drink for free on selected bottles/spirit/draughts

Music policy: Pop/camp/dance in the Main Room with DJ Gavin Funky House with Chad Lewis in the Dance Room

Fridays - Succusso

Opening times: 10pm to 3am

Admission: 10pm to 11.30pm 11.30pm onwards
£2 guests £3 guests £2 members FREE to members

Drinks offers: Promotions on selected bottles/spirit/draught

Music policy: Dirty Dirty House in the Main Room
Funky House in the Dance Room

DJ's: Brent Cross, Nick Gillete,Tomislav, Chad Lewis, and Guests.

Saturdays - Spunk

Opening times: 9pm to 4am

Admission: 9pm to 10pm 11.30pm onwards 10pm to 11.30pm

Music policy: R'n'b/pop/camp/dance with DJ Dolly in the Main Room. Funky House with Chad Lewis and guests in the Dance Room.

Entertainment: Podium dancers, occasional big name PAs

Sundays - Sunday Service

Opening times: 10pm to 3am

Music policy: R'n'b/pop/old skool/dance with DJ Dolly in the Main Room Funky House with Chad Lewis and guests in the Dance Room

Entertainment: Podium dancers, male stripper in the Main Room Ian C - percussion in the Dance Room

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